page title icon Discord Spoiler: A Detailed Guide about Using Spoiler Tag

Discord is one of the most popular chatting platforms where users can chat, call their favourite persons. Users can also chat in the Discord community, also known as the Discord server with so many friends at once.

But conversation within the community might not be good because not everyone wants to discuss the topic you are discussing or if you share about a plot of a movie and discuss that movie you might spoil many of your friend’s excitement who did not yet watch that movie.

So, you need something that might hide your messages to shows to those only who had taken active participation in your discussion. Hopefully, a few years ago, Discord had released the feature of Discord Spoiler Tags that helps you to hide the media and particular phrase or messages from everyone.

When you mark text as a Spoiler, it will get covered into a black box. Each user has to click on that black spoiler block to reveal it and then they can read your text.

Similarly, you can also use this feature to mark any image as a spoiler to make it solid. And if a certain person wants to view that particular image they have to click on that image to make it visible for them.

Now, you might be wondering about How to set Discord Spoiler Tag on Android, IOS or windows.

This guide will answer all your queries related to the Discord Spoiler tag. Go through this post and find the answer to your desired question.

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How to Add Spoiler Tag on Discord text Messages

Add discord spoiler on text

Adding Spoiler tag was a bit confusing in the early days but now it has become one of the easiest ways in Discord. There are two methods by which you can add a Discord Spoiler tag to certain text or full text.

Method 1: Default

Follow the below step to mark a text as a spoiler tag in Discord:

1. Type your message in a private chat, or discord server

2. Select the part of your text that you want to mark as a spoiler

3. After that a bar will appear above the text and you have to click on the eye icon to mark it as spoiler text.

4. You will see two bar ||Spoiler text|| like this between your marked text.

5. That’s it your text has been marked as a spoiler message and if somebody wants to view that text they have to click on that spoiler box to make that portion visible for them.

Method 2: The Easiest way

This step is one of the easiest methods that will help you mark any text as a spoiler. You can mark any text as a spoiler tag on Android, iOS, and PC as well as it does not have to do such a thing. This is the easiest discord spoiler command that will make any text marked as a spoiler in Mobile, Windows and iOS.

Follow the simplest method to mark any text as Discord Spoiler from Android, iOS and PC or Windows

1. Open your private chat box or discord community chat box and type any message

2. Now If you have created a text like “Discord is the best chatting platform” and you have to mark the chatting platform portion as spoiler just add || before and after the text. After adding the two spoiler bar you message will something look like Discord is a best ||chatting platform||

Or, you can also use /Spoiler Syntax to markdown your discord text as a spoiler

3. You can use this two-bar (||)and /spoiler from Android, iOS and PC as well because all of them have a keyboard and the keyboard contains these bar.

4. And it’s done. You have successfully learned to add spoiler tag from android, iOS and PC to Discord text and you can easily.

The syntax for Discord Spoiler Command is ||Text|| The two-bar represents the spoiler command where text written is the part of the text that you want to add as Discord spoiler tags.

Additionally, there is another syntax discord spoiler markdown command and that is represented by /Spoiler

Type any message and add /Spoiler to mark that text as a spoiler and it will remain invisible till the person clicks on that sentence in order to view that spoiler text.

You can easily put this discord spoiler markdown command from Android or any other device that has a keyboard and it’s obvious that all the device has a keyboard.

Now, you have two methods for discord spoiler text but now you have to learn the discord spoiler image method.

How to Add Discord Spoiler Tag in Image, Video, Document

Add Dsicord spoiler from mobile

Here is the simple method for Discord Spoiler Image. You can also send other media like video, Document, etc.

1. Open the chat box and press the (+) icon which is located at the left of the message box.

2. Then the files from your storage will appear, choose the file which you want to send and then press enter

3. After you will have an option to mark this image or file as a spoiler, simply click on that box

4. That’s it, you have successfully marked Discord Spoiler Image or any other file.

How to Add Discord Spoiler Image/Video in Mobile or iOS

Well, adding a Discord spoiler tag in android Mobile or iOS is officially not available. It means Discord doesn’t have spoiler tags feature for Android or iOS. But don’t worry we have an easy  trick for you that will enable the feature to add spoiler tags in media from Android or iOS

Follow the below-given method to learn how to add Discord Spoiler Tag in Image/Video from mobile devices.

1. First of all go to your file manager and choose the file which you want to send from Discord.

2. Now, here comes the trick where you have to rename the file with “SPOILER_” (without ” mark)

3. For example, you have a file named Sweet bunny.jpeg, just rename it by adding SPOILER_ in the beginning and it will look like SPOILER_sweet bunny.jpeg

4. Now, go to Discord and open chatbox, then click the (+) option and select the file that you have renamed

5. That’s it, you have successfully marked your image/Video as a Discord spoiler tag.

There you go, you have all the methods to mark spoiler tags. Just use any method which feels easy to you and mark your message or media with a spoiler tag. So, that no one can read you a message without tapping on the spoiler tag to make it visible for them.


Marking your text and media with a spoiler tag will make your message safe for everyone and only the interested or authorized persons will be able to see and read your text. It will greatly save your text from being seen by all the discord members on your server.

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