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If you’re a blogger, you might be having difficulty indexing backlinks in Google because of the changing algorithm of Google. Starting a blog is easy but improving its health score in terms of SEO is becoming hard day by day. Nowadays, creating backlinks has become easier and many bloggers have been using bots to create backlinks whether it is a comment backlink or redirect backlink but the hardest part of Link-Building is Indexing Backlinks in Google.

Google uses several algorithms to determine the ranking of websites for certain keywords that they have used on their blog post and backlinks is one the ranking factor that helps Google and other Search Engines to determine the authority as well as ranking power of any websites.

Indexing a backlink is a massive headache for new bloggers who have just started their blogging journey by creating a website. Professionals bloggers rarely create backlinks manually because they naturally get backlinks from other domains but if they create, they preferably buy paid backlinks from high authoritative news sites like huffpost, theverge, etc.

Now, as a new blogger, you might have tried several methods to index your backlinks but didn’t get a huge success. Earlier paid services like Indexification, OneHourIndexing, Lindexed, etc were mostly used by many bloggers. These websites charge a quite good amount and provide the slot of URL you can submit for indexing.

But now, most of them have become useless and barely any of these Indexing Services works. So, at present none of any services works for us either. But After doing some research and experimenting with some methods to index backlinks, we have found the golden method by which you can index your tier 1 backlinks.

Let’s know about it.

Types of Backlinks (Terms are Unofficial)

Types of backlinks

As you know there are two types of backlinks, one is do-follow backlinks and the other one is no-follow backlink but these two are the categorized types of backlink. There are some other terms by which a backlink is recalled.

As you know, Google does not specifically mention these terms but it is quite popular in SEO’s world where people create certain phrases for their easy remembering and understanding. There are 3 types of backlinks, according to some experts, these Tier 1 Backlinks, Tier 2 Backlinks and Tier 3 Backlinks. Let’s get deep into knowing some basic terms in Link-Building that are often used by professional and experienced bloggers. Let’s broadly discuss about these terms:

1. Tier 1 Backlinks

Tier 1 Backlinks are those backlinks that are created, most of the time, for a money site (a site that makes money for you) pointing directly to your site. These types of backlinks are primarily created with high authoritative websites, pointing to your site as these backlinks pass the most link juice to your money. Usually, Contextual backlinks come in this part, but it can be profile backlink and Web 2.0 Backlink

2. Tier 2 Backlinks

These types of backlinks are actually created for indexing Tier 1 backlink. These backlinks are most of the time created by posting on social media or commenting on forums or sometimes directory submission method is also used as tier 2 Backlink.

If you didn’t understand yet, here is an example for you.

Let’s take an example, you have created a contextual or any kind of backlink and you want to make it index on Google, so you share your backlink URL on social media or comment section of frequently crawlable websites to make index your Tier 1 Backlink.

Now, must have understood about Tier 2 Backlinks. It is actually used to power up Tier 1 Backlinks.

3. Tier 3 Backlinks

Tier 3 Backlinks entirely created to power up Tier 2 Backlinks so that it can pass the whole more link juice and page rank. Basically, building tier 3 backlinks is performed by tools like GSA SER ( Search Engine Ranker). This tool will blast or you can also say it will start creating backlink on hundreds of sites with your tier 2 backlink. This method, sometimes, also called spam indexing

Tier 1 and Tier 2 backlinks are only created for Tier 1 that is our main purpose to index tier 1 backlink so that we can give a shot to our DA (Domain Authority) and boost our ranking position in SERP.

Now it’s time to understand the method of indexing a backlink. However, we have also tested and tried several indexing services and below are the results we get from it by using a time frame of 15 days.

ServicesDay 1Day 15

The results are not as impressive as they can be because these are all paid services that claim to index your backlink quickly but didn’t succeed to deliver the best results.

So, this is the reason we have concluded our research for indexing backlink on Google faster and at last, we have found the method that works for us.

How to index Backlink faster in Google (Top 5 methods)

Earlier, there is a rumour that pinging a backlink will help you to index backlink in Google but these all claims are fake because John Mueller has also said:

Pinging a backlink in Google does not help at all to index it.

And also this method does not work for all of us also. During our experiment of Indexing backlink, we have got good results and the indexing rate has gone up to 60%-70%.

The top 5 methods to index backlinks are:

1.  Let it Index Naturally

This is not a method but still, we have counted it because Google also indexes backlink naturally without doing anything but there are some conditions that Google crawlers consider before indexing your backlink. They are:

  • Your backlink must be acquired from a high authoritative website
  • That website, from which you have acquired backlink must not be penalised by Google for not obeying Webmaster Guidelines
  • Some website is crawled regularly or weekly according to their activities. Google bots, sometimes, take a year also for crawling certain pages of any websites and if you have acquired a backlink from that page, your backlink will index within a year.
  • Some websites put a no-index tag on certain posts and pages that means they are ordering Google bots to not index those pages and post in which they have put the no-index tag.

If that website, from which you have acquired backlink, is high authoritative, you do not have to do anything for indexing it in Google.

The success rate we get from this method is below.

Backlink TypeDaysSuccess Rate
Comment 303%
Web 2.0300%

2. Using Blogspot

This is one of the most popular methods to index backlink and it has a success rate of 50%-60%. Using Blogspot, you have to create a new website and you have to verify it in Google Search Console and after creating that creates a sitemap of that website and add it to your Search Console of that Blogspot domain. After that, you need to place a random article on that Blogspot domain and with that article, you have put your backlinks on that page then publish it and wait Some time to index your page and backlinks.

This will index your backlink and increase your ranking on Google. Basically, it is a tier 2 backlink but that does not mean it does pass any page rank, it will pass all the link juice to your site from tier 1 Backlink.

Backlink TypeDaysSuccess Rate
Comment 3011%
Web 2.0302%

3. Sharing to Social Media

This is another best method to index backlink. In this method, you just have to share your backlink URL on different social media platforms and the rest social signals will do the work to index that backlink. Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr are best to perform this method and this method will also provide you instant traffic.

Backlink TypeDaysSuccess Rate
Comment 304%
Web 2.0301%

4. Using Youtube and Reddit

This method previously works like a charm but nowadays, it does provide the expected results. In this method, you have to place your backlink under the youtube description box, your youtube video that’s it, your backlink will get an index.

In Reddit, you must have to be the moderator of any subreddit and if you are not, then you have to manually create a subreddit from an aged account and then post your backlink on that subreddit, this will surely index your backlinks in Google.

However, our expectations were more from this method but it performs quite good in our experiment.

Backlink TypeDaysSuccess Rate
Comment 302%
Web 2.0300%

5. Building Tier 2 and Tier 3 Backlinks

This method is evergreen for indexing backlinks. It has the most potential to index any type of backlinks in Search Engines. In this method, comment backlinks are created on different websites and forms including your Tier 1 Backlink.

This method can be performed manually as well as automatically. In the manual method, you can create comments backlink by yourself but in the automatic method, you just need to use tools like GSA SER (Search Engine Ranker) but this software will charge some dollars and provide you with access to it.

The result of our experiments shows good results using this technique.

Backlink TypeDaysSuccess Rate
Comment 3042%
Web 2.03013%

Our Experiment shows that the most effective way for indexing a backlink is building Tier 1 and Tier 2 backlinks and then commenting on different forums and websites which get crawled frequently.

After this method, Using Blogspot is another method that works like a charm to make indexing easier.

How do you check If a Backlink in Index or not

Finding a backlink that has indexed or not is very easy. Just go to your Search Console after then click on the navigation menu and click on the Link option, there you will find all the referring domains pointing to your site. 

Additionally, you can also try the other method. In this method, you have to open any web browser and go to the search bar and type, after loading the Google box, where you search for anything, just type url: your backlink. For example, url:


Indexing a backlink has become one of the most difficult work for new bloggers. The aforementioned guide and experiment are based on our observation, it may vary from person to person. So, before saying anything, give these methods a try and then decide which techniques work best for you.

We hope that your search query for indexing backlink on Google has been fulfilled and now, it’s time to apply these methods to index your all backlink in Google.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long do backlinks take to get indexed?

Ans: If your backlink is created from a high authoritative site then it will naturally get indexed within 2-3 days, otherwise wait at least 2 weeks for other types of backlinks. You can also try the above methods to index your backlink in Google.

2. Is backlink important for SEO?

Ans: Of course, yes, backlinks still help a website to rank better in SERP and it is important for SEO.

3. How many backlinks are safe per day?

Ans: if your site is new then creating 3-4 Backlinks per day is safe. But you can also create more than this because there is nothing limit in creating backlink stated by Google.

4. Can you rank without a backlink?

Ans: Yes, you can still rank without a backlink because Google considered many elements including a backlink for ranking.

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