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Do you want to know about SEO? How does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work? What is the meaning of SEO? How to rank your website in SERP with SEO? We’ve made this simple guide to explain all the basic details of SEO.

SEO has a great impact on your website. Whether you want to rank your post or your website, SEO handles the most important role. Search Engine like Google has several algorithms with lots of ranking factors that help any page to appear in the Search Result.

So, this guide will help you to understand all the concepts of SEO. Let’s get into it.

What is SEO

SEO generally stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process to increase website traffic organically (unpaid). SEO will handle organic traffic instead of paid or direct. It is the process of optimizing a website or page to increase its ranking and visibility for the relevant searches.

How does SEO Work

Did you ever try to realize, whenever you write or speak into Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other Search Engines, how can they actually come up with the actual result? Interesting right!!

But the magic behind getting the result to those questions works with several factors of ranking 

How? Let’s explore more.

When someone searches any queries in any Search Engines, their crawlers bots (every search engines have crawlers like Google have Google bot crawler, similarly Bing have their own crawler) crawls and index the results with your matched queries.

The index pages that emerge from your question will rank with an Algorithm and that algorithm is based on several ranking factors to determine whether the pages that have been ranked are optimized enough to appear in the Search Result.

Optimization of a page or website will help any Search Engine to decide whether your page or website is relevant for the searched term.

Why SEO is important

SEO is based on the Optimization of pages or sites for Search Engines and that’s how it forms the name SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is significant for any website because it helps to make a site more visible to Search Engines. So, you can get more organic traffic with the help of SEO.

From past years Search Engines are evolving continuously to provide the best interface to their users and forming new features like SnippetsSchemaKnowledge Panels, etc to increase direct visibility of relevant answers to searched queries.

Some Factors that Matters in SEO

1. Ranking and visibility

The most important function of SEO is that it makes your website visible to Search Engines to index it in the ranking based algorithm which was influenced by several other factors. The more useful your content will be, the more it ranks in search engines and thus ultimately increases your visitors by driving a lot of organic traffic.

2. Quantitative Traffic

SEO also plays an important role in bringing the type of traffic. For instance, you have a website for blog posts only and not for selling any products, but you are getting traffic from prospects who intend to buy the product that you have written in your blog. So, that will be of no use for you because that type of traffic will suddenly leave your site if they do not find that they can’t buy that product from your site. Hence, their intent for buying that specific product will lead them to explore more sites until they purchase the product by fulfilling their search intent.

So, by using SEO you can actually optimize your page in such a way that it will index and visible only to those who want to seek information about that product or service.

3. Qualitative traffic

Quality of traffic is important for the business prospect. For example, you have a website that sells plants and flowers but you’re only getting traffic from visitors who are only interested to read its specifications. Then that will be of no use for your selling plant and flower website.

So, SEO will help you to get less quantity traffic but that traffic will be qualitative and will ultimately turn your prospects into a customer. 

4. Growth

The ultimate goal for any website is to make growth and with the help of SEO, you can grow your business by building good relationships with your customers, improving your business according to the preference of the customer while providing the best user experience. You can drive traffic to your site, make your online business successful, increase your website authority, and increase your conversion. These growths can be achieved by utilizing the proper strategy of SEO.

How to Rank a Website with SEO

SEO involves many elements that help to optimize a page to make it visible for Search Engines to help them to index it with the related search queries.

Core Elements of SEO

There are some core elements of SEO that help a Website to Rank in Search Engines. These are:

1. Keywords

Optimizing a page requires several steps and finding the right keywords is one of the first steps to make a page or post more rankable. While choosing a keyword, you have to first look at its competition level that is, its Keyword Difficulty, the more keyword difficulty the more it is hard to rank your post with that particular keyword. Try to use long-tail keywords that have low competition levels. It will help your post to rank faster in SERP.

2. Content

Your content is your vehicle and keywords or other factors are like passengers. You should create your content with the best possible ways to make it more optimal to rank it in Search Engines. Writing content that is valuable and informative will be best to gain trust by the prospect, and if your prospects will want to buy any product that you have already listed, that person will definitely buy that product from your site as you have gained their trust by providing the relevant content and information to them.

3. Images or videos

Images and videos do not have any relevance with SEO but it is one of the core elements to optimize a web page. According to research, it has been found out that around 67% of visitors had left the website without reading or without going to any other post because of a lack of engaging elements. The content which includes images or videos will keep an audience more engaged than that content that does not contain any images and videos.

Google or any other Search Engine have already started taking consideration to the Core Web Vitals that means the user-experience that any users get from your website which includes their bounce rate, session duration, etc will matter in sending the data to search engines whether your page is optimized to provide the fulfillment of user’s Search Intent.

4. On-Page SEO

These steps involved optimizing your content while on the page. This step actually performs internally on your website. This includes how many times you have used Focus Keyphrases, writing a proper Title of the content so, neither it looks short nor too long, writing a proper Meta Description, linking your posts with each other so that visitors can also read your other linked posts. There are still many optimizations that you can do on On-Page SEO with the help of the Yoast Plugin. 

This is one of the best-recommended plugins used by 5 million+ websites to optimize their post and page to make them visible for Search engines to rank them in SERP.

5. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO has a major role in SEO. This method works externally that is away from your site. For example, you have created content with a keyword and you have optimized it in the best possible methods so that it can rank in SERP but after creating high-quality content, your post still ranks in SERP in the 60-70 position.

Do you Know Why?

Because Search Engines also look upon a website DA (Domain Authority. Most of the time, the higher authoritative websites with high DA and PA (Page Authority) take the first top 10 positions with that particular keyword or query.

And that’s only because their DA is so high. Here the question arrives: How can you increase your DA?

To increase your DA, you have to do Off-Page SEO. These methods comprise several practices, creating a Backlink is one of them. 

Building quality backlinks from the high authoritative website actually tell Search Engines that your site is more valuable and this increases your Domain Authority.

There are many tactics to build quality backlinks and one of them is creating guest posting on high authority websites. This will help you to increase your Domain Authority and thus make your site more visible and rankable.


As of now, you can see that SEO is a complex process that involves many techniques that help to optimize a site. Moreover, you have to take into consideration user behaviour and user experience. Choosing a fast and mobile-friendly theme with necessary plugins can help to optimize a website for the best user experience.

We have mentioned the best 10 WordPress themes and top 15 essential plugins to help you to make your decision easy regarding themes and plugins.

So, that’s all for the basics of SEO, you have now understood the meaning, importance, and key factors of SEO to make your website more optimized for Search Engines.

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