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The days are almost gone when everyone engages with desk jobs; this new era where digitalization is achieving impressive heights is ready to provide everything that is necessary to make money without doing any desk job or labour work. The Digital World where 70%-80% work is done by using digital elements is the modern time.

Every employment has been shifted into a digital duty. It includes maintaining a document to developing any machine or technology almost all the steps need digital collaboration to make it successful.

In the near coming future, almost all the work would be replaced by digital tasks. So, to secure your financial position you need to choose an everlasting job in the form of digital aspect.

There are thousands of jobs available as a digital means. But choosing a perfect and right job that will give you consistent passive income throughout the time, is sometimes time-consuming.

So, we are going to tell you about a work that will help you to make passive income while sitting at your home.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make consistent passive income. You can also get started with blogging if you have the passion to write or have a piece of good knowledge in any field.

Now coming to the question that is widely searched on the Internet “Can Blogging Make Money?”

The quick and short answer is a big Yes, there are endless methods to make money from blogging but mentioning all of them will make this guide too long to read. That’s why we have only mentioned the Top 3 Method by which a blogger can make money through it.

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Let’s have a look at these methods of earning with its earning potential.

How many methods are there to make money through Blogging

There are plenty of methods by which you can earn money from blogging. But the most popular and well-known methods are –

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing and 
  3. eCommerce Store.

Don’t know about Affiliate marketing, read this guide to understand What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Make Money from it. It will help you to understand the basic concepts of Affiliate Marketing.

If you already know about Affiliate Marketing, you need some best Affiliate Marketing Programs that will drive you huge income. For that, we also have a guide of Top 50 Affiliate Marketing Programs that will definitely help you to choose the best affiliate programs for your site.

Now coming to the Adsense which is one of the most popular and trusted sources of income for almost 70% of the bloggers. You can generate revenue from Google Adsense based on the amount of traffic your website has. It actually places relevant ads on your website which will bring you some income by clicking on it by your visitors.

Having difficulty to get Adsense approval? We have prepared the best guide about How to get instant Approval of Google Adsense.

Now arriving at E-Commerce which is a vast source of income among most of the methods. To start an E-Commerce business you need to craft your own products whether it is apparel, health-related products, food products, etc. You can simply make a similar store like eCommerce where you are free to customise your whole store the way you like.

After customizing your stores, you can simply upload the details of the product attractively so that your visitors will be persuaded to purchase your products from your eCommerce website.

Let’s explore each of the methods with its all earnings features.

Monetize Your Website with Adsense that paid with 4 types of methods

Adsense is the leading advertiser that provides you money when you monetize your website with Adsense. Adsense uses four types of methods to provide you with money. These are:

1. CPC (Cost Per Click)

Most of you might be familiar that Adsense provides you with some bit of dollars or cents whenever someone clicks on any of the ads displayed on your site.

2. CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions)

Adsense also provides you with money when you have 1000 visitors that see ads on your site. Adsense provides some $2-$5 for every 1000 people who see ads on your site. But this amount is flexible in nature, some may get less than $1 or some may get more than $5 depending on their website niche.

3. Active View CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions)

This type of bid represents when among 1000 impressions the advertisers paid only for viewable ads that are viewed on your website when someone views your ads for at least 1 second 

4. CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

This type of ads displays in a lightbox type in your website and whenever someone clicks on that lightbox ads to view it in full size that will be considered as Cost Per Engagement Ads.

How eCommerce Business is Profitable for Your Website

eCommerce Business is the largest type of business that can bring you up to $200k/ month. Yes, you heard it right. Some of the professional bloggers even earn more than that. So, do you also want to get started? Not to worry, we will help you to do that.

First of all, you need to start a blog with WordPress. After that choose the Best WordPress Theme for your eCommerce Website and after that, you need to install some important and Best Plugins for your Website.

Now, after customizing your website with your desires. You need to install a plugin which has an active installation of 5 million+ websites and that plugin is WooCommerce. Now upload your product with all its details to make your visitors get aware of your products.

How Affiliate Marketing can help you to make money from Blogging

Affiliate Marketing provides an unlimited source that generates money by referring and promoting a product or service of any particular individual or firm on your website. Affiliate Marketer gets payment by 3 types of methods. These are:

1. PPS (Pay Per Sale)

This is the most common method by which an affiliate marketer gets paid from advertisers. In Pay Per Sale, an affiliated person receives payment whenever any of your visitors clicks on your affiliate links and purchase that product or service from the merchant’s website. They have their commission chart in which you can get to know how much revenue you can generate from that particular affiliate program.

For example, if you join Amazon Associate Affiliate Program you will get 2%-10% of commission for each sale you made. The commission may vary according to the product. Similarly, If you join SiteGround Affiliate Program you will get $50-$100 per sale.

2. PPL (Pay Per Lead)

Another method by an affiliate marketer gets paid by the advertiser is Pay Per Lead. This type of marketing is based on your traffic. The advertiser will pay you the pre-decide amount for every lead that you transfer from your website to the merchant website for completion of the desired action.

For example, whenever any of your visitors clicks on your affiliate links and redirected to the advertiser website for filling out survey forms, Signing up their newsletter, sign up for a trial of a tool or products, etc then you will be provided with some commission for each of the referral that complete the desired action of the merchant.

3. PPC (Pay Per Click)

This program is mainly focused on providing you commission when you engage your visitors to such an extent that they will definitely move from your website to the particular merchant website for getting more information or completing any of the action that is pre-decide by the merchant.

Affiliate Marketer get paid by these methods. So choose wisely the affiliate marketing programs that will drive a tide of money. Have a look at ” Top 50 Affiliate Marketing Programs” guide to know the names with their amount of commission paid by famous affiliate marketing programs 

Can Blogging Make Money?

The evergreen question that almost all the bloggers thought before starting a blog. The answer is simple, a very big yes. Blogging is one of the most demanding careers for those who want to become a wealthy person in future. Bloggers can make a vast amount of money with blogging. You just need some guidance and tactics to make your blog a cash-making machine.

Some people even make money from spotify, yes, you heard it right, spotify also helps to make money and it has a good potential because Spotify statistics show that it has 232M active users that mean a lot for making money through it. Spotify statistics is increasing continuously and by lokking at spotify statistics, we can clearly says that making money from spotify really worthy.

There are some other methods also like Making money through CPA, making money from youtube, selling monetized Youtube Channels, etc.

So, you are looking to find some methods by which you can make money from blogging. The aforementioned guide will help you to try some of the methods by which you can gain control over your financial career. So, now you can definitely say “Yes, Blogging Make Money.”

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