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Blogging is no longer a passion or hobby; it has become a career for most of the bloggers. Blogging provides opportunities to earn money online through different methods. Among them, Adsense is one of the most used and trusted sources for earning and that’s why we have prepared a guide to get instant approval of Google Adsense that will ease your work for getting approved by Adsense

Since blogging has started, it has opened a door for potential earning and many methods for making online have been established but the most trustworthy and legitimate method known till now is Google Adsense.

You can earn passive income with Adsense by placing ads on your site. Whenever someone clicks on your ads you will be rewarded by any amount as specified by Google.

If you land here you must know about Google Adsense but let me help you to know its basic definition for new bloggers

What is Google Adsense

Adsense is an advertising Program launched in 2003 and it is operated by Google. It is the most popular program for advertising your website to make some handful of money.

Since then, AdSense is continuously increasing its complexity, most of the new bloggers find it difficult to get Adsense approval.

I know you have seen many new bloggers, who have got instant approval of Google AdSense with only 2-3 posts with 10-15 days old domain. But this technique doesn’t work every time. If you also try to use this technique you will not get any approval.

Do you know, Why?

Because Google Adsense only accepts 5%-10% of their application and most of them got rejected. By following some best guidelines and with a little patience you can also be on the list of 5%-10% of people who got approval with a single try.

Let’s get into deep into getting instant Approval of Google Adsense

Before applying to AdSense you have to read their guidelines. Their guidelines will suggest to you how your content should be and what type of content you should not create.

Their guidelines include that you should use plagiarised content, not to use hacking or illegal practices for creating content, your website should have enough content, however, they did not mention the number of posts that should be there. They have other guidelines also which you can read from their official page.

How to Get Instant Approval of Google Adsense

Getting approval of Adsense is itself a big victory for many new bloggers. They tried every possible method to get approved by AdSense but still, they can’t and that’s the reason I want to share this informative guide in which you can get instant approval of Adsense and if not instant you will get approved within 14 days.

1. Domain Age

The evergreen question discussed in several forums is after when should someone apply for Adsense purchasing domain? The exact answer is still unknown; this is because some bloggers can get approval after 15 days of purchasing and some can’t even get it after 90 days. But as normal, you should apply after 30 days with 10+ quality posts.

2. Content Quality

Creating content with a proper focus keyword, meta description, and Title is not so hard but still many bloggers don’t understand the importance of qualitative content. Your content must be unique and well-defined for your readers.

3. Plagiarism Free Content

Plagiarism is one of the major problems for new bloggers. They can manage to write 2-3 contents on their own but after that, they started copying the content from other websites and hence they are of no use, they can’t even get an Adsense approval.

4. Length of the Articles

You must have heard that many professional bloggers suggest writing content with 2500-3000 words but that is not mandatory. Adsense didn’t even mention the length of the articles. They have only said that you should write quality content and not just scrap content. You can write a 600+ words article which is good to go.

5. Number of Articles

Some can get approval with 2-3 posts and some can’t even get approval with 50+ posts. The reason is that Google wants content that is unique and worth sharing with users. If you also write unique content you will surely get Adsense approval.

6. Mobile-Friendly Theme

The theme also plays an important role in a user-friendly website. Google suggests bloggers to have a mobile-friendly theme for their Websites as most of the visitors use mobile for searching any query into Google. We have mentioned the Best WordPress Themes guide along with Top Essential Plugins which you should try to optimize your website.

7. Must have Necessary Pages

A website should have About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy Page. This is the technique that every website owner performs to become a legitimate and trusted place for visitors. So, before applying for Adsense make sure you must have all these pages. If you are also inserting affiliate links in your website you can also create an Affiliate Disclosure page to make your visitors aware of your business and it will also make familiar to Google as well.

Points to Remember before Applying for Google Adsense

  • Create original content without any plagiarism (copied content)
  • Make sure you write for your audience, not for search engines
  • Your theme should be mobile-friendly
  • You have at least 10+ posts
  • Each post should have at least 600+ words
  • Create a well-described and knowledgeable article
  • Your domain should be at least 30 days old

Just remember the above point before applying for Adsense. You will definitely get success in getting AdSense approval because we self tried this method to approve our websites for Adsense.

Why Choose Google Adsense only

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the leading advertiser and if you are a blogger, you must know the value of being a user of Google Adsense. It is one of the famous platforms for making passive income.

Thousands of bloggers make $100-$1000 per day with only Google Adsense. You can also make a huge earning with Google Adsense if you can manage to bring huge traffic to your site which can even generate leads as well as help you to earn money with Adsense.

Alternative of Google Adsense

Google is the most popular AdSense program for running ads. But after trying every possible aspect you might didn’t even manage to get AdSense approval. We have listed some best alternatives of Google Adsense:

  2. Adversal
  3. Infolinks
  4. PopAds
  5. Adsterra

The above are alternatives to Google Adsense which you can also try if you didn’t want to join Google Adsense. The aforementioned are the most trusted and best sources of making money through running ads after Google Adsense.

How to Apply for Google Adsense (step by step guide)

  • Go to your browser and sign up on the ( website by providing all the correct details of Name, Address, and your Website URL
  • Enter your URL and after that, you will be given an AdSense code
  • Place the AdSense code in your WordPress Theme Header by login into your WordPress Dashboard> Click on customize> Click on theme editor> Place your code in the header section in between <head> and </head tag>
  • After placing the code save it and return to the AdSense official page and tick on I have to paste the code into my website and click on verify.
  • Thereupon Google will verify and it will pop up with a message and will display a notification that it will take around 7-14 days to verify. Wait for some days and you will get a notification in your Gmail for getting approved.
  • After approval of Adsense, you can place your Adsense code wherever you want
  • After reaching $10 Google Adsense will send you a pin via a post on your given address to verify.
  • Once you receive the post from AdSense at your address you have to log in to your AdSense account and have to enter the code there.
  • After reaching the threshold limit that is $100, Google will send you the payment to your bank account if you have enabled direct bank transfer.

I hope you have successfully understood how to apply for Google Adsense. Make sure to meet the eligibility criteria of Google Adsense to get approved. Additionally, follow our methods to get instant approval of Google Adsense and make passive income while sitting at home.

So if you are one of those who have tried everything for getting Google Adsense approval but didn’t succeed, you can try with the alternative of Adsense or try Affiliate Marketing to make some money? Still confused about how to make money online, we have a guide of top 10 best-proven methods to make money online.

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