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With the increase in popularity of Discord applications, the number of users is also increasing. And with increased users of Discord, there must be a need for flexibility for the function of the Discord application.

With Discord, you can chat, share media, voice call, etc with your family members and friends. But if you own a discord server you must have hard times, managing your community. Sometimes, this can be boring as heck, but being a moderator you have to perform every function to keep your community clean and spam-free.

To reduce the workload of being a moderator you can even assign roles to other trusted members that can work on behalf of you. But most of us did not like to provide all the privilege to someone who can barely manage your server.

And that’s the situation where you need a bot that can handle all your workload and provide all the features of a moderator. Mee6 bot can be your companion that will help you to manage your discord server and save your precious time that was consumed while managing and maintaining your community.

Let’s come to know about the Mee6 Discord Bot.

What is Mee6 Bot

Mee6 bot is a growing and popular discord that is primarily used for moderating a Discord server. This bot has some other features as well like playing music, assigning roles, welcoming new members, etc. It has lots of customization options that make it popular among various moderator bots.

Mee6 bot for Discord helps in various ways to make your community spam-free and engageable. For example, to engage your members you can play some music that makes them feel good. However, you can also try some best music bots like Groovy Bot and Rhythm Bot to play your favourite tune directly from other sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch, etc into your discord server.

Additionally, you can use this bot to deal with those members to spam the community with links and emojis. You might wonder, what if someone uses abusive language in your discord server?

Not to worry because Mee6 Bot has features to block certain offensive word usage, and if someone uses it this bot will send them wanting first and after that, they will be banned from your server.

If you wish to try an alternative to Mee6 Discord Bot, you can go to Dyno Bot which is also a popular alternative to Mee6 Bot that works primarily as a Moderator.

If you might be interested in using custom themes and plugins in Better discord, we have already got your back and prepared the guide of Best 45 Discord themes and Best 15 Better Discord Plugins.

Now, you might have been familiar with the Mee6 Bot and its uses but you should check the features of the Mee6 Discord Bot mentioned below.

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Let’s discuss about the features of the Mee6 Bot in Discord

Features of Mee6 Bot

Features of mee6 bot

Mee6 Bot has several features that make it unique and prominent among most of the moderator discord bots. It provides easy functionality and the dashboard of Mee6 makes everything easy with its simple interface.

This Mee6 Bot not only helps in moderation but also helps you to keep everything neat and clean in your discord server. It lets you do several things to make your community spam-free.

However, Mee6 Bot comes with two plans: The free version and the premium plan.

With the help of a free plan, you can have access to almost 95% of the Mee6 Discord Bot features but the remaining 5% features can be availed only if you purchase its premium plan.

1. Create Custom Commands

Creating custom commands in the Mee6 Bot is one of the best features of this moderator bot. With the help of custom commands, you can easily create commands that will be useful for you. The Mee6 dashboard provides the access to create custom commands that automatically give and remove roles or send any text messages in the current channel or the Direct Inbox.

You can even automate the process of sending messages, announcing important notifications to inform members of your server about a certain event.

2. Levels and XP

Level and XP is a type of achievement that can be rewarded to your community members. The XP gained by any individual member gets displayed on the leaderboard. You can use this XP and Levels to reward the most active members from your discord server based on their activities.

Let your members show off the cool rank cards that help them to compete for the first rank in the leaderboard based on their levels and XP.

You can even set the limit of a minimum threshold of XP level and after someone reaches that level it automatically gives a role to that member to access exclusive channels.

3. Highly Customizable

The dashboard of the Mee6 Discord bot is highly customizable with lots of features and options. With customization, you can easily automate most of your tasks like banning a member, kicking out a member, and even sending a warning notification if someone violates the rules of your community.

You can set up the automated action for the desired action and that without manual work. All of your workloads will become easy as this bot will take care of everything that is needed to keep your community in the best form.

4. Visual Player to Control Music

Mee6 Bot also provides a user-friendly visual player to control your music. You can also play the music from other sources directly into your server. You can even play the music 24/7 without any interruption with customization like volume-boosting, looping, seeking, etc.

The Bot support sources like Youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud and many more to play music directly into your server.

5. Organised Music Quizzes

You can even organise music quizzes to make your community engage and have fun. Just challenge your friends to play a music quiz which will be organised by the Mee6 discord bot.

The bot will then play short samples from different songs and you just need to guess the song and artist name to earn points. This will make your community engages with lots of members

6.  Additional Features

Mee6 bot also has some additional features that can be available with its premium plan. You can play music by keeping 1000 songs in your queue list, you can play music quiz unlimited times, you can also create 500 custom commands, etc.

These features can be available in the premium slot and the best part is that you take the premium plan with lifetime validity that will cost you $89.90.

If you wish to go with the monthly plan then that will cost you $11.95 per month.

So, above are the best features of the Mee6 bot for discord. Now we will further move to know some basic commands of the Mee6 discord bot.

With the help of commands, you will direct the Mee6 Discord Bot to perform the task assigned by you.

Let’s discuss the Commands of the Mee6 Bot.

Commands of Mee6 Bot for Discord

There are several Commands for the Mee6 bot. The commands help you to execute certain actions by this bot. Aside from Mee6 Custom commands, there are some default commands that are present in this bot. The commands of the Mee6 Discord bot gor Moderator are as follows:

Note: The prefix for using command is (!) that means the command must be started with this sign.

  • !ban: This command will ban a user from your discord server.
  • !tempban: With this command, you can ban a particular user for a certain period.
  • !mute: This command will mute the user.
  • !kick: With this command, you can kick out any member from your discord server.
  • !unban: Opposite to ban command, this command will help you to unban the member.
  • !unmute: This command will unmute the user who is in the state of mute.
  • !user-info: With this command, you can get the information of any particular user from your server.
  • !warn: This command will send the warning message to the user who violates any rules of your server.

The above are some moderator commands and below are the commands that is used for music. The commands are:

Mee6 Commands for Music

  • !play: This command will help you to play music on your discord server.
  • !search: With this command, you can search for a specific song to play.
  • !add: This command will add the music to your queue list.
  • !join: With this command, you can make this bot join your channel.
  • !leave: Opposite to join command, this command will make this bot leave your voice channel.
  • !start-quiz: With this command, you can start a music quiz on your discord server.
  • !stop-quiz: This command will stop the current running quiz.
  • !volume: With this command, you can adjust the volume level of the music.

The above are some basic commands of the Mee6 Bot which you use to make your server engaged and moderated.

Now, we will discuss the installation process of Mee6 Bot which is pretty much easy for everyone. Just follow the below-given method to install this bot on your server.

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How to Set up and Install Mee6 Bot in Discord

The installation guide for this bot is the same as installing other discord bots. The steps are:

1. Visit the official website of the Mee6 discord bot and click on the “Add to Server” option.

Click on add to the discord

2. Then login with your ID and password.

Click on login

3. After logging select your server from the drop-down menu and then click on continue to grant authorization and permission to this bot.

4. That’s so easy, right!

So, you have now successfully installed the Mee6 bot in your Discord server, just hover to its dashboard to access its all the features.


If you really want to automate your moderating tasks, you must try this bot. If you wish to use its premium plan that even gives access to premium features, you can go with just paying a single time payment because that will be relatively cheap.

You can even use custom commands for Mee6 Bot that even provide additional features and support to execute your action.

Make sure to utilise this bot in order to save your time that was previously consumed by moderating your server.

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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does Mee6 Bot do?

Ans: Mee6 Bot primarily used for moderating a discord server. It is also used to play music and even quizzes.

2. How do I play music on Mee6?

Ans: Just type the command !play for playing your desired tune.

3. Is Mee6 Bot good?

Ans: Of course, it is good to make this bot to moderate your server.

4. Is Mee6 Bot safe?

Ans: It is totally safe if downloaded from the official website.

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