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Discord has been mostly used by gamers to stream their games online but it is also used to get connected with your friends and family members. But the functionality and features of Discord are limited and that’s the reason why most people rely on the alternative of Discord. The best alternative to Discord is BetterDiscord that has far more features present than the default Discord.

Better Discord has lots of features that make it popular as an alternative to Discord. Features like Custom themes, plugins, skins, etc makes this Better Discord more functional than the default one.

The best thing about Better Discord is that it has emojis, emotes that directly come from different things like or any custom platform that you choose.

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But there is a lot of discussion about Better Discord violating the TOS of Discord. There are hundreds of examples where accounts get banned from using Better Discord. But do you know the actual reason for banning their Discord account?

I think you don’t!

Let me clear the false statements of hundreds of people that claim their accounts get banned for only using Better Discord.

Better Discord indeed violates the Terms of Conditions mentioned in Discord but they did not ban your account until and unless you use some sketchy plugins.

Sketchy plugins mean, there are hundreds of plugins available unofficially that are made by some random people containing the unauthentic codes and commands that lead to banning your account.

If you use plugins from Better Discord Official website, there is almost no chance of getting banned until you keep your account safe from sketch plugins and themes.

Note: We are not guaranteed that your account will not get banned, to keep your account safe, make sure you check all the terms and conditions by yourself from the Discord Official Page!

Let’s get dive into the topic of How to install Better Discord

How to Install Better Discord

Installing Better Discord is very simple and does not require any technical knowledge, you just need to have basic knowledge of the installation of Application in Your OS (Operating System)

You just need to follow the simplest method mentioned below to install Better Discord.

1. The first and foremost step is to visit and then click on the big download button, it will redirect to the Github Repository page.

2. Then Scroll down a bit, there you will have the option to choose your OS (Operating System), simply click on Windows for Windows operating system, Linux for Linux operating system and so on.

3. After clicking, your download will get start till then you have to wait.

4. After downloading, just install and follow the instructions on your screen run this Better discord application in your OS to enjoy premium and extended features of discord.

So, now you have BetterDiscord installed in your windows or Linux and now it’s time to get the best Add-on plugins to make your Discord server engaging.

What is Better Discord Plugins

Plugins are an add-on to the extension in Better Discord that provides extra features in your Discord server just like a plugin works in WordPress. It provides extra features to help you to ease your task or to get an extra feature.

If you have a Discord server, there are more or fewer chances that you need something to keep your community full with fun and engagements but for that, you need something that will help you in all these. The first thing that you can try is to get Groovy Bot. Now you might be wondering in what manners Groovy bot helps to keep your server engaging.

Well, actually Groovy bot is a music bot that will play music in your discord server to keep your community engagement and fun. There are many other features that you can perform with this bot and for that check out our Guide of Groovy Bot: The Best Music Bot for Better Discord to understand all the features and functions of this bot.

Additionally, you can also try the Dyno Moderator bot to save your time by managing your Discord Server automatically. This bot helps to save your lot of time. So, just give a try to this Discord bot for saving your time.

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Let’s know the Best 10 Better Discord plugins that will be useful for your Better Discord.

Best 10 Better Discord Plugins for your Server

1. Game Activity Toggle Plugin

Better Doscord plugins Game activity controls

One of the most popular and high-rated plugins with 95k+ downloads as it has just launched in 2020. The download count of this plugin shows how popular it is among Better Discord users. This Game Activity Toggle add-on plugin is used to add a display game activity button to the main toolbar.

This plugin has interesting features like, if you want to hide the evidence from your friends that you are playing games, this plugin also got your back to hide game activity so that your friends will not be able to detect that you are actually playing games.

2. Google Translate Option Plugin

As the name suggests, it is a plugin similar to Google Translator that will help you to translate incoming and outgoing messages. For example, if some of your friends didn’t understand your language and he might want to talk in his native language.

Then this plugin will help you in this situation by translating his messages into your desired language then translating your language into his native language. If you face any situation like this, then this Google Translate Option Plugin will help you in that matter.

3. Send Large Messages Plugin

As you know that Discord offers 2000 characters in a single message and that means if you want to write something bigger than this then you have to split your message into several parts. And during your writing, anyone can interrupt your story by just sending a single message.

But many of us did not want to write several messages into smaller parts for telling one single story. Here comes the Send Large Messages plugin which allows you to write as much as you can and it will automatically cut it into several smaller parts as required.

4. PluginRepo Plugin

PluginRepo Better Discord Plugin

This plugin will somehow save your time and energy by allowing you to download all the BandageBD’s website plugins within Better Discord.

This PluginRepo will enable the feature to download all the plugins which you have to download manually previously and with this feature it has become one of the most downloaded plugins. Just give a try to this plugin to enable this feature.

5. WhoReacted Plugin

WhoReacted Better Discord Plugins

This WhoReact plugin will help you to see all the member’s avatars that have reacted to your message. As I have seen, many people are finding the answer to how they can know who has reacted to their message.

So, this will answer your query by allowing you to see the avatars of all the members who have reacted to your messages. If you also have this query previously then it might get resolved now.

6. Theme Setting Plugin

As you might be familiar with, you can customize any Better Discord theme according to your choice with the help of CSS setting. But this plugin helps you change theme variables within Discord itself.

This plugin adds a setting button to customize themes in your theme setting. You have the different variable option to choose from and customize your theme variable according to your desire.

7. Account Details Plus Plugin

With the help of this plugin, you can easily view nickname, popout, etc from your discord account panel located at the bottom.

This plugin has been released by zerebos and the download count has been reached 50k+. That’s huge right! If you wish, you can also try this plugin to enjoy some add-on features in your BetterDiscord.

8. Creation Date Plugin

The name suggests the functionality of this plugin. This creation Date Better Discord plugin will help you to see the account creation date in the UserPopout and UserModal.

With this amazing plugin, you can easily view the account creation date of any user in your discord server. In a few years, this plugin has been downloaded by 80k+ users. So, if you wish you can also try this amazing plugin.

9. Spotify Controls Plugin

If you enjoy listening to Spotify then this plugin has something that you will definitely like. This plugin will enable the feature by allowing you to control your Spotify music like play, pause shuffle, etc just within the Better Discord.

It just adds a control panel so that you can easily control your Spotify music on a connected account. It is one of the most downloaded and high-rated plugins.

10. Reveal All Spoiler Plugin

If you know about the Discord Spoiler Tag feature then this might be helpful for you. But if you don’t know about Discord spoiler tags, check out our Guide of How to use Discord spoiler Tags that will help you to understand this.

Basically, this plugin will reveal all the spoilers in your discord server with just one click. It is pretty much impressive because clicking on a spoiler tag to reveal it might be time consuming and boring for you. So try this plugin and see its features.Controls

11. Friend Notifications Plugin

This plugin will help you to notify whenever a friend logs in or logs out from the discord server. This feature is an excellent way to keep track of your friend’s online time.

You can view the log of the current session. This plugin was released a few years ago and has a download count of 25k+ making it popular for discord. 

12. Show Hidden Channels Plugin

This plugin will help you to display all the Hidden Channels that can’t be accessed due to role restrictions. If any moderator has set up the role restrictions then it might be possible that you cannot view all the channels.

Here, the Show Hidden Channels plugin will help you to view hidden channels but this won’t allow you to read them, you can just view the channel.

13. Call Time Counter Plugin

This plugin will help you to keep a record of your chatting time. For example, if you are in a voice chat then this plugin will show you how much time you are in that voice chat.

This plugin is also the popular plugin for Better Discord. If you also want to keep the time counter on them try this plugin.

14. Badges Everywhere Plugin

The Badges Everywhere plugin has the feature to display Badges like Nitro, Hypesquad, etc in chat or memberlist. This plugin has got a download count of 65k+ making it one of the most amazing and popular plugins for Better Discord

You can also give this plugin a try that will help you to display Badges. Just give a try to this amazing plugin.

15. Permission Viewer Plugin

This plugin will help you to view the permission that a member has. For example, if you make someone a moderator and give them permission to ban users, kick users, unban users, manage roles, etc then you can view all the permission that an individual has.

It is helpful to know about the member’s permission. If you also want to know about any member’s permission then you can try this plugin.

The aforementioned Best 15 Better Discord plugins will definitely need the trial. And if you are a better discord fan then you might try these better discord add-on plugins.

So, now it’s time to learn how to install Better Discord plugins to extend your better discord features.

How to install Better Discord plugins

Installing BetterDiscord plugins is easy if you follow the below simple method.

1. Open your browser and visit the Betterdiscord library of the plugin and search for your desired plugin.

2. Once the plugin is downloaded, open your Better Discord application then select your server and then navigate to the setting.

3. From the Options find BandageBD and under that option select “Plugin.”

4. Then just select your downloaded plugin and install it with the given instructions.

5. That’s it! You have successfully installed Better Discord plugins on your server.

Once done, just refresh or restart your Better Discord application to enjoy the add-on features.


Better Discord Plugins is a type of Add-on that provides additional features. However, Better Discord violates the ToS of Discord but still, it is used by millions of people, mostly by gamers to enjoy the premium features that are not available in Discord default.

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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is BetterDiscord against Discord ToS?

Ans: Yes, it is! However, your account will not get banned until and unless you use any sketchy plugins in your Better Discord.

2. What are the Best Plugins for Discord?

Ans: There are many best plugins, but it depends on which type of plugin you are looking for. You can check our above mentioned best 15 Better Discord Plugins guide.

3. Can I use the Better Discord plugin on Discord?

Ans: No, you can’t because the default Discord application does not support plugin features.

4. What is BandageBD?

Ans: BandageBD means Bandage BetterDiscord is a fork of the original Discord version by Jiiks. This application has far better features compared to the original Discord.

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