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Whenever any Bloggers start blogging, they are always curious to find out every small detail about blogging. But sometimes, while choosing and learning necessary steps, they forget to pursue the basic knowledge and that is about WordPress and that’s the reason when they need guidance at some steps.

In this article, we will discuss the basic point of starting a blog. Every blogger has their own needs and budget and that’s the reason they prefer to choose different decisions at some point.

Let’s come to the point of What is WordPress where we will help you to know Everything about it so that you can utilize this CMS software with its full features.

What is WordPress

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) software licensed under GPLv2. It provides the functionality to create a stunning blog post. This software is also freely permitted so that anyone can edit and modify it according to their needs.

Don’t know about CMS, let me help with this

A Content Management System often known as CMS is a software that is used to modify or create any type of content on the website without any prior knowledge of coding and specialized knowledge.

WordPress has become a global brand as it powers around 40% of the total websites. That means one out of every three websites you visit on the internet is powered or made by only this software.

What makes WordPress this much popular?

It is a CMS (Content Management System) software that is used to create or modify the content in a website in a visual and easy manner. If you do not use any CMS software you have to write everything is in HTML code and I believe this step will only be possible if you have technical knowledge.

But after the introduction of CMS software like WordPress, anyone can start a website and they can present the content in any manner as they want to show.

There are other features that make this software this much popular. It provides a user-friendly interface with so many flexible options to customize as you want.

Is WordPress the best option among CMS (Content Management System)

Well, this question is something like asking the “best cake among all brands.” Everyone has their own choice and preferences. If I have chosen WordPress as my CMS software, it is not compulsory for you. There are other Content Management Systems that also provide good features but WordPress is the best among all.

Why? Let’s find out

As you know this CMS covers almost 40% of the total share among CMS software that indicates that it has something valuable and worthy that’s why it has taken almost half shares of the total CMS software.

Most of the professional bloggers also suggest using WordPress because of its flexible options and high customization. I’ll also recommend you to use this CMS software because it has more features and assistance than any other CMS software has.

What are examples of CMS (Content Management System) Softwares

WordPress is the best choice while choosing a Content Management System as it powers more than one out of three websites that you visit. However, it is the best option but not the only one because there is other CMS software as well. They are:

  1. Joomla
  2. Drupal
  3. Squarespace
  4. Wix

These are the names of other CMS software that you can also use on behalf of WordPress. But using this Content Management System is the best decision and it is also suggested by many pro bloggers too.

Which Kinds of Website you can Make with WordPress

A few years back, WordPress was the primary software that was used by almost 90% of the bloggers but at that time it did not have too much customization or flexible options to create your website as you want. But with the developing technology, WordPress core has also developed in a significant manner and now can create any type of website as you want.

It now gives the authority in your hand to customize your site design and layout without any technological knowledge. Some examples of websites that you can create by using WordPress as your CMS software are:

1. eCommerce websites

2. Blogs

3. Business sites

4. Portfolios

5. Social Network sites

6. Membership sites

7. Forums, and many more

The aforementioned are some popular examples of types of websites that you can create by using thisCMS. But these are not the only ones. You can almost create any type of website. Any type of design and layout and everything can be created with WordPress.

Features of WordPress

What is WordPress

WordPress possesses several features that make it the best choice among all the CMS software. Big and authoritative websites like Microsoft also use WordPress to power their official blog websites. Let’s look at the features that make it best.

1. WordPress is Open Source and Free CMS Software

One of the main benefits of using WordPress is that it’s absolutely free and open-source which means that anyone can edit and modify it for development purposes and use it on their website.

You do not have to pay any cost to use its service. However, for using this software on your website, some external additional cost for domain and Hosting will only require and that cost is necessary for starting a website with it.

2. WordPress is extendable

WordPress itself is the best choice while choosing CMS software but with its additional core support, it has become more advantageous and useful. Some extensive features are:

  • Themes – Themes play an important role in providing a user-friendly and highly optimized layout and design. There are over 5000+ free themes for WordPress that you can choose from at any cost. However, there are plenty more premium themes available which even provide additional features than the free ones.

Here is a handpicked choice of the Best 10 WordPress Theme that will help you to choose a decent theme with the best design and layout.

  • Plugins – Another important and extensive feature that it provides is Plugins. There are over 55000+ plugins available for WordPress and with every plugin, you can change your website functions. For example, if you want to open an online store you can install the WoCommerce plugin. Similarly, if you want to grow your email marketing business, you can use plugins like Mailchimp and WPForms.

We have also picked the Top 15 WordPress Plugins for your websites to increase your site functionality.

3. It is Easy to Install

Another best feature of WordPress is that it does not require any technical knowledge to install. You can install with two methods; one is automatic and another one is manual. The automatic process is simple and which is provided by the hosting provider itself. Other than this, you can also install Manually but the second option will only be possible if you are good at tech.

The manual process is only used when you have any problem with its automatic installation process. Otherwise, you must install directly from your hosting dashboard as this is the most simple and easiest process for installing this CMS software and it does not even require any technical understanding.

4. Flexible

It has flexible features that make it a popular choice among CMS software. It provides a flexible function to customize your blog according to your wish.

WordPress can even extend its functionality with plugins and themes. You can choose the theme according to your site niche. And to provide additional support. You can even utilize plugins to extend your website’s functionality.


It is a popular and best choice among all CMS (Content Management System) to build a website. Using this CMS software to create websites like blogs, eCommerce, Portfolios, etc is a great idea to expand your online business.

It strengthens almost 40% of the total websites and that represents its actual significance. Other CMS software did not provide this much flexibility and function. So our recommendation is totally clear that you must prefer to go with WordPress to create your amazing blog post to make your online business profitable. 

Just remember is different from which is self-hosted. We recommend you to choose (self-hosted) that provides the actual authority and ownership to design and create your website absolutely free according to your desire.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Question)

1. Is WordPress for Free?

Ans: It will not charge you a single amount as (self-hosted) is absolutely free to use.

2. Is WordPress good for Beginners?

Ans: WordPress is the best choice for beginners who are not familiar with technical knowledge like HTML. It will provide the best customization and function among all CMS software.

3. What language is WordPress written in?

Ans: It is written in PHP Language.

4. What is WordPress used for?

Ans: WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is used to create a stunning blog post to make your website more engageable without any prior knowledge of coding.

5. Can I make money with WordPress?

Ans: Of course, you can make money with this software by using it on your website. Here is a guide of the Top 10 Proven methods to make money online through Blogging. This guide will help to solve all your queries.

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