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Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for streaming gaming, discussing random topics, sharing media files, having voice or text chat, etc. As it has become popular it has been installed by millions of users globally.

Thousands of users have their Discord server with a very large audience. But sometimes managing those audiences becomes a bit difficult due to flexibility in work as moderators have to manage everything from the engaging audience to making peace in their server.

Taking care of your discord server manually is a time-consuming method as it will take a lot of hard work to manage everything in your discord server.

For making everything easier there are several good discord bots that will help you to manage a discord server. The best discord bot will make your task a lot easier.

However, with so many different bots it is quite hard to choose the best discord bot. And that’s the reason we have compiled the 15 Best Discord Bots with different categories so that you can easily choose the good and suitable discord bot among them.

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You can find the list of all the best bot for discord at the website. Then you just have to simply choose the bot and invite the bot to the server. Once inviting discord, you just have to follow the basic guide for adding that bot to your discord server. Almost all the best discord bots are free but some have premium features as well that will provide you with some extra features.

Let’s take a look at the list of Best Moderation Bot for Discord

Best Moderation Bots (Multipurpose Bots)

Best moderation bot for discord

Moderation bots help you to keep your community clean from spammy members. With the automod feature, you can control the activities of the server even when you remain offline. You just have to set custom commands for certain actions and the bot will do the rest. Let’s discuss about Some Best Moderation Bots for Discord.

1. Dyno Bot

Dyno bot is a multi-purpose bot that is primarily used for moderation. It has a fully customizable dashboard that has plenty of features. Dyno is one of the most powerful and best discord bot for moderation that makes the moderating task easier.

This bot will give you the authority to control all the activities of your discord server. You can just use a simple command to ban, kick, mute any member who violates the rules of your discord server.

It even has other features like playing flipping games, Cresting Polls, finding animal pictures, etc. You can even create and embed custom commands in your discord server to make things easier and manageable.

You can find the detailed guide about Dyno Bot so that you can know all features and installation guide to invite Dyno bot to your server.

2. Nugget Bot

Among so many moderation and multi-purpose bots, Nugget bot seems to be a good discord bot for use in several situations. It has all the features that a multi-purpose bot has. For example, It can manage everything in your Discord server with auto command.

Once you set an invite Nugget bot in your discord server you can perform all the tasks from its dashboard that is very user friendly and easy to use. Features like heavy customization, entertainment, moderation all are there in this bot.

You can perform different tasks like assigning a role to any member, welcoming new members, telling jokes, generating some games to make your community engaged.

3. Mee6 Bot

Another great and most popular Discord moderation bot that has multi-purpose features to offer. Mee6 is mostly used for moderation tasks like welcoming new members, banning those members who use offensive words, and kicking out any member of the server.

It even has other features like playing music, providing XP and levelling to those who give their best to make your community engaged, creating custom commands to ease your work and even helps you to organize games like music quiz with Mee6 bot in your server to make your community engaged and active.

You can also purchase its premium plan that offers some decent and additional features. The plan will cost you $11.95. 

Read the detailed Guide about Mee6 Bot to know the commands, features and installation guide for the Mee6 Discord bot.

4. Tatsu Bot

Tatsu is another multi-purpose bot that is mostly used for moderation. It has all the features that a multi-purpose bot should have like moderation, levelling, games, etc. You can also use custom commands to welcome new members to your server in a unique style. Similarly, you can also set a custom message for the members leaving your server.

Tatsu is one of the best moderation bots for discord that offers plenty of features in a single bot. It has some other features like searching for an animal, participating more to earn XP and levels, disable some commands, ban Spammy members, kicking out if someone broke the rules of your server.

5. Carl Bot

Carl Bot is also a multi-purpose bot that provides excellent features. The bot is mainly used for moderation tasks like managing logs, creating reaction roles, etc. It offers a user-friendly dashboard so that you can easily set up everything as per your requirements.

Carl Bot Automod is the best feature of this bot. With the help of the Automod feature you just have to order this bot with some basic commands about what you have to do for those members who were spamming your community.

You can also create custom commands to make the task more easier. Another great feature about this Best Discord Bot is that it offers a Text formatting system to make messages look unique. If you don’t know about Text Formatting. Don’t worry, we have already prepared the guide about Discord Markdown Text Formatting to make you understand this feature.

Also, check the detailed Guide of Carl Bot to know every feature about it for better management.


Another popular and best discord bot that has many features. It has a user-friendly dashboard that will help you to execute your command easily. YAGPDB Bot has features like playing music, working as a moderator, etc. 

With the help of the YAGPDB moderation feature, you can welcome new members, ban members, mute any member, kick out from your server, etc.

It even helps you to play music on your server directly from other sources like Twitch, Soundcloud. You can even provide a giveaway with the help of this bot.

Read the detailed guide of YAGPDB Bot from here.

7. Arcane Bot

Arcane is another great moderation bot for discord that helps you to keep your server engaged with members. It really helps in engagement because the more you participate the more level and XP you will earn to show off.

You can also get reaction roles features, moderating features and even more. With the help of moderating features, you can simply ban and kick any member who violates the server rules.

Arcane Discord bot has all the features that any moderator needs to make their server spam-free and engaged with members. It also comes with a premium plan costing $5/month for two servers. With a premium plan, you will get some premium features as well.

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Best Gaming Bots for Discord (Fun Bots for Discord)

Best gaming bots for discord

Gaming bot has the most important role for making a server engaged with members. Playing games in Discord is fun and lots of members take active participation in the server for playing their favourite games with others. Let’s discuss some Best Gaming Bots for Discord.

8. IdleRPG

Idle RPG is a Game bot for discord that allows you to play games RPG games on your discord server with your members. With this fun discord bot, you can create your own character, trade items, battle among your friends.

This bot will take your RPG gaming to the next level. You can create your own storyline and interact with others to make your gaming level adventures.

However, this Bot is completely free to use, there are some premium features that can avail by you once you purchase its plan.

9. Poketwo Bot

If you really like to play pokemon games, you might be familiar that the pokecord bot was one of the best gaming bots but unfortunately the developer of that game stopped it in the previous year.

But don’t worry Poketwo is an alternative to Pokecord Bot that has all the features to make your community engaged. With the help of the Poketwo bot, you can catch Pokemon, trade it with other players, even battle with other players.

10. Mudae Bot

Another great Discord bot that will help you in playing anime games. The mudae bot has a database of more than 60,000 anime character including your favourite ones. With the Mudae bot, your community members can collect different cards and fight with other players through that character in the waifu arena.

The Mudae bot will really make your server engaged with those audiences who are fans of anime characters. You have to acquire more character cards and battle with other players’ characters.

It is an absolutely fun discord bot that makes your server a waifu arena because all the anime fans will keep playing in your discord server making it engaging and fun.

Best Music Bots for Discord

Best music discord bots

No one can deny the power of music for making a discord server engaged and fun. Lots of members will remain online on your server to listen to their favourite tracks and the only thing you need is the best discord bots for music. Let’s discuss some best music bots for discord.

11. Groovy Bot

If you are a music lover, you must have to try the best Music Bot for Discord, Groovy Bot. With the help of the Groovy music bot, you can hook up with your favourite music. You can play any song directly from other sources like Youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud, etc.

Groovy music bot will make your server engaged with those audiences who love to hear their favourite songs. You can even play your favourite tune 24/7 with a premium plan. With the premium plan, you run the Groovy bot on more than one server.

You will really get amazed with this Best Music Bot for Discord. With just some basic commands like Play and Pause, you can control your music.

Read our detailed Guide about Groovy Music Bot to know more about this Bot.

12. Rhythm Bot

Another great music bot for discord that has gained a lot more popular than most of the best music bots. It has been running on more than 16 million+ servers. This makes this bot the Best Discord Bot in the music category.

With just basic commands you can control the entire music system of your server. You can even play music 24/7 on your discord server without any problem.

It has a lot of customization options and if you wish to play songs from other sources like Youtube, Soundcloud and Twitch with lyrics, you also do that.

We have also made a detailed Guide about Rhythm Bot Commands, Features, Installation process that will help you to understand the features of this bot better.

13. Hydra Bot

Hydra bot is also a music bot that is well known for its awesome features of playing music. Hydra also possesses the same features of playing music as other music bots. But it has some unique features as well like you can play songs with the name of the album, search for your desired playlist on Youtube, etc.

You can just add lyrics as well while playing your favourite songs. It has been running on more than 1 million servers making it a quite popular music bot for Discord.

Check out the detailed guide of Hydra Bot to know about its Commands, Features and Installation guide.

Miscellaneous Bots for Discord

Miscellaneous best discord bots

Some bots are necessary to make a community manageable and being a moderator of a discord server, you also must require these discord bots for your server.

14. Dank Member Games

Dank Member Games is one of the most popular and demanding Bot for Discord. It offers thousands of memes that can be used while having a conversation on your server. You can even earn coins on the server by gambling and stealing.

You can use the earned coin to shop in the Dank Member Bot to buy special and desired items from the shop. It is just an amazing Meme bot that will make conversation, a bit spicy and fun.

Dank Member Games Bot also has a premium plan that will cost you $2-$45 per month to unlock more memes, coins and some additional features.

Check the detailed guide about Dank Memer Bot to make your discord server engaged with audiences.

15. Xenon Bot

Xenon Bot can be used to take backup of your whole server settings, messages, templates, etc. This bot will help you to take backup of your discord setting. So, if anything goes wrong you can then restore the backup settings.

In Xenon’s Free version, you can take 25 backups and 1 interval backup. But with a premium plan that will cost you from $5-$15/month you can even backup your messages, roles, nicknames, etc.

The Xenon bot will help you to make a backup of your server so that you can restore the setting if something goes wrong. With a premium plan, you can also take more interval backup compared to the free version.


With the above-compiled list of Best Discord Bots, you have to choose which Bot you want and why. The installation process is pretty simple. Just go to the official website and add the bot to your discord server.

We have tried our best to mention the best bots for discord that every discord server must-have. However, you can choose according to your requirements. Utilize the bot to make your server spam free and manageable.

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