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Before releasing any software in a stable version for the public, developers test that particular software to find any kind of loopholes, bugs, etc. That’s the reason almost any software is first released as an alpha version then a beta version and the final launch for the public in the stable version.

The developers offer to join the alpha or beta testing program for keen people who can then report any kind of bugs or problems they are facing with that version.

Developers then take care of all the reports of the keen people and fix the bugs and loopholes before releasing it in the stable for the version for the general public.

Discord canary is also an Alpha test version of the most popular chatting application Discord. Before releasing any stable version the Alpha test releases for developers and keen people who want early access to the new features of Discord.

So, let’s dive into understanding Discord Canary.

What is Discord Canary

What is Discord Canary

Discord Canary is an alpha test release of the Discord Application. It, being an Alpha version, is less stable than the normal build. It is mostly used by testers who is eager to test its alpha release for finding bugs and loopholes then reporting the bugs to developers so that they can fix them in a stable version.

The Discord Canary received new features earlier than Discord PTB (Public Test Build) and Stable and that’s the reason it has additional features that may vanish by going into stable release because of less stability.

The icon colour of Discord Canary is different from the stable build. The colour of the Canary is Orange that makes it looks different from the stable build.

Discord Canary is not different from a normal build. It is just the first release among the three test releases of the famous community chatting application”Discord.” It is released just to check whether a certain new feature or changelog will be effective or not.

If there were any bugs in the Alpha release, then developers try their best to fix those loopholes and then release the PTB (Public Test Build) Discord version, which is the second release of the Discord application. And after making every bug fix then, at last, it releases in the Stable version that is the last release of Discord for the general public.

So, now you have understood what it is, but the main question is Should you use it or just wait for a stable version to release.

Let’s discuss it.

Should you use Discord Canary

Should You Use Discord Canary

Well, if you are a kind of keen person then you can try the Discord Canary version to test out the newest feature earlier and share your review. However, if you plan to use this Canary Discord for your general use then it might be not possible because this is the earliest test release of new discord features so it is common that this alpha release has major bugs and crashes so you cannot use it for general purpose like chatting or streaming games.

But yes, you can enjoy the latest features earlier than anybody could use. So, after testing the alpha release the Beta version that is PTB tests release. It might be possible that some features that are present in the Canary test would be missing in the Beta release because if the bugs aren’t fixable by developers then they can be removed from the Beta version. Similar things happen with the stable version, if some features aren’t fixed in the Beta version then it will be removed from the Stable Discord build.

So, you will become among some people who tested some new and cool features of Discord that might not get successfully available for the general public in the stable version.

So, the answer to the question relies on you. If you want to enjoy new features earliest then you can go with Canary Discord. But remember, you cannot expect it to work like the Stable version as this build has several bugs and often crashes.

Now, moving further to the discussion of its safety. Whether Discord Canary is safe to use or not.

Let’s know the answer to this question

Is it Safe to use Discord Canary

Is it safe to use Discord Canary

Discord Canary is fully safe to use as it is not a modded or alternative of Discord like Better Discord. It is the Official Discord application that is released for developers or for people who want to test and enjoy the latest features before the general public.

However, it is advised that you should only try installing it if you are a tester or enthusiast that wants to help developers to fix bugs and loopholes.

So, it is cleared that it is 100% safe to use but not stable to use it for general purposes.

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How to Install Discord Canary

You can download the latest Alpha release aka Discord Canary for your Desktop, Mac, Linux or in a web browser. Just follow the below-given steps to download and install Discord Canary in desired OS.

1. Open your Browser and go Latest Discord Canary Release and then you will have an interface like this. Just choose the download option for your Operating System.

2. After Downloading the Canary release of Discord, run the installer by following the instruction from your screen.

3. After the installation process is done, just open the Discord alpha release. When you first launch this, It will check for updates. Once it completes just sign in with your ID and password.

4. That’s it. You have successfully downloaded and installed Discord Canary in any of the following: Windows, Mac, Linux, etc

The above guide will help you go install Discord canary in any Operating system. But what if you want to use Discord canary in a Web browser.

Not to worry! We are here to provide a guide on that as well. Simply follow the below-given steps to use this alpha release in a Web browser.

How to use Discord Canary in a Web Browser

Desktop features offer almost all the function like discord canary application provides but some features like Constant push to talk voice access will be unavailable. However, you can try other features from the desktop as well. Just follow the below method to use canary in a web browser.

1. Open your browser and go to the Discord Canary Website and select the option ‘Open Discord in Your Browser” to proceed further.

2. After that you will have to enter your username and tick the ToS (Terms of Service) and Privacy Policy option.

3. Alternatively, you can click the “sign in’ option located at the top corner of the Discord Canary Website.

4. At the login screen, type your username and password and then click login button.

5. Boom! Now you can try enjoy its features from your Desktop.


With Discord Canary you can use some cool features earlier than the general public. So you can share your review and report bugs so that developers can fix them before releasing them for the Stable version.

It is an early test build that is made only for testers. However, you cannot use it as a stable version because you will face lots of bugs and crashes.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I find Discord Canary?

Ans: You can find it from the Discord Canary Release page from there you can download the latest version.

2. How do I delete Discord Canary?

Ans: Uninstalling Discord Canady is as simple as uninstalling other applications. You just have to remove or uninstall Canary just like other applications from your Operating System.

3. Should I Use Discord Canary?

Ans: If you are a tester and keen type of person, you can try Discord Canary otherwise stay from this Alpha release as it is not stable and often has many bugs.

4. Is PTB better than Discord?

Ans: PTB (Public Test Build) Discord is the second release of Discord that comes after Discord Canary and has fewer bugs compared to the Alpha version.

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