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Do you want to rank your keywords in SERP within the “Top 50 position?” Of course, you want to rank! So, for that, you need to know about the method that has been given the name of the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) method.

Ranking a keyword for a new website is extremely difficult and if that keyword is the short tail, it’s almost impossible because high authoritative sites have already stuck to the top 50 positions.

But, Long tail keywords have the potential to rank as these types of keywords have low keyword difficulty.

KGR has gained a lot of popularity for its success rate that it provides to rank long-tail keywords within the Top 50 positions.

The term Keyword Golden Ratio was first coined by “Doug Cunnington” who termed this word while working for a niche and discovered the secret to rank for almost any long-tail keywords with the help of the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) method.

The KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) is a hypothetical term that is not officially stated anywhere in Google Webmaster policy or any other place that proves its existence for Search Engines that means it is an unofficial term stated by a professional blogger or well-known personality. It is somehow similar to 10X Content which is also an unofficial term.

Keyword Golden Ratio seems to work for the majority and that’s how it has gained this much popularity.

Let’s cover up the topic of Keyword Golden Ratio to rank your article faster than ever in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages.

What is KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio)

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a method by which low competitive keywords are discovered through some calculation and used in such a manner that it ranks within the Top 50 Positions as soon as your article index in Google.

When Doug Cunnington invented this technique, he used a formula to find Keyword Golden Ratio. The formula of finding KGR is:

“Number of allintitle” in search results divided by “Monthly Search Volume” (MSV).

Where Monthly Search Volume (MSV) must be less than 250.

Keyword golden ratio formula

So, what will be the benefit of doing this calculation and how can you actually identify a golden keyword or seed keyword?

Well, by doing the KGR calculation, you will get three types of results:

  • Less than 0.25 – that’s a golden keyword and you’re good to go with these keywords as it will rank your post within the top 50.
  • 0.25-1.00 – You can also use these keywords but chances of getting ranked within the top 50 positions will reduce to 50% as these keywords have moderate competition.
  • More than 1.00 – Don’t go with these keywords as it has a very high level of competition.

So, you must have understood, which type of keywords you should have to go by.

Still, wondering about “allintitle,” let me help you with these.

It’s an advanced way of searching on Google that directs Google to only show results that have your specified sentence. This will look like this when you search for something with KGR on Google.

Note: Don’t use inverted commas, while searching for KGR and also don’t leave space between allintitle and you first phrase of your searched sentence.

Why use KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) Method

The KGR method has been proven the “win to go” method for new bloggers. Using the keyword golden ratio method, one can simply rank in Google and especially new website owners who have very low DA (Domain Authority). With the KGR method, in most cases, you do not have to build backlinks or engage in any link-building method for your article because of its less competitive advantage, it just simply grabs the top 50 positions within SERP in most of the cases.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t work because high authority websites were already grabbed the position but that’s exceptional because KGR has an effectiveness of working 86% and that’s a lot

This method is mostly preferable for new website owners to rank their posts and helps them to stay motivated in their blogging journey. So, it is an SEO win method that works.

Benefits of using the KGR method

The KGR method has so many benefits. This method has helped so many bloggers to stay motivated in their blogging journey. The competition in blogging is increasing rapidly and due to which many bloggers become demotivated as their efforts do not bring any success.

Let’s discuss the benefits of using the Keyword Golden Ratio method:

  • Helps to stay motivated new bloggers by showing  positive results for their hard work
  • Long-tail keywords were used in the KGR method that means the level of competition, in most cases, will be very less and this increases the chances of ranking.
  • It’s a type of SEO hack to rank within 1 day or as soon as the post got indexed.
  • This method will help you to stay prioritised. Instead of throwing a dart in the dark, it will be better to throw in light and that will be only possible by using the KGR method.
  • In most cases, it brings success and will be able to rank within the stated position.

The above are some benefits of using the keyword golden ratio method that shows good results for the majority of bloggers in ranking.

How to Find Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) keywords

To find Keyword Golden Ratio keywords, you have to use your desired keyword research tool. If you aren’t sure which keyword research tool you should use, check out our guide of Top 10 Keyword Research Tools for Free and Paid to save your time.

I am using Moz Pro Tool for finding Month search Volume. You can use any keyword research tool.

1. Go to, and log in with your id and password. After that hover to Moz keyword explorer.

2. After that search for the keyword that you want to use in your article. You can also filter monthly volume for your ease. I have used the “how to lift heavy objects by yourself” keyword. As you can see the monthly search volume is 229 which is less than 250 and now I am good to go.

3. Then, go to and search for your keyword like below, which I have searched. Just write allintitle:your keyword.

4. Now, wait for the results it shows. In this case, we have 7 results. if the search result is less than the volume of the keyword, it’s time to calculate the ratio.

5. Open your calculator and then divide the search results i,e, 7 with the search volume of the keywords. The equation will be 7/229.

Here is the result of the equation that shows 0.03 which means I can easily rank in Google with Top 50 or Top 10 results.

Note: This is a time-consuming method as you have to search many times on google to find the desired results searches for KGR calculation but the rewards are worth your effort.


This method is extremely helpful for new websites that have low domain authority and very little or no backlinks. The Keyword Golden Ratio method is a life-saving technique for new bloggers that helps them to rank their posts on Google.

This is one of the most useful strategies to rank within the Top 50 positions. However, if you create a 10X Content and also use the Keyword Golden Ratio method then you will surely be in the Top 3 Position of Google Search Result Pages.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the full form of KGR?

Ans: KGR stands for Keyword Golden Ratio.

2. What are golden keywords?

Ans: Golden keyword are the keywords that give you opportunity to rank any particular keyword that gives you ranking within SERP.

3. What are seed Keywords?

Ans: Seed keywords act as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) that helps your keywords and additional keywords to rank with your article.

4.  How do you use allintitle?

Ans: When searching for a specific keyword or phrase, an advanced searching method is used to get results only containing your particular keyword or phrase.

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