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If you own a discord server, then you must need a Discord bot that works as a moderator on behalf of you to run in smoothly. Discord moderation bot helps you to keep organized your server by performing every task that should be performed by a human manually. It helps you to save your precious time by doing every task automatically.

Here comes the Dyno bot that will help you to keep free from hours spent on moderating your discord server. It has all the features that should be needed to work as a moderator.

Many different discord bots are available with different features that have the same function of working as moderators but in this detailed guide, we will discuss Dyno bot, a popular discord bot that helps to regulate your discord server effectively and smoothly.

If you don’t know about discord let me give an idea about Discord

What is Discord

Discord is a VoIP that helps you get in touch with your favourite friends, colleagues and family members through text messaging, voice chat, video call, sharing media and files. And if you own a community, also known as the server, then you can invite your favourite persons to join on that server and have memorable and enjoyable chats with them. Discord is used in gaming and among gamers is very popular for streaming their games online.

Being a moderator of a server in discord lends you several responsibilities like welcoming new members, keeping your community spam-free, maintaining rules and regulations you set up, and keeping everything organized but as we all know that will be a hectic process and time-consuming too.

And that’s the reason, you being a moderator of a discord server, need someone who can look upon all these matters and saves your time by doing all these things.

Let’s discuss the Dyno bot and its features

What is Dyno Bot

What is dyno bot

Dyno bot is a discord bot that is used to work as a server moderator. It is a fully customizable moderator that is used on 3 million servers to ease the workload of moderators. It has all the features that will help you to remain free from doing moderating work manually. This bot provides a simple and easy dashboard to perform mod tasks. It is an alternative to the Carl bot, which also has all the features of the moderator.

Dyno bot has other features like playing music, flipping a coin, making a poll, etc. And if you want to access its more features then you have purchased a premium plan in which you will get plenty of more features including custom embedded messages, auto-purge option, etc with just $5/month for one server and if you own more than one discord server then you also purchase its $10/month for three server plan in which you can use premium features on three servers and access all its premium function.

Send out a dyno invite and start using the most popular discord bot for the moderation of your server. 

Features of Dyno bot for Discord

Dyno bot is known for its excellent support and features that a moderator of a server needs. It provides easy functionality to mods and that’s the reason it has installed on more than 3 million servers. It not only has moderator features but also has some features that make this bot popular among all other discord bots for moderation.

Features of Dyno bot for discord are:

1. Feature Rich Dashboard

It has several features included in the free version and if you purchase Dyno bot premium then you will be provided with some other features also and to use all features easily it provides a very decent look dashboard that has all navigation accessible effortlessly. The dashboard will enable you to configure everything without any problem.

So, give a try to Dyno Bot which will do everything, if configured properly, that a manual process will take hours to do.

2. Moderation Features

With an easily accessible dashboard, you must need all the moderation features at your visual navigation and Dyno discord bot has this feature. All the moderation features like anti-spam, auto banning, log time monitor, welcoming new members, etc are there that makes it easy to use this Dyno Discord bot.

3. Additional Features

With moderation features, there are some other tasks also that can be easily performed by Discord Dyno including Autoroles, custom commands, Joinable ranks, reminder, AFK status, etc. All these features of the this bot make it popular among all Discord bot for moderation.

Now, you are familiar with the features of the Discord Dyno bot. And now you should know Dyno bot commands that you should execute in Dyno to make your task easier as a moderator.

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Dyno bot Commands

For the execution of your order, you have to type commands for this bot that will make your Discord bot functionality easier and automatic.

There are several Dyno bot commands that you should type to execute your order or task by this moderator.

Let’s know the Commands of this Discord bot.

  • addrank: This command will add a new rank for members to join, existing members or new roles members.
  • addmod: With this command, you add a new member as a moderator in your discord server.
  • delmod: Opposite to Addmod, this command will delete the role of a member of whom you have to add as a moderator in your server.
  • customlist: This command will show the list of dyno bot custom commands.
  • customenables: With this command, you can enable any dyno bot custom commands.
  • kick: This command will help you to kick out any member from your discord server.
  • ban: This command will help you to ban any member with your desired time. That means you ban any member for 1 day or 1 week, depends on you.
  • mute: This command will mute any member so they will neither talk nor type.
  • unban: Opposite to ban command, this will unban the previously ban member.

Other Dyno bot Commands

  • itunes: with this command, you can know the info of any song
  • roll: This command will help you to play the dice game, you can type this command and roll the dice
  • rps: With this command, you can play rock, scissor, paper game with the this bot.
  • flip: This command will help you to flip the coin
  • dadjoke: This command will show you some random joke to make you laugh.
  • poll: With this command, you can start a poll but it is limited to a maximum of 10 choices
  • dynoavatar: with this command, you can actually get dyno like avatar.
  • whois: This command will help you to get user information.
  • membercount: This command will save your time by counting the members of your discord server.
  • info: This command will provide you with the Dyno bot Information
  • uptime: With this command, you can know the time of this discord bot.
  • premium: This command will provide you with information regarding premium Dyno bot features and details.

The above are some basic commands of the Dyno bot for discord. There are commands also that you can type to execute your orders.

Other than that, we have tried to mention, most of the important dyno bot commands that are important to moderate a discord server.

Now, you have to know the process of adding the Dyno bot to your discord server.

How to add Dyno bot to your Discord Server

Follow some simple given steps to add the Dyno bot to your discord server.

Note: You must have the “manage server” permission for the server you wish to add Dyno bot.

1.  First of all visit, Dyno Official page, there you see an option of “Add to the server,” simply click on that option then you will be presented with the login page. Just login in with your Discord Id and Password.

2. After that, select “Add Bot to” to option and find and select your discord server

3. Then click on continue and click on authorize to complete the further steps, there you will see their privacy policy and you also have to allow permission to work this bot smoothly.

4. After that you have to complete the captcha that you are human, simply solve the captcha.

5. Congrats! You have added the Dyno discord bot to your server. Go to the dashboard to test out the bot.


Dyno bot will really help you to save your time as it has all the features that a moderator needs to manage their discord server. Additionally, you can enjoy several other features of the Dyno bot by purchasing its premium plan. The pricing for managing one server will only cost $5/month, that’s affordable but in case if you didn’t want to spend a single penny, you can also go with a free version that also has most of the necessary features that you need, being as moderator of your discord server.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does Dyno bot do?

Ans: Dyno bot is a discord server moderation bot that helps a moderator to save their time by performing every task that a moderator does. It can also do some other tasks like finding animal pictures, flipping a coin, making a poll, etc.

2. How much does Dyno bot cost?

Ans: Dyno bot has both a free and premium plan. With the free version, you can access all the necessary functions of a moderator but in the premium plan, which cost $5/month for one server, you will have many additional features.

3. How can I get Dyno Premium for free?

Ans: Well, there is no way to get Dyno premium for free. You have to purchase its premium plan to avail its premium features.

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