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Having a discord server is interesting and fun but being the moderator of that community offers you a lot of privilege for running your discord server smoothly. But sometimes, this privilege is not enough to protect your community from spammers and hatred. Some people are continuously avoiding your discord server rules and even use offensive words and sentences. So, managing everything and making peace in the server is a hectic process.

So, you need an advanced Moderator that can perform all the tasks by taking privilege from you and keep everything smooth. As you might have used bots for your discord server that can ease your work by providing functions like playing music, engaging the audience with games and playing quizzes. But this time, you need something that can even help you in moderating your discord server.

Discord is one of the most popular and continuously growing platforms that offers facilities like chatting, voice calling, discussing among friends, sharing media, creating polls, etc. As it also offers you to create your own community literally on everything that you want.

But with growing members, managing the server manually makes so sense at all as it is a time-consuming process. But using Automod bots can make things manageable and easy.

We have already prepared the extensive guide for YAGPDB Bot, Dyno Bot and Mee6 Bot for Discord that are moderator bots. Along with moderating features, these bots have other features like playing games, music, etc.

You can even try Groovy Bot and Rhythm Bot for Discord that are the best bots for playing music with just some basic commands so that your community will get engaged and active.

Let’s discuss about Carl Bot

What is Carl Bot

Carl Bot is a popular advanced automod bot that allows you to store chat, create reaction roles and even it can manage roles. The feature of managing your server with Carl Bot is as easy as using other moderator bots. With just simple commands you can take control of your whole discord server.

Carl Bot might be best for you to make your discord server easily manageable as the bot provides you full control into your hand. It, of course, has a simple and user-friendly dashboard that is really helpful for beginners as well.

With this bot, spamming in your discord server will barely occur as it has an auto function that will kick out or ban any member that is continuously spamming and breaking the rules of your server.

Carl Bot even possesses far more features other than moderating. Some features like playing music to keep your community engaged, playing games, text transformation, etc

Playing music is a premium feature that requires purchasing its premium plan and if you do not intend to empty your pocket you can try music bots like Rhythm Bot and Groovy Bot that are absolutely free to play music.

Carl Bot has several features that make it an advanced automod bot. Let’s discuss some of the best features of Carl Bot.

Carl Bot Features

Carl bot features

Being an automod bot, carl bot is such a next-level bot that not only makes moderating easier but also provides you with some other features that make it one of the most popular moderating Bot for experts as well as beginners.

1.  Log everything including deleted chats

This bot can keep every single activity’s details on your server including messages, events, edited messages, deleted messages, etc. It can even log every update of your discord members from changing their name to profile picture.

This feature is really helpful to have a look at logs of your discord server so that you can make everything manageable in your discord community.

2. Managing Reaction roles

Reaction role features are another best thing in Carl Bot. With this feature, you can assign roles for members which will be helpful to make your server function smooth. You just have to set a reaction role for any member and the role will be automatically assigned to them based on your chosen reaction.

3. Automod Feature

As we all know it is an advanced level automod bot that makes things easier to manage. You can set the punishment level of every rule violation. Based on your command, the carl bot automod feature will automatically ban, kick and warn members who try to break rules or spam your communities.

4. Custom Commands

Another great feature of Carl Bot is that it enables you to create custom commands. With the help of Carl Bot custom commands, you can make your moderating task much easier than ever. However, this feature also comes with so many bots, it is still able to make its position among most of the moderation bots.

5. Playing Music

As this is a premium feature, you must know that having a bot with so many features in a single package also makes everything much easier compared to keeping more bots. With some basic commands like !play along with song name will play your favourite tune in your server directly from other sources.

6. Text Formatting

Another great and most popular feature of Carl Bot is it has a text formatting system that enables you to send messages in a unique way. For example, you can send a message in Bold, Italic, etc.

As we have also prepared a detailed guide about Discord Markdown Text that will help you learn how you can bold, Italic, underline, strikethrough a text, you also how you can change the colour of the text messages.

The above are some cool features of Carl Bot that you can try. Also if you wish to customize your discord server in a more advanced way, you can try the Better discord application which is a mod version of Discord. With the help of Better Discord, you can set custom themes and add-on plugins to make your server better.

Check out our Guide of Best 45 Discord Themes and Best 15 Better Discord Plugins to try in Better Discord.

Moving further to discuss the basic commands of Carl Bot to make things easier.

Carl Bot Commands

  • !modonly: With this command, you can make a command usable by moderators only.
  • !unmodonly: This will remove the command from the modonly list that was only used by moderators previously.
  • !moderole: This command will help you to make any member a moderator so that the carl bot can see that particular member as a mod.
  • !moderole clear: Opposite to moderole, these commands will remove the moderator role.
  • !ignore server: With this command, you can make the bot only-mod.
  • !disable commands: This command will make certain commands disable totally from your server.
  • !enable commands: Opposite to disable commands, it will enable the previously disable commands.
  • !enable all: Enables all commands at once
  • !disable all: Disable all enabled commands at once.
  • !greet welcome: With this command, you can welcome new members with your custom messages.

The above are some basic commands of Carl Bot. If you’d like to know all the commands of the Carl bot, you can visit the Official website of this bot to know more commands.

Now, we will discuss how to set up Carl Bot and Install it on your discord server. Basically, it is so easy to set up the bot as this does not require any technical knowledge.

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How to Set Up and Install Carl Bot in Your Discord Server

The installation process of Carl Bot is too simple. Just follow the below steps to install Carl Bot in your Discord.

1. Go to the official website of Carl Discord Bot and click on the login button.

2. Once logged in, just select your server from the list.

3. After that just select the feature you want to include and then press the Accept button.

4. That’s it, you have successfully installed Carl Bot in your Discord server. Just go to your dashboard to use Carl Bot as moderator.

You can just utilize this advanced level automod bot to make your server manageable. You can even engage your community by playing games, music, etc.

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This bot will really save your time while managing a discord server. With its feature, you can make every process automatic. Even if you remain offline, the bot will take care of every rule you set up that should not be violated.

You can even try a premium plan to play some cool music on your discord server. Make your friends feel good and better in your server by playing their favourite tune.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does Carl Bot for Discord do?

Ans: It is an automod bot that helps you to moderate your server without any hassle because all the tasks of a moderator will be completed automatically by this bot.

2. Can Carl Bot do Polls?

Ans: Yes, Carl Bot can create Polls where users can vote with reaction.

3. Is Carl Bot Safe to use?

Ans: It is totally safe if downloaded from the official website of Carl Bot.

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