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Have you ever liked someone’s discord profile avatar and also wanted to download that picture for your own? You might have definitely, but sadly no such feature is directly available to download discord profile pictures of someones.

Everybody loves to show off their Discord PFP by using cool discord pictures and if you also want the same then you need some discord pictures to give it a try. Here is a list of 25 Best Discord Profile Pictures that you should try to give your profile a unique look.

But if you have already chosen your discord picture from someone else’s profile then you need to know some methods to download discord profile pictures on any devices.

Well, not to worry because we will also provide you with the exact method to download a discord profile picture so that you can also make that downloaded discord pic as your pfp.

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So, there are two methods to download discord profile pictures of someone. The first method is using a Bot. Some Bot has this feature that can help you to download the profile picture with avatar command but most of the bot does not support this and that’s the reason we have eliminated this method to not to waste your time.

But the second method is using the Inspect method that will surely help you to download the discord profile of any of your friends.

So, let’s discuss the steps to download discord profile picture with the Inspection method

Note: You can use this method on your PC, Computer and Laptop. But not a Mobile phone. There is another method to download discord profile pictures on Mobile.

After the Inspection method, we will also share with you the method to download someone’s discord profile picture on Mobile, iOS or any kind of Mobile devices.

So let’s begin with the Inspect method to download discord pictures.

How to Download Discord Profile Pictures by using Inspection Method

1. Open your Chrome Browser and Go to Discord Official Website and log in there with your User ID and Password.

2. Go to the user’s profile by clicking on their profile picture and after that press Ctrl+Shift-I from your keyboard.

3. Now, you will be presented with Inspect Element Window

4. Now press Ctrl+Shift+C this will switch to the tool so that you can further modify it, you can also do this by clicking on the top square box.

5. After that go to the profile section from the inspect element window and copy the URL of the discord picture.

6. Now, paste the Url into the browser, you can also change the image size and resolution by changing the size=[number] where you can put 1024 size to download it in high quality.

7. So, the end part of the URL will look something like .Png?size=1024

8. Just paste the URL on any Browser and save it by right-clicking on it.

We can understand that this process may be a bit harder for you if you are not tech-savvy. But don’t worry, we also have the easiest method by which you can download Discord profile pictures on mobile, Desktop, iOS or any kind of devices.

You might have to wonder why we would have mentioned the difficult method. This is because we wanted to share all the working methods to download Discord Profile Picture so that you can try an alternative if any one of those methods does not work or you might find any difficulty during executing these steps.

So, let’s discuss the method to download discord profile pictures on mobile or you can say any kind of device because this is the easiest method.

How to Download Discord Profile Picture with the Easiest Method

Basically, this method is used by using a third party downloader that works online so you don’t have to download any software or application for that. So let’s follow the below-given steps:

1. First of all open your Discord application on mobile or iOS or any device that you have and log in with your ID and Password.

2. After that go to Settings > Appearance > Developer Mode turned it on.

3. Now go to any user’s profile and scroll down a bit to find “Developer Mode” and under that click on “Copy ID

4. After that open your browser and go to or because these two websites can help you to download someone’s avatar.

5. Open any one of the websites and paste the ID code that you have copied from any user ID profile and click the button.

6. Now you will be presented with that user profile, simply click on the user’s avatar and save it.

That’s it. It is one of the most simple and easiest methods to download discord profile pictures on Android, iOS or Windows. Now, you can easily download anyone’s discord pfp.

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I hope the methods are not too complex for you and if the first method is complex you must try the second method that is the easiest method for downloading a Discord pfp.

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Additionally, you can make your friend laugh by using Funny TTS sounds for Discord. Now try the methods to save your favourite pfp’s from Discord.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do you get someone’s PFP in discord?

Ans: You can get PFP by using the Inspection method or using the website.

2. How do you download someone’s profile picture on discord mobile?

Ans: You can do so with the help of the Developer option method.

3. What can someone do with your discord ID?

Ans: Discord ID is a unique ID that is used to identify any user and it is also used by Discord bots to give permission, ban, kick out any member from the discord server.

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