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Every publisher wants to increase its revenue with the best ad network platform. There are several ad network programs that can make you earn 5-6 figures income. But this detailed review will be based on the two best ad network platforms that are Ezoic and Adthrive.

We all know that Google Adsense is the leading ad network platform that is helping millions of bloggers to earn money with their ad network.

But, if we compare the Google Adsense payout, then you have to accept that the revenue generated from Adsense is too little in comparison to these beast Ad network platforms.

If we compare Adsense vs Ezoic then you might be surprised that the earning of most of the publishers increased by 80% in comparison to Google Adsense.

Undoubtedly, Adthrive is also one of the best ad networks that increase revenue by almost 2-3% in comparison to normal ad network platforms.

So, we have made a detailed comparison between them and tried out our best to make the Ezoic vs Adthrive review helpful so that you can know the earning potential from these networks.

But before starting you have to know that all the ad networks have certain requirements that must be fulfilled by the publisher to join their ad network program. So, Ezoic and Adthrive also have some requirements that should be fulfilled by the publisher in order to get into their program.

Ezoic vs Adthrive Requirements

Before getting accepted in any of these ad networks, your website has fulfilled all the requirements of these networks. However, they have certain guidelines that should also be noted that ve obeyed before applying for any of these networks.

So let’s know the requirements of getting into Ezoic Ad Network


  • You must be recommended to have at least 10k page views per month.
  • Your content should be original and not plagiarised (copied) from other sources.
  • Must adhere to Google Adsense policy.


  • You must have at least 100k page views per month.
  • Majority of traffic must come from these countries
    • United States
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
  • Your AdSense or any other account must not be banned for policy violation
  • Your site must be secured that is (HTTPS) and not (HTTP)
  • The content of your website must be unique and original

So, if you can make up to the requirements of any of these ad networks, you are good to go. Check out the table to know more about these ad networks.

Ezoic vs AdThrive RequirementsEzoicAdthrive
1. Traffic Requirement10k Pageviews per month 100k Pageview per month
2. Minimum Payout Threshold$20$25
3.  Payment ModePayPal, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, via Payoneer and Paper CheckWire Transfer, PayPal, Direct Deposit and Paper Check
4. Payment Net30 Days45 Days
5. (Earning per 1000 pageviews)$11$13
6. Earning PotentialModerate-HighSuper High

Ezoic Review

Ezoic is one of the best ad network platforms to make a decent amount of earnings. It is a Google award-winning ad network platform for a publisher who wants to monetize their website through ads.

Ezoic vs adthrive review

After joining the Ezoic platform the majority of bloggers are earning almost 50-60% more than AdSense or normal ad networks. So If you are planning to join an ad network, you must go for Ezoic. But if you are site does meet with the Ezoic criteria, you can still make money from Google Adsense

Check out our guide of Getting Instant Approval of Google AdSense that will help you to get approval from Adsense. However, earning will be less in Adsense but still “something is better than nothing.” Make sure you do not violate any policy of Google Adsense.

Let’s get started with Ezoic.

How to Get Started with Ezoic Ad Network

Before getting started with Ezoic make sure you fulfill all the requirements mentioned above otherwise you can also check the Detailed requirement of Ezoic from their Official Website.

To get started, you have to sign up for the Ezoic network that is completely free. However, they have a paid plan but for now, you have to go with the free one because that’s the option that must be chosen by a normal publisher. After signing up, it will take around 1-2 days to manually review your application.

Once you get approved from the Ezoic ad network then you are ready to skyrocket your earnings with it. Ezoic uses EPMV instead of CPC and CPM. This ad network provides you with an average of $11-25 per 1000 page views.

The revenue generated from Ezoic is far better than Adsense but still, there are some pros and cons of this network.

Let’s discuss about Ezoic Advantage and Disadvantages


There are several pros of the Ezoic ad network that makes it one of the most popular and powerful ad network platforms to help publishers earn better.

  • Simple and multi setup process that means you can set up this ad network in many ways
  • Split testing feature
  • Provide analytics
  • Best customer support
  • High earnings potential
  • Affiliate Services
  • Simple and easy layout to better understand


Ezoic does not have so many cons but still, we have mentioned it so that you can find out every detail before joining this network.

  • It required a 10k monthly pageview that means if you have less than that you cannot get approved by them
  • Live Customer Support feature is no longer available
  • Payment will be provided after one month

That’s it, it is better to say that this ad network platform will definitely gonna help many bloggers to earn some extra bucks.

Now, let’s come to review Adthrive.

Adthrive Review

Adthrive is also a leading ad network program that offers publishers the opportunity to earn some decent money. It has claimed that 80-95% of publishers have increased their ad revenue by just displaying fewer ads on their website.

Ezoic vs adthrive review

The majority of bloggers had increased their revenue up to 3 times in comparison to normal ad networks. They offer quite good money on 1000 page views that can vary between $13- $30 bucks.

Adthrive provides even more revenue than Ezoic but they have very strict requirements and policy that must be obeyed by the publisher in order to get approval from Adthrive.

Getting Started with Adthrive

Again the same rules to be followed, firstly, you have to fulfill the criteria of the Adthrive ad network to get approved by them. Secondly, the majority of traffic must come from the US. And thirdly, you must adhere to Google Adsense policy because that increases the chances of getting approved by them.

To get started with Adthrive, you have to sign up for Adthrive Ad Network. After that, they will take around 24 hours to manually review your application and check your analytics for recognizing traffic sources as well as monthly page views.

Once you get approval from Adthrive, they will provide further guidance on what to do next. For example, they will recommend a layout that will bring you some decent amount. Also, they monitor your ad performance and keep you up-to-date about the necessary changes.

The income will definitely take a boom by using Adthrive. However, they also have some advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s discuss about Adthrive Pros and Cons


  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Very High Income
  • Average earning per 1000 page view will be ranging between $13-$35


  • Required 100k monthly pageviews that means, not everybody could join this network because of the requirements
  • Payment will be provided after 45 days
  • Mostly focused on the Food niche

That’s it, you can really make a huge earning from Adthrive as well. If you meet up the requirements then definitely go with Adthrive.

Our Review on Ezoic vs Adthrive

If you really want to make more money, then probably Adthrive will be best for you. It even provides more revenue than Ezoic but they are very strict about their requirements. The requirements of 100k monthly page views will be a challenge for most of the new bloggers. On the other hand, the revenue from Ezoic will be slightly low from Adthrive but their requirements are not as Adthrive. So, if your website has 10k monthly pageviews with good quality content then this will be great to go.


Making a site authoritative and growing its traffic is one of the most important steps for any blogger. However, there are some other methods for making money like Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing that also offers a good opportunity to make money online.

We also have prepared the guide to get instant website traffic to help you in boosting your site traffic. And if you could hit the monthly page views of any of the above ad networks then you must apply for it.

We hope that this Ezoic vs Adthrive review will help you to choose the best ad network platform to boost your earning potential.

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