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It is pretty much common for most of the bloggers who have just started their journey by purchasing a new domain and putting their best efforts to rank their websites in Google for less competitive keywords by performing their best techniques their content is not ranking in Google like other authoritative websites.

And that’s how the termed “Google Sandbox” came into existence.

From 2004 to 2006, many SEOs experts found that their new domain is not ranking well in Google during the first few months. And this phenomenon happens for almost 98% of the new websites despite their best effort to make it rank in Google SERP.

They weren’t able to rank for low competitive keywords in Google. This is why some experts claim that there exists an algorithm that prevents new sites to rank on Google and they termed that algorithm as “Google Sandbox

However, Google Webmaster has never confirmed this type of term or system in its algorithm that many SEOs experts still believe.

Google treats new websites according to their algorithm and this prohibits new domains to take ranking in SERPs.

Let’s discuss more about the so-called Google Sandbox.

What is Google Sandbox

What is Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is a term that is widely used by SEOs experts. They claim that due to this algorithm, google prevents new websites from ranking higher and making an appearance on their first page.

The main reason that gave existence to this term is a belief that new websites do not have much authority, a good number of backlinks, and they are not as relevant as old websites. However, every day thousands of new domains are registered and 60%-70% of them are just spammy sites.

The clear means is that Google Sandbox is a myth there does exist any such systems in the google algorithm

Even John Mueller also cleared the myth about this. He said:

“With concerns about the term sandbox, we don’t have this type of system in our database that many of SEOs experts used to claim about in the past year or now. We have several similar types of algorithms that might look similar to Sandbox, but these all are just essential algorithms trying to understand how the website fits in with the rest of the websites trying to rank for those queries.”

So, here the question arrived: if the Sandbox system does not exist in Google then why do your websites not get a higher ranking in Google despite trying and giving your best?

Let’s have a glance at why your website does not rank higher on Google SERPs

Why does a new website cannot rank in SERP

As you know, not such a Google Sandbox algorithm exists. But Google experts have already mentioned that there may exist several other algorithms which are pretty much similar to google sandbox in terms of their functionality.

They say that a new website must show trustworthiness, expertise, authoritativeness to rank higher on Google results. Other factors like a good number of backlinks, quality of the content and many more factors take into consideration before ranking a new domain in Google.

Here are some factors that prevent a website from taking the first position in Google SERPs.

1. Less Content

To give signals to Google about your niche, your site must have enough content to help google determine the type of site you have. But if your site doesn’t have enough content or less content, google will not rank your website higher in SERPs even if you have used the fewer difficulty keywords.

2. Low-Quality Content

Your site is new and you are posting your content regularly on your website, that is good! But did you create content that is worth enough to rank in google or you are just focusing on word count or quantity. You should remember that 10s of high-quality content is better than 100s of low quantity contents.

Google also has said:

Create Content for the audience, not for Search Engines

So, if your site is not ranking in google after having enough content, It’s time to focus on its quality. It will surely help your website to rank qualitative content compared to quantitative content.

3. Low number of backlinks

Backlinks are one of the important factors that help a site to rank higher in google by increasing its ranking and visibility. If your website has a low number of backlinks, google may not rank your site higher in their search pages.

Backlinks help any site to show its authority to google. The number of backlinks from highly authoritative websites pointing to your new site will increase your site’s trustworthiness and tell Google that your site has some expertise and value.

4. Quality of backlinks

You have built your site and made backlinks too aggressively and you are not focusing on the quality of backlinks, in that case, Google will ignore such backlinks which look spammy and even do not index them. You should also focus on the quality of backlinks. Hundreds of backlinks from irrelevant and low authoritative sites and some backlinks from high authoritative and relevant sites will change the picture of the site for Google.

5. User Behavioural

The behaviour of the audience on your site also plays an important role to increase or decrease its ranking in Google SERPs. Google may analyze the behaviour of the audience that visits your site. Factors like Bounce rate, Dwell time, Click Through Rate, Per Sessions time, etc taken into consideration for ranking more higher your content on google.

The above are some basic reasons why your new site does make it to the first page. Google decides everything according to its algorithm and if your site missed completion of any of the above criteria, it may postpone your ranking.

How should you rank quickly in Google

Rank quickly in SERPs despite of Google Sandbox

Well, Google’s algorithm is becoming complex day by day and this adversely affects thousands of website owners as they have tried some blackhat techniques earlier to get a short timing ranking.

However, if you really want to make your site rank quickly in Google, you must focus on Website SEO and every single aspect that helps a site rank.

Here are some factors which you can try to make your site rank higher.

1. Traffic

Traffic is the most important factor for the ranking and visibility of a website in Google. Getting a good amount of traffic in your website’s early days helps your site a lot to get out of Google’s complex algorithm. For getting the traffic you must have to engage in forums and social sites by creating groups and discussion.

You can also try guest posting on high authoritative sites that receive a huge amount of monthly organic traffic and by this, you can also acquire a strong backlink from such high authoritative sites. It’s like a “win” “win” deal.

2. Choose Long Tail Keywords

Getting a higher ranking with short tail keywords is almost impossible for a new website. So, while doing Keyword Research you should only try to focus on long-tail keywords. This is because long-tail keywords do not have much competition and therefore it will become easy for you to get a higher ranking in Google SERPs.

You can check our Best Keyword Research Tools guide that will help you to choose the best tool for your keyword research process.

3. Create Strong Backlink Profile

Creating a backlink is not as tough as it seems. It only requires your hard work and patience. For creating backlinks you can try guest posting which will help you get a strong backlink from any high authoritative website.

Do not build spammy backlinks because Google has no value for these types of backlinks and they even can’t index them. Creating a backlink is a gradual process and hence it will require time. Just focus on your content and build backlinks slowly with high authority and popular websites.

4. Creating Brand Awareness

If you really want a long term benefit from your website, you should have formulated a plan to create brand awareness from the early days of your website. This helps you in many ways like people will come to know about your brand, some of them even started following you, and some of them even trust your content without any problems.

This is the power of Brand. When your website becomes popular, people easily convince themselves with any of your content and even want your guidance in their blogging career to make some money.

5. Build Authority

You want to rank higher: you must have to build authority. Just keep in mind, google only prefers to give higher ranking to those sites that show some authority and expertise in their niche.

So you should start building authority of your site and then google will allow your site to rank higher and quickly in SERPs. Google will analyse your site metrics, backlink authority and user behaviour on your site before providing you with a higher ranking.

The aforementioned factors will definitely help your new website to make a good ranking position in Google. Keep in mind, do not try any black hat techniques to rank your site.

You can also create 10X content on a new website that will also increase your ranking chances. Additionally, you must choose the Best WordPress theme along with Essential Plugins to improve ranking opportunities. 

Final Thought 

In reality, the Google Sandbox system does not exist but something like Google Sandbox still prevails that is hidden and that prevents new websites to rank higher in Google despite trying everything to rank their new site.

Maybe Google has some specific and certain algorithm that helps to decide about the ranking factors for the new site. You just have to start slowly and increase trust, the authority of your website. Create SEO-Friendly content and give an attractive look to your site by giving a good loading speed to your new site.

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