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Rhythm bot is one of the most popular discord bots for playing your favourite tune in Discord. As Discord is becoming popular, Discord bots are also gaining fame for their features and support. There are many discord bots available to try including Groovy bot and Dyno bot but for making your server engaged you need something outstanding and unique that can keep your server filled with fun.

Among so many bots, there are some music bots that will help you to play music on your discord server and the Rhythm bot is one of them. However, you can also try the Groovy bot which is also quite popular among music bots for Discord.

Discord is a famous VoIP platform that helps to get connected with your favourite ones. And If you own a Discord server You just need some special bots for your Discord server to keep your community engaged

Additionally, you can try the Dyno Bot which is one of the most popular moderator bots that will help you to keep your server moderated with just some Dyno bot Commands.

You can also try Groovy Bot which is an alternative to this bot and also quite popular among music bot to play your favourite songs with some basic commands.

Now, let’s come to know its features, commands and some basic functionality with its installation guide.

What is Rhythm Bot

What is rhythm bot

Rhythm Bot is entirely developed for playing music in Discord servers. It has been installed on more than 16 million+ Discord servers which makes it popular for delivering music directly from youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud and other sources.

As this Discord Bot is solely crafted for playing music it also makes your community engaged by playing music in your community. It has several features including customization, effects and other options which you can access by using this bot

Rhythm Bot also comes with premium plans like Groovy. With the premium plan, you can get better audio quality, volume control, and also you can play music 24/7 on your Discord server without any hassle.

And if you want to try some extended features of Discord, you can try Better Discord which is the best alternative to the Normal Discord application.

We have mentioned everything from the installation process to its uses. Read our guide of Best 45 Themes for Better Discord and Best 15 Better Discord Plugins.

So, you might have understood about this music bot. But now you have to know its features so that you can understand why to use Rhythm Bot.

Let’s discuss it’s features

Features of Rhythm Bot

There are many features of this Bot to try which will help you to deliver quality and lag-free music on your Discord server. The features of Rhythm bot are:

  • It allows you to play your favourite desired track directly from sources like Youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud.
  • This bot allows you to view lyrics of the playing song with a basic command
  • You can control the music by commands like play, pause, replay, etc
  • It allows you to add songs to the queue and manage it later.
  • This bot also provides a lot of  customization options for playings songs
  • It allows you to use two bots simultaneously if you have more than one Discord server.

The aforementioned features definitely make this bot give a try in your Discord server.

Now, let’s know some basic commands of Rhythm Bot so that you can easily access all its features and make your Discord community engaged.

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Discord Rhythm Bot Commands

Rhythm Bot has several commands and to try it’s features you need to use these commands that make it possible to work. So let’s discuss some basic Discord Rhythm Bot commands.

Note: Every Command in Rhythm Bot start with “!” this Command

  • !join: With this command, you can direct this bot to summon in your Discord server.
  • !play: With this command, you can play any song from other sources like Youtube, Twitch and Soundcloud by just entering the URL or name of the song.
  • !nowplaying: This command will help you to know the name of the current playing tune in your Discord server.
  • !search: You can simply search for any song on youtube and the search result will deliver the top 10 results.
  • !forward: This command will help you to forward a song with the mentioned time.
  • !pause: With this command, you can pause your currently playing song.
  • !lyrics: This command will bring up the lyrics of the current playing song if available.
  • !playtop: With this command, you can easily add a song with the given name or URL on the top of the queue list.
  • !Soundcloud: This command will help you to play your favourite tune directly from the Soundcloud with the given name or URL.
  • !resume: With this command, you can resume your pause tune.
  • !disconnect: With this command, you can disconnect your Rhythm Bot from the voice channel you are in.

These are all the basic commands of Rhythm Bot. However, there are few other Rhythm Bot commands which can be accessed by purchasing its premium plan that cost $4.99/month for one server.

Below are some commands which can be used in the premium plan.

Commands with Premium Version of Rhythm Bot

  • !effects: This command will help you to know the current effect of your song. You can even adjust the effect in the premium plan.
  • !bass: With this command, it will show you the current bass-boost effect and even it will provide access to further modify it.
  • !volume: It shows the volume level and also provides acetate to lower or higher the lever according to your desired.
  • !speed: This command will help you to show the current speed effect and even provide access to further modify it.

The above few commands can be used if you subscribed to its premium plan. And if you don’t wish to purchase the premium plan you can still access most of the best features of Rhythm Bot.

Now, you might be wondering how to use Rhythm Bot? Let’s discuss the answer to this question.

How to use Rhythm Bot in Discord

Using Rhythm Bot is very simple. Basically, you need a Discord server in which you can use this music bot and after that, you just need to use some basic commands which are pretty easy to remember to make use of this bot.

With the above-mentioned commands, you can easily perform any action and enjoy its features.

We have mentioned the installation guide below that will help you to install this bot on your Discord server.

But before moving to its installation guide we will like to discuss some basic problems of Rhythm Bot that makes it offline.

Rhythm Bot becomes Offline and Not Working

There are several reasons that make Discord Rhythm Bot offline. Below are some basic tips that will help you to solve the Rhythm Bot not working problem.

1. Check If Rhythm Bot is offline

It might happen sometimes that your Bot is not working and this can happen if your discord bot is in offline mode. This problem can happen for many reasons and to fix this problem, you can check this by typing a command !Invite and then select the server from the option to check whether it is offline or not.

2. Check Volume Setting

This might also be the reason that you cannot hear anything after playing your favourite tune on your Discord server. It happens sometimes that volume level goes to 0. You can easily fix this problem by right-clicking on the Rhythm bot and checking whether your volume level has been set to 0 or the volume bar is empty. Just volume up by sliding the bar upwards.

3. Rhythm Bot Mute

This can be also the reason that makes you feel that this Bot is not working. And this can happen if a moderator or any person who has the privilege to mute the discord server has manually muted it. However, if you are a moderator you can easily check by right-clicking on the bot to see whether it has been muted or not.

4. Disconnect and then Add Rhythm Bot

If the above problem does not fix your problem of not working this bot you can just disconnect the bot from your server and then invite again to join it. This might fix any unnecessary problem of your music bot that makes it not working on your server.

So, after discussing the problem of not working Rhythm Bot we are going to mention the step of installing it.

How to Install Rhythm Bot in Discord Server

The installation guide for this music bot is pretty straightforward and simple. Just follow the given below steps to install Rhythm Bot in your Discord Server

Note: You must have Manager Server permission of your Discord server in which you wish to add this music bot.

1. First of all, open your browser and go and then click on the “Invite the bot” option to invite Rhythm bot.

How to install rhythm bot

2. Now, log in with your ID and Password to select your server from there.

3. After logging, select your server then just click on continue and authorize the bot after checking the permission.

How to authorise rhythm bot

4. That’s it You have successfully added this bot to your Discord server.

Now, you can hover to your dashboard and add new roles for this bot so that it can perform the given task of playing music on your Discord server.

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We have tried to mention everything that will be helpful for you to understand about this Bot. However, If you want to add more fun to your Discord server you can check our guide of Best 25+ Funny TTS sounds that will make your friends laugh and also helps you to keep your Community engaged and interesting.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do you add Rhythm Bot in Discord?

Ans: For adding Rhythm bot to discord, just go to its official page and click on Add to Discord option. You can also follow our above-mentioned guide to add this bot in Discord.

2. Is Rhythm Bot safe?

Ans: Yes, It is a safe bot that can be used in Discord for playing music.

3. Is Rhythm Bot free?

Ans: Of course, it is free to use in Discord but If you want to use its premium features then you must purchase its premium plan.

4. How to fix Rhythm Bot not Working problem?

Ans: To fix the problem of not working, you can follow our guide above.

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