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Digitalization has already taken place and most of the thing that is done earlier through manual means also replaced by digitalization. For the expansion and development of your business, Email Marketing also abbreviated as Building an Email list is one of the most important steps which is performed to enhance and strengthen an online Business.

But what Email Marketing actually does? The answer is pretty simple, email marketing helps to grow your online business rapidly. It is one of the best and most trusted methods to turn your visitors into a lead.


Well, it actually helps you to collect an email list of those visitors who shows up their willingness to learn more from you and your website. After collecting those email lists, you can increase and engage more visitors to your website or you can simply increase your conversion rate by generating leads through email marketing.

Still, confused about Email Marketing, let’s get deep into it so that you can better understand the strategy to build an email list and to know the best email marketing plugins for WordPress to make your online business successful.

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the highly effective and beneficial methods of sending emails to your subscribers and prospects. With the help of email marketing, you can simply turn your visitors into a customer and thus ultimately improve your earning.

Didn’t understand? Below is the simplest definition of Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is the process of collecting emails from your visitors and followers. It will help you make a list of people who sign up for your newsletter through their email address to receive your post notification or your resources.

Building an Email list will actually help any online business to get traffic bombard and will also increase their sales by generating actual leads for their business.

Email Marketing is one of the most important steps that is performed by many bloggers to increase their traffic as well as conversion rate.

Why You Need to Build Email List

Email Marketing Business opens the door to increase your earning capacity because whenever someone signs up for your newsletter, they show up their willingness to accept your offer and want to follow your steps to gain some useful information and get the best and proper resources that they need to expand their online business.

So, If you really provide some useful information or necessary resources through Newsletter Subscription, your visitors will sign up for your newsletter by entering their Email and by doing this, you can build a huge list of email.

Let’s Explore its benefits.

Benefits of Building an Email List

  • Actual Leads

Building an email list is important to generate actual leads because it actually builds a list of those visitors who have voluntarily subscribed to your newsletter and thus ultimately have an interest in your content. So, there is a high chance that those subscribers will get converted into leads by purchasing any of your products or services.

  • Interested visitors to your Blog

Those visitors who have willingly signed up for your newsletter will always have an interest in your articles. Interested visitors will frequently visit your website and make your website engage all the time with your enthusiastic readers.

  • Full control over some part of your website traffic

Email Marketing helps you to control some part of your traffic. For example, if 100 people voluntarily subscribe to your Newsletter and whenever you send an email to those 100 visitors for any new article update, then the majority of readers will definitely click on your email list and ultimately increase your site traffic whenever you want.

  • Increase Income

The ultimate motive for email marketing is to increase income. Building an email list will help you to collect only those readers who can turn into a lead and helps to increase your website conversion rate.

These are some benefits of building an email list.

How will you benefit through Email Marketing

Email Marketing benefited you in two ways. The first and most important purpose for using the Email Marketing business is to increase the conversion rate to give a short boost to your ranking.

The second objective for using Email Marketing to increase your website traffic and make some permanent return visitors

Looking for the best email marketing plugins for WordPress to generate leads? This guide will provide you with the exact resource that you need to increase your conversion rate.

Email Marketing has become the core part of lead generation. Almost every blogger uses email marketing plugins to increase their conversion rate to make online money.

There are hundreds of plugins for lead generation but choosing the right option is problematic. So, this guide will help you to choose the Best Email Marketing plugins for your website that will precisely increase your email marketing business and ultimately boost your earning potential.

If you might not be familiar with email marketing, we have provided a short description of email marketing that will help you to understand What is Email Marketing.

Let’s go through it.

1. Newsletter

The newsletter is one of the most popular and best email marketing plugins for WordPress. It comes with a free as well as paid pricing plan. The cost for the premium version of this plugin is $65 and spending this much will be worthy because it will provide the best features to generate leads.

Features of Newsletter Plugins

There are several features of the Newsletter plugin. Below are some of the features of t

  • Easy drag and drop feature with a simple and responsive interface.
  • Heavy customizable to craft a stunning newsletter for your audience.
  • Single as well as double opt-in to avoid spammy and fake emails.
  • Best email tracking facility to know about your receiver’s behaviour towards your email.
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) facility available in it.

These are some features of the Newsletter Email Marketing Plugin. You can surely check according to your budget while choosing its plan.

2. Optinmonster

One of the most popular and widely used email marketing plugins. It is currently active on 1 million+ website and that’s showing its population. You can easily create almost any type of newsletter whether it is a sticky newsletter, popup newsletter, full-screen newsletter, etc.

It comes with free as well as paid plans. But the free one is not too much of use for most of the bloggers as it provides very limited features but the premium plan will have all the things that are needed to develop online business by expanding email lists.

Features of OptinmonsterPlugin

Optinmonster is well known for its features. Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  • One of the most powerful features of this plugin is exit intent that means whenever any of your visitors want to leave your site they will be presented with the popup newsletter and it helps in better conversion.
  • Easy drag and drop feature with a mobile-responsive interface
  • Pre-built template to make any type of newsletter without any difficulty.
  • Various types of newsletter forms such as Lightbox popup, floating bar popup, side-box popup, and many more types of forms are available to choose for your business.
  • It also has behaviour detection popups. For example,
    • Exit intent – shows only when your visitors want to leave your site
    • Time on site popups – shows only after a certain time. Examples: a popup will only be displayed after 15 seconds.
    • Scroll trigger popup – shows only when a visitor scrolls x% of your site.
    • And many more behavioural popups are available.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue email marketing plugin

Another name that comes up in the list of the best email marketing plugins for WordPress is SendinBlue. It helps you to generate more leads to help you to make huge passive income.

SendinBlue is packed with all the essential features like SMTP, Newsletter and Email Marketing that are needed for increasing sales and making your business profitable. It comes with free as well as the pro version, you can go with the pro version if your business is a large scale type otherwise if you have just started blogging, the free version will be better for you.

Features of Sendinblue plugin

  • Easy drag and drop support for creating a responsive interface
  • Provides SMTP service that means you can send email notification from Sendinblue to your email list by integrating it with another newsletter plugins also
  • It also helps your work by providing features of automation.
  • It has different types of email templates that help you make an impressive design of email to attract visitors.

4. Mailpoet

Mailpoet email marketing plugin

Mailpoet is another plugin that helps to boost your income by attracting visitors and customers. It has an active installation on 300,000+ sites and this makes the mail poet plugin a trustable and reliable source for email marketing.

Mailpoet lso supports the SMTP service that helps you to send emails to your subscribers. It has free and paid both pricing plans. In the free plan, you send 1000 emails per month to your subscriber. But if you have a large number of email subscribers you can try its paid plan that will surely fulfil all the criteria that you want for all your email subscribers.

Features of Mailpoet Plugin

  • Provides a user-friendly and responsive interface
  • High customization from scratch or you can use a pre-built template
  • It has an SMTP service to send emails and newsletters to  your subscribers
  • Mailpoet premium will allow you to take have a deep analysis of your dashboard
  • Provides excellent customer support to tackle any technical problems
  • You can keep track of how many of them have opened your email, how many of them clicked on it and many more analysis on your subscribers to have deep knowledge of your subscribers behaviour

5. Bloom

Bloom is best email marketing plugin

You might be familiar with Elegant Themes which is the most popular WordPress theme known for its fast loading and minimal coding. But Elegant Themes also offers plugins and one of the plugins for email marketing is known as Bloom. It supports various types of forms to attract visitors and boost your conversion rate.

Bloom can be accessed with its full features by purchasing a plan of $89 for the year that provides access to all elegant themes products including Bloom.

Features of Bloom Plugin

  • Beautifully designed email template to increase conversion
  • Provides excellent customer support
  • Customization of email template or you can use any pre-built template
  • Six types of different popup features including popup, inline content and unique trigger options depending on your visitor’s behaviour
  • Integration support with 19 popular email marketing tools

Final Thoughts

Getting started with email marketing is the most important step in order to achieve your goals of expanding and development of your online business. We have concluded our best report and thereafter made this guide of best email marketing plugins for WordPress.

If you have a new website, first try to provide some value to your users then ask for his email. You will have to provide some important resource or some value then after starting your email marketing business.

Investing in premium newsletter plugins will totally depend on your scale of business. New websites usually do not require a premium email marketing plugin at the beginning but authoritative sites usually have to invest in email marketing.

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