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Discord screen share with the audio problem is one of the most common problems faced by many gamers while streaming their game online. However, there are other problems like the black screen issue in discord, discord not working, etc that also creates trouble for gamers as well as people who are using Discord for chatting and voice call.

So, if you are facing the same issue of Discord screen share no audio problem then you have landed at the right place. We will help you to fix this problem so that you can use your discord application without any hassle.

So let’s discuss the method to fix discord screen share with no audio issue.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problem

Discord screen share no audio issue fix

Discord has recently launched the feature to share audio and screen but it has bugs as well and because of this problem, sometimes your discord will not pick up the audio and there will be sound on discord. So, we have mentioned the Best 6 method to fix discord screen share no audio problem.

1. Restart Your Computer

The first and the most important fix for any problem is to restart your computer. It happens sometimes, when there are several programs running in the background and creates conflict between the application and for that reason it may happen that discord has no audio but only screen visible.

After rebooting, just see, if discord can’t hear screen share problems have gone or not. And if the problem still persists then try some other method to fix the can’t hear sound on the discord screen share problem.

2. Update Your Audio Drivers

It may happen that the Discord audio problem is caused by the drivers you have installed on your computer. So, it is necessary to keep your audio drivers always updated in order to avoid such issues of no audio in discord.

For updating your audio drivers on the computer, just follow the given steps:

  • Open your Command Prompt (CMD) by pressing CTRL+R simultaneously.
  • Then type devmgmt.msc and press enter. It is an in-built device manager that provides a graphical view of your hardware.
  • Then click on Audio inputs and outputs and then right-click on the sound and hardware.
  • After that select the update driver option and restart your computer now.

So, follow the above steps to update your audio driver and see if the problem of Discord screen share no audio gets fixed or not. And if not, try some other method.

3. Update the Discord Application

This is a common issue for no audio in discord, the current version of Discord may have some bugs that caused discord audio not working. So to fix that, you have to update the discord application.

Just follow the below steps to update the discord application that has caused discord no sound.

  • Open your app store and hover ellipsis located in the upper right corner
  • Now, click on download and updates
  • Then click on Get updates
  • This will scan you all applications and now find discord, if the update version has arrived, simply click on the update button on discord to update it

This option most of the time fixes the problem of no sound on discord screen share but if that does not happen to you, you might try other methods to get the problem fixed.

4. Provide Administration Access

The administration access is required to fully utilize the discord application and also to avoid no audio on discord screen share problem. So, if you have to grant the administration access to discord applications.

Just follow the simple step to fix discord screen share not sharing audio problem.

  • Press Windows+E to launch File Explorer.
  • Now, find the installation location of the discord application.
  • Then right-click on the discord application to run as administrator.
  • Then press OK to save changes and restart your discord application.

Now, look for the problem of no voice in discord application. If it gets fixed, congrats and if not try the last method to get rid of the problem of discord screen share and no audio problem.

If you want to spice up your chatting, you can try the Discord Text Formatting System. And for that we have provided the guide of Discord Text Formatting to make your text colourful, Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and Underline as well.

5. Discord Cache Problem

Sometimes, there may be a problem with the cache of Discord. The reason for the Discord screen share Audio not working problem can be fixed by clearing the corrupted cache of the Discord application. After clearing the cache, just restart the discord application and your problem will get fixed.

6. Reset the Voice Setting of Discord Application

This is another common problem of no voice in discord. To get that fix, you have to reset the voice setting of the Discord application. And to solve discord not playing sound issues you have to follow the simple guide mentioned below.

  • Open discord application and click on the setting icon located on the right corner
  • Hover to voice and video option.
  • Now, choose the reset voice setting option to reset the voice setting.
  • Now, click on confirm and reset it.

With the above best 6 methods to fix Discord Screen share no audio problem, you will definitely gonna fix this faulty problem of discord audio.

But sometimes there may arise the problem of Discord screen share not working. So, to fix the problem of discord not sharing a screen and getting crashed, you have to follow the best 2 methods to fix the issue of discord.

There are several reasons that caused problems like Discord screen share no audio, Discord not loading on pc or computer, discord screen share not loading, etc

These problems can happen due to several reasons like faulty audio drivers, discord application not up to date, administration access has not been provided, etc.

And that’s the reason we have mentioned all 6 best methods to fix discord screen share no audio problem or any kind of problem that you are facing while using discord.

You can also try some moderator bots like Carl Bot, Dyno Bot, Mee6 Bot to make your discord server run smoothly and spam-free. And If you like to try some Discord music Bot, read our Guide of Groovy Bot and Rhythm Bot.

Now, let’s come to solve the discord screen share not working.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share not Working

Discord screen share issue fix

Discord screens share not working problem mainly occurs when your discord application is not up to date or there is some audio setting error in your discord setting.

If you wondering that using discord share on mobile will fix the problem of discord crashes then it cannot not be possible until you fix these two problems.

So, let’s discuss the best 2 methods to fix Screen share on discord not working.

1.Update Discord

Whether you are using Discord on mobile or Computer, the Discord not working screen problem can happen on any device. And to fix this problem, you have to update the Discord application on your device. Once updated, the Screen share not working on discord will automatically get fixed.

2. Voice setting of Discord

Sometimes, the fault can be on the setting of discord voice. So to fix the discord screen or audio problem you have to hover to the setting of discord and then simply click on reset the voice setting. After resetting, the problem will be fixed and you can easily share the screen on discord.

As we have tried our best to provide the solution of Discord screen share no audio and discord screen share not working problem, if you still weren’t able to fix it, then uninstall the discord application and then reinstall it.

Additionally, you can also try better discord application which is the best alternative to discord. With better discord, you can easily apply custom themes, skins and plugins to your discord.

For your convenience,  we have mentioned the Best 20 Better Discord themes and 15 Best Better Discord Plugins to help you in finding the best themes and plugins.


Discord screen share feature is new and there may be lots of bugs. And to fix Discord Screen Share no Audio Problem you just have to follow the above-given methods.

The above methods will definitely solve your Discord Screen Share no Audio problem and then you can easily stream your game online with your friends. Hope this guide has helped you to solve this problem and make it easy to go for you.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I enable Audio in Discord Screen Sharing?

Ans: To enable audio in discord screen sharing you have to enable sound mode from the application window and then click on the share now button to enable audio while sharing the discord screen. And make sure your voice setting is set to the microphone you are using to share the screen with audio.

2. Can you share audio on discord?

Ans: Yes, you can share audio on discord by enabling sound mode and then clicking on the share now button.

3. How to stream Google Chrome on discord?

Ans: For streaming Google Chrome on Discord, just use Discord screen sharing feature.

4. Does discord have screen share Feature?

Ans: Yes, Discord has recently launched the screen share feature.

5. Why can’t I screen share on discord?

Ans: The main problem of not sharing screens on discord is older versions of Discord application. So you must update your discord to fix this problem.

6. Why is there no sound in Discord?

Ans: There may be a bug or you have an older version or discord or there may be an issue with your audio drivers. So, read our 6 best methods to fix this problem.

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