page title icon What is CPA Marketing: A Beginner’s Friendly Guide About It

You might have heard about CPA Marketing from many affiliate marketers wondering what is it and how it is different from Affiliate Marketing.

Making Money from affiliate marketing is quite known by all of us but making money from CPA Networking is not as popular as affiliate marketing. If you are new to affiliate marketing we have a guide on What is Affiliate Marketing and How can you Make Money from it. This guide will help you to understand the basic concepts of Affiliate Marketing. If you are well expertise in Affiliate Marketing you can proceed further to know about CPA Marketing.

What is CPA Marketing or CPA Networking?

What is CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition/Cost Per Action and also known as CPA Networking. Basically, this method is very much similar to affiliate marketing but with some twisting.

In CPA Marketing, you will get paid for completing an action that could be filling a form, signing up for their trial or any other desired action. But in Affiliate Marketing, you get paid when someone purchases through your affiliate link from the Seller or Owner of the product or service that you are promoting.

CPA Networking is a somehow mixed combination of Affiliate Marketing and CPA Networking and can be also termed as CPA Affiliate Network because it has a feature of affiliate marketing.

It is very much easier compared to affiliate marketing because you do not have to make a sale rather just sending leads to the main page of the seller of the product for completing a simple task or action.

Once the traffic, you send, converts into the lead and it performs the desired action, you will get paid as mentioned in CPA Networking.

Now, you have understood what is a it and now it’s time to know the difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing as you know there are not so many differences among these but still, we are going to mention it for you to make you understand about it.

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing

As you know these two markets possess almost the same features. However, some difference between affiliate marketing and CPA Marketing are as follows:

  • Payment in CPA Marketing is faster than Affiliate Marketing.
  • In Affiliate Marketing, you get paid when you make a sale but in CPA Marketing you get paid when you complete and desire action from your readers.
  • In CPA marketing it is easy to make money but in affiliate marketing, it is not as easy as CPA Marketing. But CPA Marketing provides less money as compared to Affiliate Marketing.
  • There are more websites that provide affiliate marketing than CPA Marketing that means the scope of affiliate marketing is more than CPA Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing provides instant support to promote their link whereas in CPA Marketing you have to work hard to get approval for CPA Marketing.

We have mentioned all the differences between Affiliate and CPA Networking. Now if you are thinking to start CPA Marketing, here is our answer to this question.

A Big Yes!!!! You should Start CPA Marketing

So, why we have told you to start it. The answer is simple because CPA Marketing is best for beginner’s to make money. As you know affiliate marketing is quite much more complicated than CPA Marketing and it is beginner’s friendly as well.

Wondering, How to Start a PA Marketing?

Don’t worry? We have covered this for you.

Let’s read how you can start CPA marketing from top CPA Networks that pay quite well.

How to start CPA Marketing or CPA Networking

How to start CPA Marketing

Starting CPA Marketing is easy if you get the right guidance and here we are to help you with this. There are few steps to get starting with CPA Networking. These are:

1. Choose Niche for Promoting CPA Network

Well, it is the first and quite important steps before getting started with CPA Marketing. Before joining any CPA Network you have to decide which niche you want to promote. For example, there are some CPA Network which is based on Insurance, some are software, others are marketing tools, etc.

So, among all these niches, you have to choose the right one that you can promote and generate leads through it.

2. Sign up with Your Desired CPA Network

Now, after choosing the niche of your choice, it’s time to sign up with that CPA Network and for that, you have to fill up a form online that is provided for CPA Marketers.

Before Signing up, you have to research that Network because there are hundreds of hundreds of websites that promise to pay you for generating leads but end with a scam offer. So, before joining, analyze that network, its paying time, whether it is legitimate and stable or its reviews.

Tip: To get to know about the best CPA networks and their reviews you can hover to or which is an affiliate review website that provides all the details about all the legitimate CPA Networks.

So, after signing up with your intended network, it’s time to wait for getting approved by that network.

3. Getting Accepted by that CPA Network

After signing up with your desired CPA Network, you have to wait till their further reply about your application. But, you have to know that getting approved by CPA Network is not as easy as getting approved by Affiliate Networks because the seller or owner will manually review your application and if they find that your answers to their questions are not satisfying them, they will simply reject your application. So, it is tough for getting approved by them

But we will guide you through this process. Let’s get started with some steps:

  • First of all your answer should be honest and transparent that will boost your approval chances.
  • Secondly, You should have a blog with decent traffic that will boost your chances of getting approved by almost 80%. If you don’t know how to start a blog we have a guide that will help you with this.
  • Thirdly, after filling the form they will usually take 24-48 hour for getting reviewed and after that, they call you for scheduling an interview. Do not hesitate, during the call and if they ask any question regarding you or your experience, answer with honesty and confidence.
  • Fourthly, after getting approved by that Cost Per Acquisition Network, you will be provided with a unique affiliate link that will keep records of your sales and conversion activities
  • Lastly, it’s time to choose your offer that you want to promote. Make sure to check the traffic sources that are accepted by that CPA network.

Above are the steps for getting started with Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition Network.

Now moving forward to select the Top CPA Networks that you should try.

The List of Top CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Networks

1. MaxBounty

Maxbounty has been around since 2002 and it has 20,000 trained affiliates that focus on generating leads and making maxbounty a profitable platform for new CPA Marketers and also it is one of the best CPA Network for newbies.

2. W4 now known as (Digitalmediasolutions)

W4 is also one of the top CPA Networks in the market that provides dedicated support teams for a publisher to innovate new ideas for promoting their products or services. It also provides high revenue earnings offers.

3. Peerfly

Peerfly has a good review in marketer despite having a small affiliate marketing company but it is a legit company that offers free training for affiliates to generate revenue on a daily or weekly basis.


Admitad also offers a good earning for their publishers. It has more than 520,000 affiliates and more than 1,200 advertisers. It was launched in 2009 in Germany and is continuously growing. The minimum payout for this platform is $10 that can be paid via Paypal, payments and wire transfers

5. Clickbooth now known as (Performcb)

Clickbooth has been around since 2002, offering great support for newbies. You will not have to pay any single amount for joining this Best CPA Network. It also provides detailed analytics of your account including sales, revenue, etc.

So, if you have planned to join Top CPA Networks, you can try the above-mentioned.

There are some other networks that you can try for CPA Networking. These are:

Hopefully, this guide has cleared all your doubts about CPA (Cost Per Action/Cost Per Acquisition) Marketing. As a starter, you can go with the above-mentioned networks that offer quite a good amount for beginner’s so that you can start making money from the Best CPA Networks.


CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, both have the scope for making money online. Do not limit yourself to only one, try all the methods that you can because the competition for earning online has been rising and you also have to set up a business that proves to be a profitable industry for you.

There are other methods of earning and we also have got your back for this by creating a guide on Top 10 Proven Methods to make money online that will also give you many ideas for generating revenue online.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How much money can you make from CPA Marketing?

Ans: There are some professionals who are making millions through CPA Marketing. The income derived from CPA Networks varies differently from each other. So, as a beginner, you can try any network that suits you best.

Note: Earning Something is better than Earning Nothing

2. What is the meaning of CPA Marketing?

Ans: CPA Marketing is almost similar to affiliate marketing but in this method, you do not have to make a sale but only have to complete some simple task by your readers.

3. How do I start CPA Marketing?

Ans: You can simply start CPA Marketing by choosing your desired network niche and filling a form on that network.

4. How does CPA Marketing Works?

Ans: Its function is almost the same as affiliate marketing but in this marketing, you do not have to make a sale like affiliate marketing.

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