page title icon 5 Amateur Blogger Mistake that Should be Avoided in 2021

Every blogger started their blogging journey from scratch and before starting they planned a lot of taking care of their new website but gradually they didn’t come up with the new idea and leave their blogging journey and this is one of the biggest mistakes of an amateur blog.

As we all know there is a lot of competition in blogging and everyday 1000s of newbies purchase new domains in hope of earning some money from blogging. But almost 90%-95% of people leave blogging after 5-6 months because of a lack of ideas about new content.

Starting a blog is not only about creating content, making backlinks and doing keyword research but it is a business that requires consistency without wishing to get benefits from it.

There are already many methods through which you can make some cash through blogging and establishing a successful online business.

In this post, we are going to discuss about 5 mistakes that are made by most of the amateur bloggers in Blogging that should be avoided by you to make your blogging career profitable.

Let’s dive into 5 mistakes made by most of the bloggers that should be avoided to make income from blogging.

1. Make Your Homepage Looks Attractive

Make homepage looks attractive to avoid amateur blog mistake

Engagement of the audience in a website totally depends on its first impression. Your homepage takes the responsibility to attract visitors to your website. But most of the newbie’s bloggers failed to make their homepage attractive and that is the first mistake of an amateur blog.

So, how can you avoid this mistake?

To eliminate this mistake you have to take care of certain factors like site speed, resources you provide, your posts that are worthy enough to make visitors click on them, etc. If you have set up your homepage as a static page, you will have to take care of above these factors to make your homepage looks attractive and user-friendly but if you have set up your homepage as the latest post you have to create engaging posts for your readers with a proper excerpt, title and impressive feature image.

2. Loose Consistency in Creating new Content

As you know, making money from blogging is only possible if you maintain consistency in creating new contents daily. But this is another common mistake of amateur bloggers that do not post new content with a steady flow and that is the reason they lose their Search Engine ranking.

So, how can you avoid this common mistake that is also a big amateur-blog fault?

To avoid this mistake, you need to be dedicated to your passion. You have to find the reason why you have started this journey and make yourself motivated enough to continue your writing with consistency and create unique blog posts. You can also take an idea through youtube and other blogger’s posts.

3. Creating SEO Optimized Posts

SEO has the most vital role in blogging. Every blogger has to go through the process of SEO optimization. SEO has several elements that need to be considered to make an optimized post. But not every blogger can achieve to create SEO optimized content and this is another mistake of an amateur blog.

So, how can you avoid this amateur blogging mistake?

For creating SEO optimized content you have to follow several steps like Proper keyword Research with low keyword difficulty, proper Title, meta description, tags, attractive feature image and proper distribution of Focus keyword to avoid keyword stuffing and cloaking method that is also a blackhat SEO in Google’s eye. Make sure to use a low keyword difficulty keyword if your website is new and create strong and authoritative backlinks for your site.

4. Making High Authoritative backlink profile for your Website

To rank any post of your new site, your domain must have strong backlinks pointing to your site because backlinks make your domain authority higher and increase the ranking of your blog posts. But due to the absence of proper guidance, many bloggers fail to create high authoritative backlinks and instead they create thousands of spammy backlinks that have no positive impact on a new domain.

So, how to avoid this common amateur blog mistake of creating spammy backlinks?

A backlink is one of the factors in SEO that has a huge impact on ranking. But newbies always do not understand the actual meaning of backlink and its impact on ranking. I have seen many new bloggers who started link-building for a month and then they forget to take care of backlinks. But they have to focus on creating only a few high authoritative backlinks with consistency till their website starts getting organic traffic and after that, they do not have to focus mainly on creating backlinks and start getting natural backlinks from other websites.

5. Not focusing on Website speed

Focus on some speed to avoid amateur blogger mistake

This amateur blog mistake is last but not the least because website speed has a major impact on sales. You must have to understand that nobody is going to wait 4-5 seconds for a website to load and they leave your website without even visiting your homepage. There is also an equation of slow site:

Slow Site= Low Conversion= Low Income

This equation simply means that if your site has a slow speed in loading you will lose conversion and ultimately you have less income. This mistake is often found in the majority of amateur bloggers.

So, how can you avoid this mistake?

To avoid this amateur mistake you have to choose Best WordPress Theme that has an excellent loading time and also Essential Plugins for your site. These two factors will definitely solve your slow site speed problem. Additionally, if these two factors didn’t solve your problem you can use WP Rocket Plugin that has all the features to make any WordPress website faster.

Bonus Tips for New Bloggers

New bloggers have to go through several obstacles before establishing a successful online business. So make sure you avoid the aforementioned common mistakes that amateur bloggers often do. Below are some tips for new bloggers that will help them to succeed in their blogging journey.

  • At the start, you will not get any income for a year or two but gradually you will start earning something and that something will eventually become bigger than your thoughts
  • Be self-motivated for your work
  • Write SEO friendly content without plagiarism
  • Do not engage in Blackhat techniques
  • Make diverse backlink for your sites like profile backlinks, comments backlinks, contextual backlinks, etc with a mixed combination of no-follow and do-follow.
  • Use attractive and attention-grabbing features and post an image
  • Provide actual value to the use by writing knowledgeable content
  • Start with nothing to achieve something, you can monetize your blog through Google Adsense that will pay out some cash for your hard work.

Now you have a better overview of common mistakes made by amateur bloggers in their blogging journey. You must avoid these, to earn money from them.


Now, you do not have to make the same mistakes that most of the bloggers do and instead you can focus on taking the right steps and scaling your online business by avoiding these amateur writers mistakes.

Keep your site eye-catching and provide some real knowledge and needed resources to help newbies. Make professional habits and start writing with your full dedication and proficiency. 

Remember: To achieve long-term success you need to work hard with your full passion and consistency.

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