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As we all know that Discord offers the best platform for playing games, discussing topics, chatting with friends and families but along with Discord, the bots are those that make the conversation and gaming a bit spicy and funny.

Despite lots of bots available on the Discord server, none of them can take the place of the Dank Memer Bot. It comes with an all-in-one pack that has everything that any moderator of the server wants.

Discord offers the flexibility to customise any discord server with the help of bots. We all know how important it is to have a Discord bot that makes everything pretty easy to manage. The most important role was played by moderation and gaming bot that enables the door to engage any discord server.

Almost every server requires many bots, like music bots, gaming bots, funny bots but instead of having many bots for several tasks why not give a try to Dank Memer Bot that comes with all the features packed in it. Yes, you heard it right, this bot can replace all the bots with its amazing features.

Note: Dank Memer Bot has disabled the music feature and no longer supports playing music instead they recommend having Octave Bot to enjoy music.

As per their latest announcement they are going to cut off almost all the features of moderation from Dank Memer Bot.

Note: Dank Memer Bot has also cut off the Moderation feature and now it is only used for fun, gaming and engaging your discord community.

However, you can try moderation bot like Carl, Mee6 and Dyno to enjoy the moderation feature in your discord server.

Let’s take a look at Dank Memer Bot.

What is Dank Memer Bot

Dank Memer Bot is one of the most popular and multi-purpose bots that allows you to do several things in Discord. This bot has several features including, currency exchange, gaming, giveaway and the most interesting and important Memes.

One of the best benefits of these types of multi-purpose bots is that you don’t have to install several bots for several functions. This all in one bot can perform all the necessary and important functions.

But if you want to try a separate bot for separate tasks. You can try some music bot like Rhythm Bot, Groovy Bot. Otherwise, the bot will definitely help you to keep your community engaged.

The most interesting part of this Bot is that it helps you to chat with memes. This is something that almost all the memers love to have and that’s the reason it is one of the best and most popular discord bots especially for memers.

You can also subscribe to the premium plan of Dank Memer Bot. It has 3 plans ranging from $2 to $10 per month. And with that membership, you will also get some additional features.

The developers of Dank Memer Bot are continuously developing this bot and always wanted to hear feedback from their users. The bot is easy to use with its user-friendly dashboard.

Dank Memer Bot Features

Dank Memer Bot Features

The Features of the Discord Dank Memer Bot are amazing. There are several reasons to use this bot in your server. But before that, we are going to discuss the most important and popular features of the this bot that makes it different from other multi-purpose bots.

Below are few features that make Dank Memer  great among many discord bots

1. Currency System

This is probably the best feature of Dank Memer Bot that helps to make coins by robbing, stealing and of course by gambling. You can experience the most unique currency system found in this bot.

2. Memes

This is another excellent feature that makes Dank Memer Bot for Discord, the most unique among all. There are thousands of memes available which can be used to say anything. Additionally, you can also create memes. Using memes in conversation makes it spicy and twisty and almost everybody loves to have a conversation with memes. It has an enormous number of memes that will definitely gonna make everyone laugh during the conversation.

3. Find Animals

If you are an animal lover, you will definitely love this feature. With some basic command, you can see your desired animal. You can find animals from different subreddit. There are some commands to find animals. For example, if you want to see some cute pandas, you have to type the redpanda command. Similarly, if you want to see bunnies, you have to type hoppyboi.

4. Games

You can also play some cool games with Dank Memer Bot. You will find some amazing games like guessing games and tic tac toe games. There is a trivia game as well and by playing trivia, you can earn coins.

Dank Memer Bot Commands

Using Dank Memer Bot is extremely easy as you only need to type some basic commands to execute your action. With the help of commands, you can play games, find animals, and steal coins. All these functions just require some commands.

Let’s discuss some Commands of the Dank Memer Bot.

  • Animals: This command will show you animals from different subreddit.
  • Foxxy: Shows you some fox images.
  • Hootyboi: With this command, you can see some owls image
  • Hoppyboi: Shows you some bunnies image.
  • Clap: Make the bot says whatever you want with Saas
  • Dankrate: With this command, you can see how dank you are.
  • Emojify: Make the bot say whatever you want with the help of emojis.
  • Greentext: make the bots say whatever you want with green text.
  • Discordmeme: Generate any random discord-themes meme.
  • Joke: Shows you some random jokes to make you laugh.
  • Meme: With this command, you can see the top trending new memes on Reddit.
  • Balance: With this command, you can check your balance yours as well as others.
  • Bankrob: This command will help you to rob someone’s bank in the game but for that, you need some heist team.
  • Buy: With this command, you can buy items from the shop.

The above are some basic commands of the Dank Memer Bot that will help you to perform several funny things. This bot is installed on more than 1.7 million servers. The Meme feature has made this bot so much popular. You can check the full command list from its command list.

Sometimes, Dank Memer Bot becomes offline and does not work at all. And if you have this trouble just reboot your device and wait for at least 30 mins. If everything becomes fine and it starts working then you don’t have to worry. But if it remains offline for more than 1 hour, it is better to check their support page for their announcement about this Offline problem.

Now, let’s discuss how to use Dank Memer Bot in Your Discord server.

How to set up and Install Discord Dank Memer Bot

The installation process of Dank Member Bot is pretty straightforward. You just have to follow the simple below steps to set up the bot on your Discord server.

1. Open your browser and go to the Dank Memer Official Website and click on invite button.

Dank memer bot official oage

2. Then login with your ID and Password.

Click login

3. Next, click on Add bot to select your server from the list.

Add bot to discord

4. Now, click on authorize and grant permission to access your discord server.

5. Once done, you are ready to use this incredible bot in your discord server.

So, you have to go to your Dank Memer Bot Dashboard to see the list of commands. And then apply the command accordingly.


So, it is clear that this bot is the one of the most important bot to keep your community alive, engaged and fun. The meme will definitely make your communication much more interesting than ever. For more fun, you can try Discord Markdown Text to make your text message look different.

The bot is too easy to set and the dashboard will help you further to utilize all its features. If you want to explore more discord bots, check out our guide of Best 15 Discord Bots that a discord server must-have.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What can Dank Memer do?

Ans: Dank Memer Bot is a Multi-purpose bot that can help you in creating memes, play games, currency trading, Find animals, etc.

2. Why did Dank Memer go offline?

Ans: It sometimes gets offline when they aren’t working or being updated by the developers or sometimes, the network connectivity creates this problem.

3. Is Dank Memer Bot Free?

Ans: The base feature of this bot is completely free but if you want to enjoy some additional features you have to purchase its premium plan.

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