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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP platforms to get connected with your favourite people. You can actually create your own discord server and make it engaged with audiences. But being a moderator of the Discord server, you have to make everything well organised with all rules and regulations and also you have to organise games, quizzes, giveaways and several other things to make it more popular and engaging. And here you need Hydra Bot, which has the potential to play the perfect music from different sources.

As there are numerous bot for music in Discord, it totally depends on you choosing the best music bot for your Discord server. However, if you wish to check out some other music, here is a guide of some music bots like Groovy Bot and Rhythm Bot which are also quite popular music bot for Discord.

But now, coming to the Hydra Bot that can make your server engaged with thousands if not then hundreds of people. You just have to make everything well arranged and maintained. Well maintained means you have to be a serious moderator of your Discord server to reduce spam and kick out those spammers from your server.

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But don’t you think, this is gonna be a time-consuming method. Yes, that is a time consuming and hectic process and to reduce your workload of being a moderator you can try some moderator bot for Discord that may help you to reduce your workload by managing everything automatically.

Here are some Discord moderator Bots so that you can choose the best one.

Now, let’s come to Hydra Bot for Discord.

What is Hydra Bot

Like other Discord bots, Hydra bot is a discord music bot with a feature-rich command list that can play music from different sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify, etc. As Hydra is exclusively made for playing music on the Discord server, it also offers a premium plan for its users.

With a premium plan that will cost you $3.99/month for one server, you can get several extended features that are not included in the free version. Features like Global volume control, Audio Effects, 24/7 playback, AutoPlay, etc.

By spending some bucks per month you will get tons of features. But if you do not intend to spend on buying the premium plan you can still get a lot of features that are sufficient to make your server loved by your audiences.

But if your Discord server has a huge number of members, you can afford to spend some bucks by purchasing its premium plan. Otherwise, the decision is yours.

Now, lookout some cool features that Hydra Bot have.

Hydra Bot for Discord Features

Hydra bot Features

As we have discussed earlier, it has a feature-rich command list and can also play music from other sources. You can actually make use of Hydra Bot for Discord in the best way by only knowing its all features. So, let’s discuss some features of Hydra Bot for Discord.

  • It can play music from different sources like Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc directly into your Discord server.
  • It is multilingual with 10+ languages like English, French, Polish, Russian and many more. So if you use any one of these languages you can still use the Hydra Music Bot.
  • It offers a rich-feature command list that means it has much more commands than an average music bot has.
  • When you use Hydra Bot with the custom player you will be able to control the bot from the unique song request.
  • With a premium plan, you can control the global volume level that means with just a single command you can order the Hydra Bot how loud the music should be played.
  • You can play Hydra Bot 24/7 with the premium plan.
  • You will also get lots of audio effects like bass, boost, vaporwave, etc.
  • With a premium plan, you can invite more than one Hydra Bot to your server. So if you have a large community, don’t worry you can invite a few more Hydra bots to your Discord server to make everyone enjoy the music with their favourite track.

Now, the list of features will be longer but we have stopped here. So that you can try the Bot and invite it to your Discord server. But wait, with features you’ll also need to know some basic commands to operate the Hydra Bot.

With the premium plan, you can have access to Hydra Bot 2, Hydra Bot 3 and Hydra Staging Bots that can be invited to your discord server, if you want. So, This bot really have something great from most of the music bots

So, let’s have a look at Commands of Discord Hydra Bot.

Hydra Bot Discord Commands

To make use of Hydra Bot for Discord you’ll have to learn some basic commands that will be so easy to remember as well. With the help of command, you can skillfully make the bot utilization to its maximum level. Now, have a look at Commands of Hydra Bot for Discord.

  • help: This command will help show you the help menu in case you need any help from the bot. With this command, you can also view a list of all the commands of Hydra Bot.
  • play: With this command, you can play your favourite music by entering the URL or Name of the song.
  • lyrics: Shows the lyrics of the current playing song.
  • songinfo: With this command, you can view the info of the current playing song.
  • pause: Pause the current playing music.
  • resume: Resume the current pause song.
  • ban: With this command, you can ban a particular member from controlling the bot.
  • languagelist: This shows a list of available languages.
  • unban: This command will help you to unban those members who were previously banned by you from controlling the music.
  • search: This command will help you to search for your favourite song to play.
  • ping: It will show you the latency of the Hydra Bot.
  • 24/7: This command is for premium plan subscribers and if you have purchased its premium plan you can play music 24/7 by just entering this command.
  • bassbost: Shows the current bass boost level. This command is available in the premium plan.
  • speed: Speed up the current playing song. This is also a premium plan command.

So, you have the list of some basic commands. However, there are even more commands of Hydra Bot for Discord which can learn more from the Official Command list Page.

So, now you have to know how to use Hydra Bot or How to Invite Hydra Bot in your Discord server.

Well, we have got you back and will mention the step by step guide to help you to install Hydra Bot in your Discord server.

Let’s dive into its Installation guide.

How to Set up and Install Hydra Bot for Discord

The installation process of Hydra Bot for Discord is pretty simple and straightforward. You just have to follow the given below method to set up this Bot in your Discord server.

1. First of all, open your browser and go to the Hydra Official page and then click on the Invite button.

2. Now, log in with your ID and Password and click the login button.

3. Then select your server from the list and click on the continue button.

4. Now, authorize the bot with all the permission and solve the captcha.

That’s so simple, right! Now you have successfully invited Hydra bot to Discord and if you want to invite other Hydra Bots like Hydra 2, Hydra 3 and Hydra Staging bot then you have to purchase its premium plan.


As Discord is growing you have to adapt to the changing environment and utilize the best resources available to you for your ease of work. The bots for Discord is like a resource that helps a Discord user to minimize their workload. You can also try some Best Discord Bots that will help you to keep your community engaged.

However, to spice the conversation you can try Best Funny TTS sound for Discord and also Discord Markdown Text to make your friends enjoy the conversation.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is Hydra’s audio sounding lagging?

Ans: This problem often happens when you don’t have a stable internet connection. So to fix this problem, you must check your internet speed.

2. Why is Hydra not responding to my messages?

Ans: This also happens if you have a poor internet connection or Hydra Bot has become offline because of no internet connection. So, check your internet connection to fix this issue.

3. What platform does Hydra support for streaming music?

Ans: Hydra supports Youtube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Spotify, etc platforms for streaming music.

4. How do I get Hydra premium?

Ans: For getting Hydra premium, you need to purchase its premium plan that will cost you $3.99/month for one server.

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