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If you are a blogger, you might be engaged in the Link-Building process. Creating backlinks from high authority sites is often a time-consuming and hardworking method. And if that hard work will not bring any reward by not indexing in Google, that will demotivate many bloggers from creating backlinks for their sites.

Do not worry! We have already prepared the guide that will help you to index almost any type of backlinks. Check out our guide of How to Index Backlink in Google to know the secret of indexing backlink that your competitors and professional bloggers perform to index their own backlinks.

As you all might be familiar, Search Engines like Google consider several factors for giving rank to any website and linking domains is one of them.

Linking domain means several websites giving you backlinks by pointing to your site. However, it is not the only factor that provides you ranking there are some others also. For example, On-page SEO, proper SEO-Friendly title, keyword density, backlinks, etc. These all factors assorted by Search Engines and then ranking is provided for each post of every website.

Making backlinks has become too difficult because of spamming. Thousands of people are engaging in spamming every website they find for creating backlinks and that’s the reason link juice with its best page rank cannot pass the authority to linking domains.

You might know the different types of backlinks creating methods like profile backlinks, contextual backlinks, directory submission backlinks, comment backlinks, web 2.0 backlinks, etc but this guide is about how to create PDF backlinks.

Let’s dive into the topic of PDF backlinks.

What are PDF Backlinks

Backlnk from pdf

PDF Backlinks are the backlink that is created with the help of PDF. For creating backlinks in PDF, you have to create a document with your context in it, and then put a backlink of your site in it with the required anchor text.

PDF Backlinks will also have relevance in increasing website authority. With the help of PDF backlinks, one can create as many backlinks as one can from high authoritative pdf submission sites.

How to create PDF files with your Backlink

For creating a PDF file that contains your article as well as your backlink with proper anchor text and relevant image, Title, you have to follow some easy and simple method.

For creating PDF files you can use any software or online tool. I am going to use Google Docs that has all the features we require for creating a pdf file with a backlink.

Follow the simple method below:

1. Go to Google Docs and sign in with your Email. And use a blank page to write your article.

2. Write at least 400-500 words articles and put some relevant images.

3. Select any anchor text and insert a link on that anchor text.

4. Select the 3 dot menu on the upper left corner and choose the “share and export” option and then select the “save as” option and choose PDF file extension.

5. Now, you have your PDF file containing a backlink from your site.

Now, we are moving further to explain the impact of these backlinks on your website

Is PDF Backlink Good for your website

Is pdf backlink good for seo

Creating a single type of backlinks will not make your site highly authoritative but diversified backlinks will definitely. As you are advised to create every type of backlink including profile backlinks, contextual backlinks, directory submission, PDF backlinks, etc.

Other extensions like DOC, PPT, PPS Backlinks can be also obtained from such sites that support these types of files extension.

You might be wondering if PDF, PPT, PPS, DOC backlinks have any positive impact in boosting authority and ranking.

Well, No one knows the complex algorithm of Google, and we have self concluded the research about PDF and other extension submission backlinks and found that it really has positive impacts, if created from a high authoritative site.

Now, you might be thinking about where you can find such sites that provide backlinks from pdf?

We have listed the top 10 websites that provide a do-follow backlink from pdf submission.

Additionally, we will also tell the secret to build. Edu and.Gov backlinks from PDF submission.

Let’s know the Top 15 sites that provide do-follow backlinks by submitting a PDF and working as PDF backlinks.

Note: You will have to create accounts on these accounts. Just sign up with your email Id and then you are ready to go further.

Top 15 PDF Submission sites with Do-Follow Link

PDF Submission Site ListDAPALink Type

The above list of PDF submission sites with do-Follow backlink will definitely increase your domain authority and boost your ranking and ultimately your traffic will increase and that will lead you to make more money through blogging.

For indexing these backlinks you can share them with tier 2 or tier 3 backlinks, additionally, you can try sharing them in social media because social signals also help to crawl and index your backlinks.

Some of the above sites also accept DOC, PPT, PPS format that means you can also get a backlink from DOC, PPT, PPS and PDF files.

There are even more sites that provide da o-follow backlink from PDF but we have only mentioned the best and high authoritative sites that provide positive impacts and will provide you instant traffic by boosting your ranking.

So, you have a list of top 15 pdf submission sites that provides do-follow backlink pointing to your site. And now, it’s time to know the trick to get backlinks from high authoritative sites like  Educational and Governmental. We will tell you the secret method to find Edu and Gov backlinks that accept PDF, PPT, DOCs and provide a backlink.

How to get backlinks from Edu and Gov websites

For getting backlinks from Edu and Gov sites you need to follow the simplest method that only requires a few seconds and then you will have the list of hundreds of Edu and Gov sites list that provides backlinks from PDF, DOCs, PPT submission sites.

Let’s follow some simple steps for finding Edu and Gov websites where you can get backlink for your sites.

1. Open your browser, and search for and then you will have the interface like this.

2. Then search on the google for site:edu “allowed file types”

You can copy this phrase and search on google. This will provide you with the results of Edu sites.

3. Similarly, for getting a backlink from Gov sites search for site:gov “allowed file types” This will provide you results of gov sites. Then the steps for uploading PDF, DOCs, PPT files on these two sites are similar. 

4. Then, you will have hundreds of results, just open every Edu and Gov sites to check whether they provide the right to upload files. It will something look like this

5. Simply, click on choose file and select your PDF file in which you have written your content which backlink from your site and then upload it there. Also, fill in the required box details mentioned on that website. You do not have to fill in the correct details, just use your mind and fill in the details as you like.

6. Congrats!! You have got PDF backlinks from the Edu site and Gov sites. Just use our indexing guide to index these high authority backlinks.


Link building has a major impact on SEO and that’s the reason we have mentioned this guide of getting PDF Backlinks from High authoritative websites, Edu websites, and Gov websites. Make sure you do not spam the sites as it leads to permanently deleting your pdf file.

Use this method wisely as it will provide a positive impact on your website. Creating a backlink is an important factor and it is time-consuming also and that’s the reason we have provided this easy to get backlink method where you can easily acquire a backlink from high authority websites.

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