page title icon 10 Best Strategies to Get Instant Website Traffic in 2021

Are you tired of implementing almost all the strategies and methods to bring traffic to your new website? If yes, then this query would no longer make you anxious. Getting instant website traffic to your new blog organically is almost next to impossible because a website does not have much authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of Search Engines.

But, apart from organic traffic, there are many ways by which you can make your website engaged with your audience and readers.

Due to increasing competition in Blogging, getting traffic is becoming a serious consciousness for new bloggers. Every day thousands of people start a website to make money online from blogging but most of them just leave their journey in the middle as they can’t see growth in their website traffic and ultimately get demotivated and leave their blogging career.

But? In this guide, we will share the 10 Best strategies to get instant website traffic to your new website.

1. Utilize Social Media Platform

Social media is one of the best sources of getting instant traffic to your new blog. Social media has the most important role in the marketing business and by using it you can also boost your conversion rate.

has the potential that will give your site an instant boost and also create brand awareness. Some platforms like Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter are considered as the best place to share your blog and help in getting millions of traffic.

Utilising social media makes your website popular and engaging. For that, you can use some best social media platforms like Facebook, Quora and Twitters that will definitely increase your website traffic and make your site get a higher ranking and visibility from Search Engines.

2. Use Catchy Title

The title of the content matters a lot to attract readers. A proper title has the potential to increase your website traffic as well as your conversion rate.

For example, you shared an article on social media platforms and 100 people see your content out of that people 80% of people will only click on your link to read your article if your content has a catchy and attractive title.

Then, what’s the secret of writing eye-catching titles?

Actually, there exist some strategies to write the title. The basic psychology of 60% of the people is that they get attracted if your title provides some actual value to the readers.

So, from next time use some catchy title like I have used “10 Best Strategies to get Instant Website traffic in 2021″

3. Do on-page SEO

Individually SEO cannot perform all the tasks to optimize your content to get organic or direct traffic. You also need to practice some on-page SEO to optimize your content in the best possible method.

On-page SEO involves A proper title, Attractive meta description, quality of your content and the most internal linking.

All the part that includes on-page SEO is really important for better ranking and visibility in Search Engines.

If your website’s article is linked with each other, the traffic from one post to other posts will also pass and that will also bring instant website traffic to your site.

4. Do off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is as important as on-page SEO. And for that Link-Building plays a very important role. Off-page SEO primarily involves creating quality backlinks for your site.

Don’t forget about Link Building and Backlinks, we have already made some guide for this, check that if you did not know properly about these topics.

Report of Increase CTR with Off-Page SEO

Some handful of a qualitative and authoritative backlink is enough to boost your website ranking and traffic. Make sure to create some backlinks from authoritative websites rather than creating thousands of backlinks from spammy and irrelevant sites.

And by creating backlinks, you can get more traffic to your website and ultimately it helps in SEO optimization.

5. Advertisement

Basically, all the methods that I have mentioned in this article will bring free traffic to your website but this method will require some investment to get instant website traffic. You can run ads on different platforms like Facebook, youtube and Google to increase website traffic fast.

By advertising your content and website, you not only increase your website traffic but also make your brand popular and well known on the Internet.

You can also increase your conversion rate as well as traffic for your website. And for this, you will have to spend some money on running ads on different platforms.

This method is one of the best effective methods to make your site get flooded with traffic.

6. Do Guest Posting

Guest posting is another best method to create backlink as well as increasing website traffic. Guest posting is an effective way to get backlinks from high authoritative sites and ultimately it increases your site authority.

Creating a Guest post to other sites will include external links to your site and when Bots of different Search Engines crawl that website, it will also follow your link and Search Engines will believe that your site has some trust and authority that’s why this site has given a referral link to your site and by this, you can drive free traffic to the website.

7. Use Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords actually help to make your content rank on Search Engines like Google and Bing because long-tail keywords have low competition compared to short-tail keywords and by using long-tail keywords, there is a high chance that your article rank in Google within a very short period.

This method will also bring instant website traffic to your site as these types of keywords do not have high competition and a new site can also rank by using these keywords in its content.

I will recommend you to use the ahrefs tool for keyword research because this is one of the best tools used by most professional bloggers to do keyword research.

Long-tail keywords provide instant website traffic
Report of using more long-tail keywords for ranking

We also have created a guide of 10 Best Keyword Research Tools for both free and paid methods. In case, you cannot afford to purchase pro tools for keyword research, you can go with free tools by reading that guide

8. Create a Youtube Channel

As you know the power of Digitalization, everything has been shifted to digital and Youtube is the best platform for making your career digital. Youtube has billions of people who spend their leisure time learning some valuable information or techniques and if you are a blogger and struggling to get website traffic, youtube is for you.

It can drive mass traffic to your site and ultimately increase your CTR, Bounce rate and Session timing and these things will give a signal to Google that your site has some knowledgeable and informative information that people like to read and by this Google will increase your site ranking.

Youtube has the potential to make your website brand popular globally and can also increase your income. So, if you are a blogger and still struggling to get instant website traffic, YouTube will end your struggle and make your site popular.

9. Do Email Marketing

No one can deny the power of email marketing for increasing traffic and income. Email Marketing is one of the best beneficial methods to increase conversion by targeting your potential customers.

 For email marketing, there are several plugins but for helping newbies who are confused while choosing the best email marketing plugins, we have prepared a guide of Best 5 Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress that will help you to use the best email marketing plugin for your site.

Instant website traffic with email marketing
New website report of using email marketing

By using email marketing, you can collect emails from your readers and share your article with the help of email. Your site will get instant website traffic from using this method as it has a very high potential of increasing traffic to your site.

10. Create Worthy Content Early

This method will help your site to compete with other high authoritative sites. Worthy content means content that has some useful information and very people know about this, then you can share that knowledge with your readers with the help of your post.

If no one or very limited persons knows this then there will be very low competition on that keywords and by utilising that chance you can rank in SERPs easily and compete with other sites.

Make sure you only share knowledge or information that nobody shares, for example, if you know some secret strategy for link building or link indexing, you can share that method through your website to different platforms and believe me your site will get thousands of traffic both organically and directly.


Getting instant website traffic is not a big deal if you know the strategy behind it. And that’s the reason, we have shared this post to make you understand about getting free website traffic to your new blog.

The above strategy will require your handwork, patience and some marketing procedures to implement all the methods to give a boost to your site traffic.

With more traffic, you can earn more by using AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Finding difficulty in getting AdSense approval, we have a guide for you that will surely help you out to get instant approval of Google Adsense.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) for increasing website traffic

  1. Why increase website traffic with these methods?

Ans: I have self-used almost all the methods of getting traffic to my new website. It also helps me to earn more with these methods and it will also help you to earn some money with your free traffic to your website.

  1. Which is the method to increase website traffic?

Ans: Well, every method has its own potential of increasing traffic, I will mostly recommend you to go with social media platforms. It will give you instant results in getting free traffic.

  1. What is the best SEO tips to increase website traffic?

Ans: The best SEO tips that I recommend to get more traffic is following On-page SEO and Off-page SEO properly, it will surely help you to get organic traffic as well.

  1. Is there any free tool to increase website traffic?

Ans: Some websites claim to provide you traffic from different sources, but I’ll not recommend you because I haven’t tested it and one thing that can surely be said is that this method is not beneficial for your site that has an approved Adsense account.

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