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Writing a qualitative article for your blog is a crucial part of any blogger. But after composing a lengthy and well-described article, they can’t even get to an expected position in SERP. Their content is not even visible in Top 50 results.

Do You Know, Why?

This is because Search Engine only prefers to put that type of article which is highly optimized and written in such a way that it will surely make their way to the first position or top 10 positions in SERPs like Google and Bing.

So, the question that arrives here;  even this type of lengthy content with well-described information and SEO friendly interface, is not enough to rank on the first page of SERP.

What is 10X Content

10X Content is first coined by “Fishkin,” co-founder of By 10X content, he meant that a content which is 10 times better than the best article rank in Search Engines for any particular phrase or keyword. 10X content is optimized in such a way that it can achieve the first position in SERPs.

According to “Fishkin“, there are some key elements that should be there in your article to be termed as 10x piece. These are

  • Well optimized 
  • Solve queries to the questions clearly and easily
  • Well designed interface
  • Emotional value pitch or tone in your article
  • 100% uniqueness and original
  • Well detailed to answer any specific queries related to that topic
  • Should be sufficiently lengthy to cover all important topics that your competitors had forget to cover in their article.

The above key points will help you understand which type of content he termed as 10x content. But creating content that is 10 times better than the existing content that ranks on SERP is too difficult. This is because there is hardly any topic left on which someone can cover but if you follow some best practices to optimize your posts you might unlock the methods which will help to create 10x content piece that precisely gets the first position in SERPs.

What Should be considered while creating a 10x content

What is 10x content

Before creating a post that will be ten times better than the existing article with that particular keyword, you must consider some important steps. 10x content is not as easy as you think. Many bloggers, after understanding the concept of creating this type of content, often failed to rank their article in the SERPs.

This is because Search Engines have their own algorithm which they used to rank any post. Below are some of the important points that Search Engine considered before ranking any posts.

Key-Factors for Creating 10x piece of content

  • The site must have some good authority that means it must have a good DA ( Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) to compete with high authoritative websites that have already used those keywords in their post.
  • The website must have a mobile-friendly interface.
  • Your content must not be plagiarised from any other source, it must be completely unique and original.
  • Your website loading speed must be faster so that it will engage more and more people.
  • You should not use a black hat or grey hat link building techniques. You should only use genuine methods to create backlinks from other sites. So that Search Engines should give your site the real value.

So, you should just take care of the above elements before you create 10x content with your hard work. If your content is well described, well-optimized and all things are perfectly settled but if your site does not obey the above code rule, there will be a higher chance that your content should not be considered as 10x in terms of real value.

You should just take care of the above. For your convenience, we have prepared a guide of Best WordPress Themes for Free. It has been well tested in lab performance and results are described with every possible detail so that you can choose a perfect theme for your site.

Additionally, we have mentioned the Top 15 essential plugins which are almost light-weighted and important for any bloggers before starting a blog.

Now, let’s have a look at how you can create a 10x content that should be worthy enough to rank in the first page of every most of the Search Engines with the first rank.

How to Create 10x Content

How to create 10x content

Creating a 10x Content will require various optimization in your article. The optimization can in numerous forms such as image compression, tone of your article, the engaging capacity of your words, etc.

So, before hitting a 10x content you have followed some steps that will help you in your way to creating a content that is 10 times better than the existing article.

1. Find Out the Keywords

The first and foremost step that you have to follow is having a deep insight into any particular keywords that you are going to use in your article. You have to gain every possible detail of those specific keywords. The details will ranging from its competition level to its Search Volumes and search trends.

You can check our guide Keyword Research that will help you to understand its basic concepts. Keyword Research can perform by using any Keywords Research Tools whether it can be a paid or free one.

2. Provide your Best to write an Article

After getting a keyword, you have to utilize all those keywords in your article in a natural way and without keyword stuffing. Your technique for framing articles should be unique from 95% of the writers. You should use powerful and convincing words that will make-believe your readers in your words or facts.

You can use the inquiring method at the beginning like if you are going to write a post of “Can Blogging make money” your starting pitch must have an engaging tone it can be something like:

  • Do you want to make passive earning” or 
  • Are you ready to quit your daily job which does not even provide you with the basic comfort” or
  • Are you a blogger and trying to figure out how can you earn money” or
  • What is the potential of earning from blogging.”

These above are the only questioning pitch of the tone that will make your readers go through it as that can be beneficial for them. You can further use more types of pitch tone for your article and that tone should be used from the best, of your side.

3. Create Uniqueness in your Article

Now, you have successfully managed to know how you can start your article. And which type of tone should be used in your post to make it more engageable and worth reading. But your article must have some uniqueness compared to other posts.

You can use the table, infographics, chart, and many other kinds of stuff to make your words more clear and easily understandable. Your articles should be plagiarism free to make it completely unique.

However, your content doesn’t need to be 100% unique. here can also be some plagiarised lines because not all sentences can be replaced by ourselves. There may be some sentences that are fixed and used by almost all of the bloggers to make it clear in easy language.

4. Use Strong Contextual Text in your Article

Your content must persuade your visitors to go through your articles. The contextual of your articles must be integrated with strong words. For example, you can write it by using sentences like:

  • Did you know that we can actually create backlinks with high authoritative websites”
  • “Get ready to gain knowledge of creating high authoritative backlinks”
  • You can actually copy all the backlinks from our competitor’s profile after reading this article”

The above sentences are examples of strong contextual words that have the power to persuade your visitors to read your articles. If you have noted the expression of the word, you might have understood that you actually have to become a reader while writing for your readers.

Let me help to get that point clearly,

Your post must provide some value and benefits to your reader. You have to write in such a way that your visitors will get attracted by your words and will get  

5. Optimized Your Content with the Best Possible Methods

After creating a stunning article you should optimize it in the best manner as you can. The optimization can be using high-quality images with a compressed, having a decent amount of focus keyphrase, URL friendly title, proper meta description, etc.

These optimizations are must to perform before you publish your article. Otherwise, your content will fail to be termed as 10x piece.

Other optimization can be performed by using infographics, tables, charts and other informative elements. The elements must have to be self-explanatory and easy to understand by your readers.

Criteria for creating a 10x Content

Your post has to fulfil other criteria that are also important and necessary to become ten times better than other posts on the same keyword.

  • It has a combination of trustworthy, useful, readable and interesting information. Not everything but somewhat a mixture of all these to make it unique among all the existing articles.
  • You must fulfil the intent of your users through your post.
  • It has to be high UX and high UI on any device.
  • Provide short answers for F.A.Q to make it rank in feature snippet.
  • It has to be written in an emotional contextual language, that is, using your real feelings during writing that article.
  • You must write in a great way that it can reduce your dwell time and increase your CTR.


If you hit the above criteria you must have prepared a 10x content. But it is very hard to do as several professional bloggers can’t even prepare their every content as 10 times better than the existing ones.

You must keep experimenting and writing content again and again until you get your 10x content ready. It really needs your actual hard work than your ordinary hard work. It must be time-consuming but that will be worth enough for your online business. Your 10x content can be termed as pillar post for your websites.

Now, keep your mind set up for your next article. Just think you will definitely create a 10x article to increase your website traffic and make your post worthy enough so that high authoritative websites will give you a backlink for your post.

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