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Whether you want to talk with your friends, family members, or anybody that you want to have conversations with, Discord gives you the actual power to create your home like a server where you could invite your favourite group of people to have a text chat, voice chat, etc.

It presents decent features like an organized conversation, chat rooms, voice rooms, etc. You can hang out with your favourite friends and colleagues in chat rooms or voice rooms of your own discord server.

While discord is one the best place to start your own community where you can become a moderator of your own discord server. Moderating means you have to manage your community regarding everything like managing chat rooms, voice rooms, etc. But it can be a time-consuming process and your precious time will drain like water.

A moderator of Discord has to manage every single aspect of their discord server including managing members and make them engage and interested in your discord community.

Here you will need someone that can do your almost tasks and saves your precious time and to rescue you from this task Discord Bot comes here for you that will perform almost all the tasks instructed by you and work as a moderator on behalf of you.

There are various discord bots like Dyno Bot or Carl Bot that also work as a moderator in your own discord server. But in this post, we will discuss the Groovy bot, which is a music bot and will help you to engage your discord community members.

However, you can also try Dyno bot for discord or Carl Bot if you want to make your moderating task easier. So, for that, you may need to learn. Dyno bot commands and Carl bot commands  to make full utilisation of these tools for moderating your discord community

What is Dyno bot

Dyno bot is a discord bot that is used to work as a server moderator. Dyno bot is a fully customizable moderator that is used on 3 million servers to ease the workload of moderators. This bot provides a simple and easy dashboard to perform mod tasks. It is an alternative to Carl bot. You can find Dyno bot Commands on their official page and with Dyno bot command your work, as a mod, will be almost easy.

You can read rhe detailed Gyide of Dyno Bot from here.

What is Carl bot

Carl bot also has all the features of mod and it provides all the features like automod, logging, custom commands suggestions, music, high uptime, auto roles, embeds, starboard, auto feeds, repeating messages, reminders, triggers and many more other features. It is an alternative to the Dyno bot and you can find the Dyno bot command from their official page.

Read the comprehensive guide of Carl Bot from here.

Let’s get back to the best discord music bot – The Groovy Discord bot.

What is Groovy bot for Discord

What is groovy bot

The Groovy bot is a bot that is used in Discord to play your favourite tunes on your own discord server from famous platforms like Youtube, Spotify, or Soundcloud. It just makes things easier to hook up with your favourite tunes, but some other bots perform almost the same function. One of the bots which are also used to play tunes on is the Rhythm bot for discord.

But Groovy bot is flawlessly easier compared to other discord bots. As it has been in the market for quite some time, it has added some premium features like 24/7 non-stop playing tunes on your own discord server, adding some cool audio effects, savings queues and even many more features are available there to try.

Discord Groovy bot is one of the best music bots available to play music without modifying anything on your discord server. However, it is free but it also has the premium package and if you subscribe to its premium package you will have some more cool features compared to the free one.

Let’s move to the features of the Groovy bot that makes it cool among all music bots.

Groovy Bot Features

Features of groovy bot

Groovy Music Bot has so many features to try. But before trying out groovy features it must be installed in a voice channel of your discord server. The features of the groovy bot are:

  • Play favourite music from sites like youtube, Spotify, or Soundcloud to engage your audience.
  • It displays lyrics while playing your favourite tunes.
  • You can add tunes to the queue, save them as your playlist, pause, resume and even skip any tune according to your desire.
  • It has both free and premium package
  • Premium Package has some additional features like playing songs 24/7, run groovy bot more than on one server, etc

The above are the cool features of groovy bot discord. Let’s look up at its command list.

Discord Groovy Bot Commands

To try discord bot features you need to know some groovy commands that will help you to try out groovy features. The command of the groovy bot are:

  • -Play: By using this command, you can play any music from Spotify, Youtube or SoundCloud through the link or search box by clicking on it.
  • -Queue: with this command, you can view all your favourite tracks which are available in your queue.
  • -Resume: This command will help you go resume any tune that you have paused
  • -Pause: This command will make your playing song pause.
  • -Shuffle: Through this command, you can shuffle the tracks added to your queue list.
  • -Nightcore: This command will make your song more enjoyable, by enabling nightcore mode you can have a more ambience effect on your playing sound.
  • -Bass boost: If you love to hear sounds with more bass, this command will fulfil your wish so that you can enjoy bass boost music.
  • -Lyrics: This command will help you to display the lyrics of the playing song, if available.
  • -Song: It provides the information of the current playing song, if available.

That’s not all, there are even more commands of Groovy bot, above are some basic commands for groovy. If you want to use all the commands of this Discord bot, you need to purchase the premium version to use commands like speed, pitch, bass boost, etc.

How to use Groovy bot

Using Groovy bot is as simple as playing music. To use the it, you just need to type some commands which are mentioned above. For example, if you want to play any music you can simply enter the link of the song or additionally, you can search the song in the query box. You can invite your friends to the Groovy bot to join your community.

This discord bot only requires some basic commands to perform and those commands are too easy to learn.

Sometimes groovy bot becomes offline and does not respond. That’s the problem with the server and to know more about it you visit their official page to check the status. Make sure you provide all the permission to the groovy bot to avoid this offline problem.

How to Install Groovy bot on Your Discord Server

The Groovy bot is easy to set up and hardly requires a few minutes to fully set up. But before that, you need an active server on your discord to install a groovy music bot.

You must have the “manage server” permission for the server you wish to add this discord music bot.

So, let’s follow the below-given step to install a music bot on your discord server.

1. First of all, visit Groovy offcial page and sign in or click on the “Add to Discord” button that will be visible on the main web page.

2. Register with your Email, if you haven’t already registered.

3. Then the permission will be visible that the groovy bot requires. You will see an option of ” Add Bot to.” Click on the drop-down menu and select the discord server you want to add the groove music.

4. Click on continue and then click on authorize to complete the process. You will be asked to verify that you’re human

5. The Groovy music bot then will be added to your discord server after completing the verification.

6. Now, Enjoy, as you are ready to play your favourite track with the above-mentioned commands.


As for your convenience, we have tried our best to make this guide so that you can easily set up and install the Groovy bot on your discord. Groovy music bot is one of the best choices for beginners as it does not require any technical knowledge to set up.

When it comes to playing music on discord, this music bot is the best, without any hassle, you can easily use this bot for playing your favourite music tracks on Discord.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I play music with a Groovy bot?

Ans: Just install the groovy bot from its official website by following our guide and then you can play music with a groovy bot with the help of commands.

2. What are the commands for Groovy bot?

Ans: There are many commands for groovy bot like -play, -song, -resume, and many more. We also have mentioned most of the basic commands above.

3. Is Groovy bot free?

Ans: Yes, it’s free. However, there are some premium features that can be accessed by purchasing its premium package.

4. How do I use Groovy in Discord?

Ans: You can use Groovy in Discord by following our guide.

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