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Building a mobile-friendly and speedy website depends on several factors. Themes are one of them that plays a major role in your website.

Doesn’t have website here is a guide of How to Start a Blog and create your own website within 20-30 minutes.

Let’s move further if you already have a website.

Choosing the best WordPress theme is one of the most important decisions for your website. So, we have listed the top 10 best free WordPress themes. These themes also come with a pro version and will cost you some extra amount to buy the pro version. However, it will also give you the best user experience if you try these WordPress themes for free.

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Fastest WordPress themes we have tested in 2020:

  1. Hestia
  2. Neve
  3. Generate Press
  4. Elementor Hello
  5. Astra 2.0
  6. Ocean WP
  7. Twenty Nineteen
  8. Zakra
  9. Cenote
  10. Primer

Why Themes Matter in a Website?

Choosing a theme for your WordPress is one of the crucial decisions that everyone has to go through. Everyone wants a speedy and mobile-friendly theme that suits their website look in order to attract and engage visitors.

But choosing a theme is one of the toughest decisions. However, most of the people who set up their WordPress with the free theme have to go through with the website speed problem.

The above equations had better provide you with an idea of using a free theme.

Do you know? About 30-40% of conversion rate drops for every additional second taken by any website to load.

However, after testing hundreds of WordPress themes, we have listed the best 10 free WordPress themes which will give you the best user experience. In order to gain additional features and support, you can also go with the pro versions of these themes.

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To gain user experience, you must select the theme that suits your website niche. For example, if you have started your website in affiliate marketing, you must use a theme that describes a Affiliate Marketing website with its looks. However, this is not mandatory.

Why Free Themes are not Worthy?

Free themes come with limited functions. Many of the free themes are light-weighted but it does not mean that it will provide the best possible speed. in reality, it does not deliver you the exact loading speed as claimed by its developer.

However, we have listed the top 10 WordPress themes which you can install in your WordPress website to get the best experience.

Our Theme Testing environment

After testing hundreds of themes, we have only listed the top 10 WordPress themes so that you can use these themes in your WordPress to Let’s get dive into the environment we use to test the above-listed themes.

In order to verify with the results we got, you need to use the following setup environment:

  • Fresh installation of WordPress 5×
  • Elementor Plugin
  • Siteground Hosting
  • Only Root URL/Homepage


Page without Media and Content i.e. Blank Page

We have concluded this test without importing any demo data or widget so that we can actually find the exact speed it provides to the user.

1. Hestia

Best wordpress themes for free

The Hestia theme is one of the recommended themes for starters. Recommended by many, this theme is one of the best WordPress theme for free and also got much attention compared to other free themes. It comes with many customization.

You will need to install Orbit Fox Plugin to use its full potential functionality.

On the other, Hestia pro already comes with lots of customization and additional features like header slider, premium support, reorder some sections, etc, and will cost you $69 per year for only one site.

Here is the result of website speed with the Hestia Theme. The result is quite impressive right!!!

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost
94%90%1.5s310KB23Free & Pro $69

2. Neve

Best wordpress themes for free

The Neve theme primarily prioritizes speed and responsive design. It mostly focuses on mobile rendering with the best AMP support and is fully optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

It is compatible with all types of Page Builders including our one of the favourite”Elementor,” page builder. so it’s a great choice for your blog

This theme will also provide you with the best experience with the free version but if you wish you can go with the pro version which will cost you $39.

Here is the result of website speed with Neve Theme. So, the result is overall good.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost
96%84%2.0s27KB10Free & Pro $39 

3. GeneratePress

Best wordpress themes for free

This Generate Press is a choice of over 200,000+ website owners. This theme comes with a minimal installation i.e. lightweight code.

Thousands of people recommended this theme to be the fastest WordPress theme as they use its pro version.

The free version of the theme is also pretty good for affiliate marketing but the pro version will provide you with a decent amount of additional features and will cost $49.95 per year with unlimited sites.

Page SpeedYSlowLoadTimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost
100%96%1.7s39KB15Free & Pro $49.95

4. Elementor Hello

Best wordpress themes for free

Hello is the Free WordPress Theme which is brought by the developer of Elementor. It is also claimed to be the best fastest WordPress Theme ever created. This type of statement usually claimed by most of the Theme Developers but this theme proves that by showing an outstanding result in our speed test 

This theme comes with a blank page with no sidebar, no menu, and no Widgets. It actually gives you the authority to build your page with Elementor.

It has minimal code and is one of the fastest and best WordPress themes for free.

Here is the result. This theme has performed best among the top 10 best free WordPress themes. This is because this theme does not come with any widget and that makes it the fastest theme. But this result has only arrived with a fresh installation and a blank page with content.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost

5. Astra 2.0

Best wordpress themes for free

Astra theme has gained a large number of fans within a short period with its features and look. It has a responsive design and comes with sufficient customization.

It has an active installation of 500,000+ which means more than 5 lakh website owners are using this theme in their WordPress.

Astra claims to be the best light-weighted and fastest theme. But to get the best outcome you have to go with the pro version which will cost you $47 per year with unlimited sites. However, this theme is best for E-Commerce websites.

Here is the result which we have got by testing its speed which is good enough.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost
97%92%2.3s16KB115Free & Pro $47

6. OceanWP

Best wordpress themes for free

Ocean WP is developed by Nicolas with focusing on versatility. This theme is considered as one of the best multipurpose themes for WordPress.

You can go with this theme if you wish to design Portfolio sites, Affiliate websites and E-Commerce sites. This theme provides the best user experience among all types of websites.

The pro version of this theme will cost you $129 per year with unlimited websites.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost
97%87%2.5s268KB25Free and Pro $129

7. Twenty Nineteen

Best wordpress themes for free

Everyone is familiar with the Twenty Nineteen theme because WordPress by default comes with Twenty Nineteen theme preinstalled in it. It is lightweight with minimal coding.

This theme offers a lot of functionality with totally no cost. It is also mobile responsive and has very minimalist features.

So, is it one of the fastest theme? Well!! The answer depends on the speed test result we got which is quite good.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost

8. Zakra

Zakra is a fast, flexible, and light-weighted theme which works best with a multipurpose website like E-Commerce, Blog, and Niche-related websites.

This theme is mobile responsive and supports almost all types of page builder. This theme offers a customizable interface and has overall good functionality. There are two pricing plans for this theme. Just go with annual plan and it will cost you $119 for one year with unlimited sites.

The result is neither terrible nor best but it has come up with overall good results.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost
92%83%2.3s125KB23Free and pro $119

9. Cenote

The cenote theme has not gained much popularity but it has performed well in our test of the fastest WordPress theme for free. It is a responsive and light-weighted theme for a blog.

Cenote theme comes with a  good amount of tweaking which you can perform from its customization menu. It has an attractive layout that will keep your visitors engage on your website.

Here is a result of this theme which is only good. “Does not expect much from free themes.” As this theme only comes the free version, if you wish you can go with pro version which will cost you $69 per year for one site.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost
88%823.1s221KB87Free and pro $69

10. Primer

Primer is not popular but it is a powerful theme that brings transparency and simplicity to your website. This theme does not come with a pro version and provides its full feature in a free version.

You can use this theme for your Blog websites which will surely attract and engage visitors to your site. So for the Primer WordPress theme.

The overall result is good enough to recommend this theme to you.

Page SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP RequestsCost

So, above are the results of a speed test with no content in it.

The winner of this test is “Elementor Hello” which performs best among all the top 10 best WordPress themes for free.

Several other factors are also to be considered while choosing the best WordPress theme for blogging. Factors like Page Speed, Load Time and HTTP Requests all matters while selecting a theme.

However, we have listed the top 3 Themes which have performed well in our blank page test:

  1. Elementor Hello
  2. Hestia
  3. Generate Press

But testing a themed speed without any media and content only describes its minimalist coding. So, that’s why we have performed another test with some media and content in it to practically measure the speed in a live website.

Test #2:

Page with Media and Content

Now, we are here again to test the above-listed themes with some media and content.

The theme speed test we have performed by only importing some data in it and uploading a few contents on a website.

So, to get the down result, you must not use heavy data, large images or any videos.

So, below is the result of the test, we have concluded by using these themes with media and content. Just have a look!!

ThemePage SpeedYSlowLoad TimeTotal Page SizeHTTP Requests
Generate Press84%82%1.8s730KB50
Elementor Hello83%81%2.8s741KB49
Astra 2.084%81%2.1s816KB50
Ocean WP84%78%2.3s744KB61
Twenty Nineteen 87%81%3.2s678KB48

The results are quite unbelievable. In Test#1 we have found that “Elementor Hello” performs the best among all but in Test#2 it does not prove its worth.

This test shows that using a theme in the live website is different from using a theme with just a blank page.

Here, we see that “Generate Press” has got the title for best and fastest theme. So, the top 3 best WordPress theme derived from this test are:

  1. Generate Press
  2. Hestia
  3. Astra 2.0

In both the tests “Generate Press” and “Hestia” have appeared in the top 3 fastest themes.

So, I think your search for the best WordPress theme has ended here. Now you can choose the theme which has an overall good load time and page speed.


Our main motive to make you familiar with the test result is to help you to choose the best theme which must increase your conversion rate and provide you with the best result.

Many of the new folks cannot afford to purchase a premium theme for their website so they try to find a paid theme for free but do not ever try to use null themes or any paid themes which you have downloaded from any third-party sites. This may land you in trouble. So, that’s why we have given above the name of free themes which you can use to get the best outcome.

We also did everything that could make this test fairly visible and transparent to you.

Anyway, I hope now you can choose the best theme for your website and your query for best free WordPress themes has been unravelled now.

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