page title icon 10 Best Tools for Keyword Research in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Keyword Research is one of the most important steps to optimize your content to boost your ranking. If you are a new Blogger, then before knowing the Best Tools for Keyword Research, I’ll recommend you to have a look at our Beginner’s Guide of Keyword Research it will help to understand What is Keyword Research and How to do Keyword Research.

Developing content with well-analyzed keywords will help your content to rank faster in Search Engines like Google.

Tools that help in keyword research helps bloggers to analyze the complete data of keywords and ultimately provides you with the indication to make your post optimizable with that particular keyword.

Let’s get to a list of Best Tools for Keyword Research which will help you to do the keyword analysis easily.

1. Ahrefs

Best tools for keyword research

Ahrefs comes with all in one SEO suite Toolkit for keyword research. It is one of the best-recommended keyword research tools for bloggers. With the help of the ahrefs keyword research tool, you can simply type any keyword to get its complete data like CPC, monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, Search Ranking Page with that particular keyword, etc.

Ahrefs also provides the option to analyze your competitors by just entering their domain. For example, you want to know the competitor’s details like its monthly traffic, traffic geographical location, Backlink profile, etc.

Ahrefs also has an option of site audit in which you can get all the details (basic to advance) of your website completely. By self-analyzing your website you can also fix errors that are there on your site.

Ahrefs comes with four pricing plans. They have Lite, Standard, Advance, Agency plans which have different ranges of pricing. You can choose any of them according to your pocket-friendly budget. They also have a ($7 for 7 days) lite subscription trial plan.

If you do not budget to spent on this tool you can try ahrefs alternatives like majestic or longtail-pro which is best ahrefs alternate.

You might have read in many blog post about getting ahrefs free but for your kind information you need to know that getting ahrefs for free was possible in previous days but now, it is not possible to get ahrefs for free but you can try its trial version which would only cost about $7 for 7 days. Additionally, you can also try ahrefs alternatives.

2. SEMrush

Best tools for keyword research

Another great tool for performing keyword research tasks. It also has the same function for analyzing keyword data as CPC, Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, etc. It comes with the feature to get the complete details of any domain you want.

With SEMrush you can get the suggested keyword for your content. For example, if you want to insert more than 10 keywords in your post, you can use this tool to get the suggested keyword for your typed keyword.

You can check the backlink profile of any domain which will also help you to create your backlink on the same website by writing better content than your competitor.

SEMrush also comes with three pricing plans like Pro, Guru, Business which varies by different prices. You can with your desired plan. It also offers a 7-days Free trial period that means you do not have to pay a single penny for that 7 days but after 7 days you will be charged according to plan. If you wish you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of your trial period to avoid incurring charges.

3. Moz

Best tools for keyword research

Moz is also a great tool for keyword research. You can get the complete details of your desired keyword for your content. However, this tool is not as famous as the aforementioned are, but still, you have a variety of options to select your budget-friendly keyword research tool.

You just have to enter any URL to get its complete data or you can type any keyword to know its overall stats and competition level.

Best tools for keyword research

This tool comes with four pricing plans like Standard, Medium, Large, Premium. Again you can go with any of these according to your need. Moz provides 30 days of the trial period, yes! For 30 days you can use the Moz keyword research tool for free after that you will be charged. But if you wish you can cancel your subscription to prevent incurring charges.

4. Ubersuggest

Best tools for keyword research

Ubersuggest is now widely recognized for keyword research. Neil Patel, the founder of ubersuggest is globally known by almost every blogger. Earlier Ubersuggest provides almost 10 free searches but it has been reduced to 3, but still is good for newbies who are just starting their career in blogging and want to avoid premium keyword tools.

Ubersuggest also comes with data like CPC, search volume, difficulty level (both organic and paid), backlink analysis, and many more features.

Best tools for keyword research

You can find the comprehensive details of your competitors by just typing their URL to better understand every strategy used by your opponents.

Ubersuggest has the lowest pricing plan compared to others and comes with three pricing plans of monthly and lifetime bases like Individual, Business, and Enterprise. You can choose any of the plans which better suit your budget.

5. KWFinder

This tool is developed by Mangools which is known as the best keyword research tool by several bloggers around the globe. It comes with features like SERP analysis, keyword difficulty, suggested keyword, etc.

KWFinder will definitely ease your task of keyword research by providing you with the accurate details of any particular keywords. This tool allows you to get details of some keywords only because it provides a bit of free searches only.

You can use its other plans which require some cost. It comes with three pricing plans like Basic, Premium, Agency. Better to select an annual plan to get a better discount on purchasing these types of tools.

6. Google Keyword Planner

One of the trusted and accurate details providers of any keywords. This tool is owned by Google and is absolutely free and there will also be no limitations of searching. But you can only get a handful of details like search volume, competition level (low, medium, or high), and CPC.

However, this tool is basically for new bloggers who do not want to spend their savings on any tool for doing research. You can get accurate details because the data comes directly from google which is self a Search Engine. And the most important thing is that it is a free keyword research tool that will not charge a single amount for doing research.

It cannot perform all the function of the keyword research tool but keyword planner can do all of these things except: provide Quality Score estimates and validate keywords.

Otherwise, as a free tool, it is worth enough to give it a try.

7. Majestic

Majestic is another great tool that will help you in your work of keyword research. The tool comes with a packed SEO suite which has other features as well. This tool will also measure your site health based on your overall optimization. It also provides you with details like Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

Majestic tool also provides you daily with the 3 free searches after sign up and if you wish to use this tool more you need to go with their pricing plans on a monthly or annual basis.

8. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro tool is similar to other keyword research tools that deliver you the overview data of any keyword that you want. It will show up details of any keyword and will also show the SERP stats for that particular keyword which will help you to know which website is already ranking for that particular keyword.

By viewing the overview SERP stats you can easily create your content in a better way that is not created by other bloggers.

And ultimately, Search Engines like Google and Bing will consider your content better and well described and will prioritize your post to rank with that keyword.

It comes with three pricing plans like Starter, Pro, and Agency. You just have to choose any of their plans to use this tool with all its features.

9. KeywordTool

KeywordTool is one of the best keyword research tools for Youtube, Bing, Google, and many other platforms. You can search for any keyword using its Google autocomplete method. It has a user-friendly interface which is also good for beginners.

It offers different keyword research with different search engines like Amazon, eBay, Google Playstore, Google, Bing, etc. So you can easily discover the details of any keyword with different search engines.

Another great feature of this tool is that it also offers a similar outline to Google Adword Planner that means it offers 750+ results of any keywords for free. But to use its full potential you can choose its basic pricing plan.

10. Serpstat

Another tool that provides you with the SEO packed container. It offers excellent features like a backlink checker, rank tracker, SERP analysis, etc. You can get overview data like Competition level, Search Volume, CPC, etc of any keyword.

You can also analyze the SERP stat for any keyword that will help you to understand the competition level of that particular keyword.

Very similar to other tools it also provides some free searches after signing up but after that, you need to purchase its service to use its all features.


Optimizing your content with keywords is a very crucial element in SEO. Other factors like themes and plugins also play an important role.

Confused while choosing themes and plugins, don’t worry, we have a guide of Best WordPress themes and Top Essential Plugins that will surely help you to choose the best and optimum theme and plugins for your website.

These are the best keyword research tools available in the market. Some of them are partially free. You can use any of the tools for performing keyword research tasks by analyzing your budget.

If your budget is narrow, you can go with Google Adword Planner. It provides a limited function but it is best for new bloggers who are very conscious of their budget. Otherwise, you can also use Ubersuggest which is pocket friendly and will provide you with all the features that are required to perform keyword tasks.

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