Do you want to make money sitting at the comfort of your home? Do you want to be your own boss? No, we are not joking, hundreds already achieved this feat and we believe you can too. Making money online isn’t that hard if you get right guidance. This in-depth guide about how to start your blog will help you understand the basics to advanced blogging tactics to help you succeed in the online business.


Welcome to TechSpit

Hey there!!! Welcome to TechSpit, my name is Pintu Shah and I’m a Professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and SEO Expert. I have started blogging to help newcomers to sustain in Digital Marketing. I have gained a lot of experience from the Digital world and it is worthy to share it with my readers to help them to make passive income through Blogging.

What is wordpress
What is WordPress – A Beginner’s Friendly Guide

Whenever any Bloggers start blogging, they are always curious to find out every small detail about blogging. But sometimes, while choosing and learning necessary steps, they forget to pursue the basic…

What is backlink
What is Backlink in SEO? Backlink Checker Tools (Free & Paid)

A backlink is one of the major factors for the ranking and visibility of any website. Backlink acts as a trust factor for any website in the sight of Search Engines. Before starting to know the def…

Instant approval of Google Adsense
Best Tips to Get Instant Approval of Google Adsense in 2021

Blogging is no longer a passion or hobby; it has become a career for most of the bloggers. Blogging provides opportunities to earn money online through different methods. Among them, Adsense is one of…

Top 50 Best Affiliate Marketing programs
Top 50 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the best popular methods of making money online. There are thousands of Affiliate Marketing programs available on the Internet. But most of the bloggers are unaware of th…

Best keyword research tools
10 Best Tools for Keyword Research in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Keyword Research is one of the most important steps to optimize your content to boost your ranking. If you are a new Blogger, then before knowing the Best Tools for Keyword Research, I’ll recommend yo…

What is keyword research
What is Keyword Research? How to do Keyword Research

Google worked with several algorithms to help its user to get the best outcome matched with their search query. Google prescribed to write content for their users to make fulfill their Search Int…

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At TechSpit, we provide the best guidance for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing. We have accumulated the experience to sustain in Digital Marketing by applying several SEO tactics to help newbies. Our provided content is purely based on our self-observation, research, and learning.

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