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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP platforms where you can get connected with your friends. But you might have bored with the interface of Discord as it has only two theme options one is the default mode and the other is dark mode. But if you want custom Discord themes then this post is for you.

Discord is one of the most established platforms that provide features to get connected with our favourite peoples. However, Discord is more popular among gamers that love to stream their games online by sharing screens. But there is a certain issue that comes in between sharing screens. So, to fix this issue you can read our guide on How to Fix Discord Screen share and sound issue.

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Discord doesn’t support the custom theme and only provides the two theme options light and dark. But you might want to change it from a default discord theme to a custom discord theme. And that’s where you need Better Discord.

You might be wondering about Better Discord?

Well, here is a simple definition of better discord that will help you to understand Better discord features and extended functionalities.

What is Better Discord

What is better discord

Better Discord is an extended version of Discord or you can also say it is the best alternative of Discord where you can get tons of premium features that aren’t available on the default version of Discord.

Well, using Better Discord you can get amazing features like Custom Discord themes, plugins, emotes, etc and it will just give you an extraordinary feeling if you are a discord fan.

But make sure you know that Better Discord violates some policy and could lead you to get your account banned. However, that only happens if you use any unauthorised plugins.

But, as we have experienced till now, using Custom Discord themes, backgrounds and some better discord plugin will not lead your account to get a ban.

Now, you have understood the basic properties of Better Discord and now, you are curious to know further about getting custom themes for your Discord.

Before going further, you need to install BetterDiscord for using themes and plugins. Below is the process of installing Better Discord.

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How to Install Better Discord

The process of Better Discord installation is as easy as spoon-feeding but making a step by step guide will help you to understand the process of installation visually. Follow the given step to install Better Discord.

1. First of all, visit then click on the download button, it will redirect to the Github Repository page.

2. Scroll down a bit, there you will different os mentioned for Better discord. Simply choose your os, like if you are using windows then choose windows, if Linux then chooses Linux, etc.

3. It will automatically start downloading.

4. Just install and run this Better discord application in your Os to enjoy premium and extended features of discord.

If you don’t notice any sudden change in discord then don’t worry, after better discord installation just restarts your discord application and congratulations! you better discord now.

Let’s go through the most popular and top-rated discord themes that will completely change your discord server.

Best 45 Better Discord Themes

Choosing a theme for your discord server will get easy and simple by following this guide. After the listing of best discord themes. We will also discuss how to install a Better discord theme to change your discord server.

1. Frosted Glass Theme

This better discord theme is an excellent looking theme with a pleasant design that makes it popular among various high-rated discord themes. This theme has an amazing background and better discord skin compared to most of the popular discord themes.

It comes with a deer image and with frosted effect, it just makes this theme awesome. However, if you wish you can edit the CSS file and change the image according to your wish.

Some adjustable features are also present in this theme like blur adjustment, brightness controller, etc. Just try this better discord theme and give your discord server a pleasant look.

2. Boreal Theme

Another great and calming theme that makes your discord server awesome. It has a very comforting look and makes you feel pacified. It has amazing customization features that enable you to customize it the way you like.

This transparent better discord theme has a very good rating and thousands of download counts. You can install this theme and give your server a better look.

3. T1 Theme

T1 discord theme is a simple yet powerful theme that is mostly loved by people who love simple design and layout. This theme is especially for those who do not want to give a stylish look to their server rather make it simple and customizable.

This theme can be modified by editing the CSS file, you can also change the background design and skin and some other tweaking settings are also available in this theme.

4. Pyrite Theme

This is gonna make you love its amazing look and customization. Pyrite is a theme made by compiling both Clear Vision and Basic Background themes and made an excellent core of this theme.

Pyrite Better Discord also called BandagedBD theme will make your discord server better and amazing. Just give this theme a try.

5. Translucence Theme

This is another high-rated and popular better discord theme library. This theme will put the awesomeness in your discord server with its looks and customization. You will get lots of customization options in this theme.

Customizations like setting opacity and many more features are there in the theme. You can try this frosty theme on your discord server.

6. Black Hole Theme

If you jump over the black space this theme is probably gonna help you out in this. It’s just a bedazzled base discord theme. The black sky with stars will make you feel pleasant and comfortable.

This theme is one of the highest-rated and most downloaded better discord themes. If you also love the space exploration scenario then this beautiful discord theme is for you.

7. Weed Leaf Theme

This theme also deserves the list of best discord themes as it has all features that the best themes require. This transparent and translucent theme with weed leaf in the background makes your mind relaxing and peaceful.

These are some customization and tweaks you can perform by editing its CSS file and make it the way you want it to make and look.

8. Elysia Theme

This amazing theme made by the purple wizard is an RGB Better Discord Theme with over 21k+ download count. It has various customization functionality that makes it popular among most of the best themes.

You will have many differences in which you can customise the theme further for your discord server and change the look of your server completely.

9. Sunset Theme

This theme has an aesthetic look and also a pleasing Better discord theme that is also a popular theme for calm and peaceful nature.

This theme will completely change your discord server look by giving a soothing and pleasant environment.  To use sunset theme, Download from the below link and them extract the zip file as it has been compressed in zip.

10. Akame_Ga_Kill Theme

If you are an anime manga series lover then you can’t control yourself to try this anime better discord theme that has been voted the best among most of the anime themes. You can feel the manga series of Akame_Ga_Kill and will definitely get amazed by trying this theme.

It has an attractive wallpaper with transparent red colour that gives this theme an impressive look.

11. Basic Background Theme

An amazing better discord theme that will keep your discord layout default and will provide the features and customization to change your background according to your wish.

You can simply make changes to the background by keeping the default layout of your server. An attractive theme that changes your discord server looks.

12. GGO kirito Theme

Another popular manga series anime theme to change your better discord skin. It will provide you with an amazing look if you’re an anime series lover you definitely try this theme on your server.

You can further customize the setting from the CSS file and create it the way you want it to be.

13. Dark Neon Theme

This theme is also a popular and most downloaded theme from the better discord theme library. It provides the dark colour with amazing neon effects that will make your discord server stunning.

Tons of customization are there where you can further modify it for some desirable changes.

14. Amoled-Cord Theme

Another dark theme that pleases your eyes by keeping everything nice and neat. This theme has a black background that makes it attractive and makes you calm.

It has a customization feature that can be accessed in its CSS file but if you like the dark colour this gonna make you feel really better.

15. Wildberry Theme

This fantastic theme with berry colour makes you fall in love with it. It gives the warmth of peace and makes your server look calm and peaceful.

The beery coloured theme got a decent download of 20k+ and the CSS custom code feature will add more customization to it.

16. Dark Matter Theme

You must have heard about Dark Matter that made our entire universe and so this theme makes you feel like the cosmic environment with dark effects. It has also got a download count of 50k+ and its amazing looks make everyone fall in love with it.

You must try this cold, dark, frosty Dark Matter theme to experience cosmic power and celestial matters.

17. Fallout 4 Terminal Theme

If you are a techy person, you want to give a matrix look to your discord server. Then this theme is probably for you. This theme has a green colour that gives it the look of matrix and coding languages.

It has an attractive look that makes your discord server feel like Tech-Centre. You can easily modify its CSS file to give it a more attractive look and further customization.

18. DiscordRecolor Theme

This theme will change your colour scheme. You can customize it by changing it to any colour scheme. So that you can make your discord server look better.

It is a highly customizable theme that will make your server look extraordinary and incredible.

19. Green Forest Theme

This is another popular and relaxing discord theme that makes your eyes feel comfortable while looking at it.  It has a pleasant look with no bright colour, no eye-catching image but instead, it has a calm and peaceful background.

It has also over 5k+ download count that makes it popular and peaceful among various better discord themes.

20. Reborn Theme

A highly customizable theme for better discord that has focused on customization. It has both the features of good looks and high performance and that’s the reason it is getting popular day by day.

This theme provides tons of customization if you know the right way, which can further modify this theme the way you want it looks to be.

21. Discord+ Theme

The first theme that comes in the list of Top Better Discord Themes is Discord+. It has a glossy look that makes it look amazing and it also has heavy customization options. The theme has been prioritized to make a balance between looks and performance.

With Discord+ theme, you can customize background image, accent colour, home icon, UI corner roundness and many more. This is gonna definitely make your discord server look better.

22. Duality Theme

Another theme that comes in the second list is the top better discord themes. This theme is based on elements that pop out of the screen. It has a minimal look that makes it look good on your discord server.

The border of the theme is white and transparent that looks like it is popping out of the screen. So, you should definitely try this better discord theme that gives a cool and nice look.

23. Not Another Anime Theme

This theme is unique like its name. It is not an anime theme but has lots of customization options. The background image of this better discord theme makes your discord server look adorable and stunning.

It also has an automatic updating feature. So you should also try this amazing, better discord theme. You can change the background image and certain colour according to your wish.

24. Inumaki Toge Theme

If you are die-hard anima fan you probably have known the jujutsu kaisen series. It is a manga series illustrated by Gege Akutami and Inumaki Toge is a supporting character in that manga series.

So, if you want the Best Anime Better Discord theme that can make your discord server an amazing look with Inumaki Toge theme then you must have to give a try to this Anime theme.

25. Spotify Discord Theme

Do you love to hear songs on Spotify and also want to use such a theme that will combine Spotify in your Discord? So, here comes the Spotify Discord theme that can fulfil your wish. It is one of the best better discord themes among most of the themes.

With this theme, you can show your friends about what songs you are hearing on discord. Basically, this theme is specially developed for Spotify lovers so that they can enjoy discord and Spotify within one platform.

26. Cyberpunk Theme

Do you love Cyberpunk? If yes then this better discord theme has been developed for you. The theme has been designed by keeping the pattern and looks of Cyberpunks. It also has tweaking options that will help you to further modify its .CSS file.

The background is completely dark that makes it look incredibly awesome and with neon fonts the theme makes it place on the top list of Better Discord themes. This theme definitely needs a try if you are a true fan of Cyberpunk.

27. Neutron Theme

The Neutron theme is a simple better Discord theme that is not rich in glossy looks but the modest design of this theme makes it look attractive and popular. As it has been newly launched but got the download count of 12k+ that’s incredibly awesome.

It is packed with tremendous customization options from the background image to colour combination, you can customise and change this theme accordingly.

28. Comfy Theme

As the name has been given, Comfy means comfortable. This theme is developed while keeping everything neat and clean with a well-organised layout. You can talk with your friends with comfy.

If you want you can further customize this theme the way you like and make this discord theme apply to your discord server. So, go for this Comfy Discord theme and make your server look delightful.

29. Slate Theme

Slate is an amazing looking theme with lots of customization and tweaking options. It is an optimized, consistent and active theme for better discord that is based on Github’s design language.

It supports light mode as well as the compact mode and it is also an extremely flexible and highly customizable theme for better discord. So you should definitely give a shot to this extraordinary theme.

30. NieR: Automata’s Menu UI Theme

NieR: Automata is an action-role playing game developed by platinumGames and this Better Discord theme has been created by using the colour combination and some looks of NieR: Automata’s Menu UI.

This theme comes with both light and dark mode that means it is suitable both for light and dark colour lovers. The background colours and image gave this theme a unique look and make it stand out among various top-rated better discord themes.

31. BorderShapes Theme

As the name suggests, this theme, Bordershapes, will change your shape of the border on your discord elements. It has a pleasant and attractive look and comes with lots of features.

Features like different border shapes, new modern designs, and most of the discord elements border can be changed with this theme. So, you should definitely give a try to this Highly Customization Better Discord Theme.

32. Nordic Theme

The Nordic theme better discord theme has minimal design focusing on its customization option and performance. It has a simple colour combination that will be loved by those people who want to keep everything simple.

As this has followed the style of Nord theme, you can still find it better among various discord themes. So, you can also give a try to this cool discord theme.

33. New Nihilism Theme

The New Nihilism theme is also launched recently and is getting popular over time. This theme comes with a dark mode that will make you feel calm and peaceful. It has a neat and clean design that will make your discord server look better.

So, you can also give a shot to this theme and the design will surely make you feel wow. So download the theme and apply it to your discord server.

34. Opera GX Gaming Theme

This theme developed by getting inspired by Opera GX Browser. As you know, a new browser has been launched named Opera GX Gaming browser. So this theme comes with lots of customization options.

You will get a really stunning look and you can consider this theme as the best discord theme. You can modify the theme file by changing the input of the .CSS file and make it the way you want it to look.

This theme has been recently launched and got a download count of 20k+ that’s really huge count in a short span of time. So, you should definitely give this amazing Better Discord theme a try.

35. Dracula Theme

Dracula theme is a dark mode theme that is based on the Dracula colour palette. You will just love the colour combination of this theme. And if you feel like customizing it, you can also do so by modifying the .CSS file.

It is a newly added theme in Discordapp repositories. So, you can also give this theme a try to make your discord server look remarkable.

36. Kemono Friends Returns Theme

If you are a manga game lover then Kemono Friends Returns theme will make you amazed. Kemono Friends Returns is a manga anime game and the author Shadow Devils Avenged have created this Anime Better Discord theme by getting inspired by this game.

If you are searching for a better anime theme then you should probably try this theme to make your discord server look impressive.

37. Server Column Theme

The server Column theme is for those who want to change their layout from list to grid. By default, Discord has a single column and if you’re joined in many Discord servers then you always find it hard to locate your favourite server. If that is the case then this theme is basically for you.

You can modify the .CSS file and change the layout of the column as many times as you want. It has been downloaded by 10k+ users across the globe. So, you can give this theme a try as well.

38. Nord Theme

Another popular better discord theme that has been popular among many discord users. This theme is for those who love the deep blue Atlantic colour. The colour of this will make you feel pleasant.

It has been downloaded with a count of 35k+ users and is another most high-rated better discord theme. You can also get some tweaks and customization options. So, you can also try this theme.

39. Minimal Cord Theme

Minimal Cord theme has both light and dark mode that make it the most popular better discord theme among most of the discord themes. It will completely change your discord looks and provide a fresh and pleasant interface.

The comforting look of the Minimal Cord theme will make you feel peaceful with its light and dark mode. Some adjustable customization is also present in this theme so that you can customize it the way you like.

40. Horizontal Server Theme

This theme is for those who want to shift the layout position server list. As we all know, the server list is displayed on the left side of the screen. And if you want to change the position of the server list from the left of the screen to the top of the screen.

The main benefits of this theme is that you can easily use this theme with some basic transparent themes. For example, you can use Horizontal server theme with Frosted Glass, Translucence, etc.

41. Red ‘n Black Theme

Do you love the red and black combination and if yes, then you must go for this unique better discord theme. As the name suggests Red ‘n Black Theme. It has a simple design with the colour combination of Red and Black and also provides further customization options to their users.

This is another top Better Discord theme that is gonna make your discord server extraordinary with its colour combination. So, you should try this theme.

42. Theme

You might be definitely familiar with twitch, if not then let me explain to you. Twitch is an American Video live streaming service that focuses on the live streaming of video games. And this is developed with the design of

You will just love this theme as it is a cool better discord theme that provides a totally unique look as it is totally based on twitch design and will definitely make your server look incredible.

43. Eclipse Theme

The Eclipsetheme has a pleasant interface. It is another dark better discord theme that will be loved by dark colour lovers. It also has the simple and stunning look.

You can also change the colour of the layout with another one. It also has some customization options that you can modify in its .CSS setting. This theme must require a try so, go for it.

44. Midnight Mars Theme

Another neat and clean theme that has the simplest look with deep purple colour. You can also customize Midnight Mars Discord theme by modifying the .CSS file. Midnight Mars has been downloaded by 25k+ discord users.

The deep purple colour will make your discord server look pleasant and will make you feel peaceful. So, you must give this amazing theme a try.

45. Nocturnal Theme

Nocturnal Theme is basically developed for dark colour lovers. It will modify the overall look of your discord server. The design of this theme will make your eye pleasant with its dark colour.

As it has been recently added to the BandageBD Theme list. You can install this better discord theme to make your server look pleasant. Just try this Nocturnal theme and feel the power of black. You can even customise the background colour and image according to your wish.

We have tried our best to provide the best themes that make your discord server amazing and stunning and now it’s time to know the installation process of Better discord themes.

How to install Better Discord themes

The installation process of the Discord theme is very simple and easy. Just follow some basic step to install Discord better theme

1. Download the Theme from the Better Discord Theme library

2. Open Better Discord and Click on the User setting located at the bottom

3. Scroll down and find the “Theme” option in BandageBD

4. Now click on “Open Theme Folder” and select your downloaded theme.

Once done, you can refresh Better Discord by pressing Ctrl-R to take changes effect and applying your theme selection.

Now the list is complete but in case you didn’t want to continue using Better Discord and wanted to revert to Discord official application. Then you need to uninstall the better discord to get back to the default discord.

Here is a quick guide to Uninstalling Better Discord.

How to uninstall Better Discord completely

For uninstalling the better discord you need to follow the simplest and easiest method. Follow the below-given step:

1. Uninstalling the Better Discord from your Windows or Mac also deletes the associated data folder from your storage.

2. Then go to the Official Discord Page and click on the download

3. Run the application with installation setup. And congrats! You have reverted to the default Discord app.

Here are some moderator bots like Carl BotMee6 Bot for discord. You can try any of them as they are not only moderator bot but also Multi-Purpose bot that have other features as well.


Better Discord is a type of modded Discord that provides additional features. By using Better Discord you can do almost all the stuff that can be done using modded applications. But make sure you do not download and try anything that is not verified by the BandageBD team.

Other than this, if you do some cool stuff like customising themes and better discord skin, it will not harm your account and you can simply make your discord better with BetterDiscord Themes.

If you wish you try some Discord bots like Groovy to play music on your discord server, Dyno to make it work as a moderator and you can also try some funny and popular Text-to-Speech messages of a Discord bot.

Additionally, you can also try Discord Canary which is an alpha version of the original discord application to enjoy discord features earlier than most of the discord users.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do you get Discord Themes?

Ans: You can get discord custom themes from website but becore that you must have better discord installed in your OS.

2. What are good discord themes?

Ans: There are many themes that are good but you can choose the best discord theme from list above.

3. Is Betterdiscord a virus?

Ans: As we have already mentioned that is an mode version of Discord that has extented and premium features.

4. Can you get banned for using BetterDiscord?

Ans: Well, it depends how you use betterdiscord, if you just use this for changing themes and skins of the discord, it will be fine but if some unusual activities take place then your account may get banned.

5. What happens if you break discord ToS?

Ans: If you break Discord ToS then the company had the right to issue a warning or can temporarily or permanently ban your Discord account.

6. How do I get discord themes on my phone?

Ans: You can get Discorf themes on mobile by downloading better discord application and then you can easily choose your desired discord themes from Discord library.

7. How to change Discord theme without BetterDiscord?

Ans: Discord has two default themes; light and dark and you can only change your discord theme from light to dark but cannot apply custom discord themes without BetterDiscord.

8. How do you make discord pretty?

Ans: You can use beautiful themes and further customize them to make your discord look pretty and attractive.

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