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A backlink is one of the major factors for the ranking and visibility of any website. Backlink acts as a trust factor for any website in the sight of Search Engines.

Before starting to know the definition of What is Backlink, you must read our Guide of Link Building which is a beginner’s friendly guide to help you to understand the basic terms used in Link-building.

Backlink helps you to increase your website DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) and ultimately help your site to grow faster and rank in SERP to compete with other bloggers.

What is Backlink

What is backlink

In a simple term, a backlink is a link from one website to another one. Backlinks can be inserted in any anchor form whether it is a text, image, or URL. Search Engines value the backlink as an important ranking factor.

Search Engines like Google and Bing take backlink as a ranking factor and ultimately increases your SERP visibility and ranking. This is because whenever any website puts a link to any site on their own website, Search Engines consider that the linked site has trustworthy content.

High-quality backlinks from authoritative websites can rapidly increase your website ranking and visibility to SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages.

How do Backlinks works to increase site visibility and ranking

How backlinks help a website

Among several elements of SEO, a backlink is one of them that helps to grow your online business by giving a boost to your website ranking.

Backlink works in a simple way, let me help you to explain how it works.

For example, John is a blogger who writes about athletics. During his writing, he also shares his perspective about athletics

Another blogger, Rick who also writes interesting details and describes a blog about athletics. Whenever Rick shares any opinion about athletics he mentions the link of John’s post to make it authentic as John is a popular blogger and writes a detailed post about athletics.

Now, John has got a backlink from Rick’s blog, and ultimately it will help John’s website to increase ranking and visibility by Search Engines.

Similarly, some other bloggers, who blog about athletics will give a backlink to Rick’s post, and then his website’s ranking will increase.

Which type of backlink is best for your website

Which type of backlink is best

Basically, there are two types of backlinks No-Follow and Do-Follow. The combination of both should be best for any website. However, Search Engines like Google will only take Do-Follow links as a ranking signal.

But it does not mean that the No-Follow link is trash. Creating a No-Follow link will increase your traffic and whenever more people will remain engaged in your website, Search Engine will consider your blog as valuable and noteworthy and ultimately will increase your site’s ranking and visibility.

Make sure to create both types of a backlink to maintain a balance between your No-Follow or Do-Follow backlinks. Try to avoid black hat techniques for creating Backlink because it will severely affect your online business. One of the popular methods to create a Do-Follow backlink is Guest Posting.

Try to make connections with other bloggers and approach them to post your article on their website by giving a Do-Follow backlink.

Why monitoring backlink is important

One crucial part to succeed in online business and optimizing your page for Search Engines to get a better ranking is to monitor backlinks. Restraining vision on your site backlink is one of the best methods to keep your website spam score free.

Another important feature you can get from monitoring backlinks is that you can get a detailed inspection of your competitor’s backlinks profiles as well.

Tools used in monitoring backlinks require investment. However, if you are a newbie in the blogging field, you use some of these tools to perform a limited function but as a blogging career, you must have to purchase any of the tools below depending on your budget.

List of Tools to Check Backlink

There are hundreds of tools to check backlinks, but we have categorized and listed the best and trusted tools to check the backlink profile of your domain or you can also use these tools to check your competitor’s backlink profile. These are:

1. Ahrefs

One of the popular tools used in blogging by the majority of bloggers is Ahrefs. It has a free version for new bloggers in which you can monitor 10 backlinks and 2 domains. To use its full features you can go with its monthly subscription which will cost you a little bit but that expenditure will be worthy for your business growth and expansion. It has some additional features as well that make it more popular than other Backlink checker tools. 

It can crawl around 4 million pages within a minute to check and detect broken and lost backlinks. You can also disavow links by submitting categorizing links from your Ahrefs account to Search Console Dashboard.

2. Moz

Another great tool which comes with an all-in-one SEO packed package. This tool will provide 30 days free trial that does not require any of your investment and you can utilize its premium features. You can get all the details of backlinks from the text, anchor, image anchor, or any media anchor.

You can also categorize to detect whether the links are do-follow or no-follow This tool also has other features that will help you to make your website ranking in SERPs.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush also has almost the same features that Moz possesses but the cost will make it slightly different. You can use this tool to analyze the complete backlink profile of your opponent’s domain and also monitor the backlinks coming from other sites.  

4. RankSignals

RankSignal is a free tool that helps to monitor backlink profiles. This tool also helps you to get details about their traffic source so that you can also build up your business by giving attention to Link-Building Strategy.

It will help you to show all the do-follow and no-follow backlinks profiles of your competitors. You can self-analyze your domain too for checking its Alexa rank, backlink count, and will help you to seek out bad and spammy backlinks so that you disavow them from your Search Console.

These all things which you will get are absolutely free. With a free tool, you can’t expect many features. This tool is good for newcomers who have just stepped into the field of Blogging.

5. Backlink Watch

It is one of the simplest tools to keep a record of all backlinks profiles of any website. It is a free tool that provides 1000 backlinks results for any domain but the problem is that you can’t export this result. However, as a free tool, it is worth using.

We have also mentioned the 10 Best Tools to do Keyword Research which will ultimately help you to choose keywords. Similarly, the above tools will also provide you with the best guidance to check backlinks with these tools. But the free one’s tools are only used at the start-up of the business but if you want development of your online business you need to purchase any one of the plans of tools.

Which tool should you choose to Check Backlinks

Every tool that I have mentioned will deliver promising results by helping you to monitor backlinks of any domain. I’ll suggest you to use Ahrefs because it is one of the most trusted tools that is used by professional and experienced bloggers.

But if you are a new blogger you can simply use any of the above free tools to check backlinks. When your domain will be recent and with a new step that you have made for your career in blogging, it will take time to learn all these terms and process till then, you can rely on any free tool that performs limited function so that you do not have to invest any amount by purchasing these tools.


For optimizing a website and making your site more visible and rankable. You have to monitor the overall performance of your domain by checking its backlink, performing Keywords Research and executing a site audit to help your website to grow quickly.

Similarly, you can keep track of your competitor’s backlink profile so that you can self build and create your backlink from the list of your competitors backlink profile.

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