page title icon What is Link Building? Why it is important for SEO

Link Building techniques are no longer a big deal. majority of existing bloggers are creating quality backlinks to increase their authority of a website. But if you are new to blogging or searching for the beginner’s guide of Link Building then you are at the right place.

This guide is prepared to help you to understand the basic knowledge of Link Building and its importance. There are several aspects of but before going further you need to understand its essential functions and concepts.

What is Link Building

Link Building is the procedure of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own site. A hyperlink acts like a navigation system for any user to navigate between pages and websites. Search Engines used hyperlink (basically known as a link) to crawl the linked pages and websites. Practically, the Link Building strategy is one of the toughest parts of SEO. Building a high-quality backlink from other high authoritative sites is one of the best techniques to indicate to Search Engines that your site has valuable information and is also trusted by high authoritative sites.

Backlink acts like a pillar to increase DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). The more quality backlinks you create the more it becomes a high authoritative for Search Engines.

Importance of Link Building for SEO

What is link building and its importance

No one can deny the fact that without Link Building, you cannot grow your site to its full potential. Optimization of the site required several efforts and building quality backlinks is one of them. For your convenience, we have created an illustration to help you to understand how Search Engines recognizes a hyperlink.

To understand the above illustration, first, understand the meanings of all the terms.

  • Opener of link tag 

Opener tag of a link is also known as Anchor Tag which is a part of a hyperlink that enables users to jump between pages and sites. It starts with <a and redirects a user to a different source.

  • Hyperlink Referral

Hyperlink referral is the part where the location of the referral URL is shown. A hyperlink referral doesn’t need to always be the address of the site, it can be linked to a downloadable file or image also.

  • Visible/anchor text

This is the visible text to readers on which they are persuaded to click in order to jump to the referral page. This text is highlighted in a manner in which users can click to open the link.

  • Closure of link tag

This is the last part of a link that closes with a tag </a>. This tag indicates a closure sign to search engines.

So, these terms must clear you a query of hyperlink. But backlinks are categorized into two categories one is Do-Follow and another one is No-Follow. Let’s understand the meaning of these two terms and how Search Engines treat these links.

What is Do-Follow Link

Link building type do-follow

Do-Follow link is an HTML attribute that is used to demonstrate Crawler bots to follow this link. If your backlink is a do-follow type, the crawler will consider your site trusty and worthy and make your site more visible and rankable.

What is No-Follow Link

Link Building type no-follow

No-Follow links basically do not count in favour of site ranking. No-follow indicates crawler bots that this link is not fully trusted and so does not follow this link. According to Search Engines, a No-Follow link does not help to grow your site ranking.

Now, the difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow might be clear to you. Majority of bloggers say that creating a backlink from the same relevant niche is best but it is not always recommended you can also create a backlink from another site that is slightly irrelevant to your niche and that will also help in your site ranking.

How to know whether a link is no-follow or do-follow

There are different ways to check whether a link is no-follow or do-follow. You can use any of these methods to find out the type of link you have got from other sites.

1. Using Tools like Ahrefs or Moz

Link building tools

If you are a blogger you must have heard about keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Moz. But if you are new to blogging, then you have to know what is Ahrefs and Moz? These two tools are best recommended by professionals for various reasons for blogging. You can use these tools for keyword research, find a difficulty level of keywords, analyzing your competitors, etc.

Using these tools you can analyze your website also to find ranking keywords, organic traffic, and backlinks. In the category or backlinks, you can see whether a link you have got from another site is no-follow or do-follow.

2. Using Inspection method

The inspection method is one of the easiest techniques to look up whether a link is no-follow or do-follow. Just copy the link and head over to your browser and search view-source: and paste your link for which you want to know. For example, I want to check about this URL (, so I will search 

view-source: in my browser to see whether it is a no-follow or Do-follow link.

To identify a link type just look it up by going into find in page and look for a hyperlink, if there is rel=”nofollow” is written that means it is a no-follow link otherwise that link will be considered as a do-follow link.

Link Building will surely make your online business progressive. Building backlinks is important for any website otherwise it will take a lot of time to become highly authoritative but creating backlinks will ease this process and make your site grow rapidly.

How Link-Building helps a Business

Link-Building is essential for any business, whether you are engaged in content writing, affiliate marketing, or eCommerce, backlinks work as a wheel for your business that pulls your vehicles (Business) forward to attain success.

It helps to make your business successful. For example, if you have a website related to product selling. Link Building helps to make your product popular from not only your website but from other sites also.

1. Sending Referral Traffic

It is important for SEO but what about visitors coming from a backlink. A quality backlink from a high-authoritative website can lead to an increase in your website traffic and if you have created that backlink from the relevant niche that traffic is valuable for you and ultimately can increase your sales.

2. Brand Name Building

Creating a backlink not only increases your traffic but can also make your website brand more famous among people. If you create content that is worthy and beneficial for other people they will surely like your content and thus make your brand knowable among people. Building your brand name is one of the best techniques to increase traffic as well as followers.

3. Building connection

It helps in several aspects and building connection is one of them. Building connections with other bloggers who belong to the same niche industry helps you to make connections with others and that will help you to make an understanding with each other to promote products of each other or refer visitors to visit each other’s website.

4. Generating Passive Income

Making money online is an important decision that prevails before starting a blog. Many people started their journey in blogging by quitting their daily regular desk job just to make passive income online. But traffic is one of the main important factors for generating income whether from Adsense or Affiliate Marketing or any other methods. So, link-building helps to generate passive income by driving more traffic to your website from other sources.

So, You must have understood what Link-Building is and its importance. Creating backlinks from high-authoritative sites can help your business performance and growth in many ways and that ultimately will increase your chance of ranking well in SERP.

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