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Are you confused about choosing the right platform between WordPress vs Wix to install your website? Not to worry, we are here to eliminate your confusion while choosing the best among these two platforms. As we all know WordPress is operated by around 40% of the total websites.

Since it is a very popular website builder, it is not the only option. There are even more site builders other than WordPress.

In this article, we will compare all the pros and cons of WordPress and Wix. I hope after this comparison you will be able to decide the right platform between WordPress and Wix to install it in your website.

First of all, let’s make 5 categories for comparison between WordPress and Wix.

1. Pricing

WordPress vs Wix pricing

Choosing the right platform by considering your pocket-friendly budget is also important. We will compare WordPress vs Wix in terms of pricing. So, that you can get an overview cost of using any of the site builders. The entire cost will rely on your needs.

Choosing between these two site builders will depend on why you are choosing this, whether it is for hobby or career. It depends on you. 

Let’s compare WordPress vs Wix Pricing.

WordPress is open-source software that is absolutely free for anyone to use. Yes, WordPress is completely free and you can use it as many times as you need.

But, for using WordPress you will have to bear some costs that will be totally external. The cost includes buying a custom domain and web hosting. There are many web hosting providers and you can choose any of them depending on your budget

Why you need a custom domain and Web Hosting

By purchasing a custom domain you can decide your website’s name, for example, I have purchased my website with a custom domain as and this has become a brand name also.

Web hosting works as cloud storage where your website’s media will get stored. It provides storage of 3GB, 6GB, 20GB, etc according to the plan you have purchased from the web hosting provider.

According to your budget, you can use any hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostinger, WPEngine, etc that come with different pricing and plans. You can choose by comparing the pricing of each hosting provider.

The cost will again increase if you decide to purchase any premium themes and plugins. But it is not necessary that you must have premium themes or plugins. However, it again relies on you and your budget.

Other than this, there will be no cost and you will be able to use WordPress on your website by bearing this external cost only.


Wix also offers a free website builder that will not require any cost. But as its free nature, it has several downsides as well. Among several downsides, these two of them are enough to make Wix a second choice option while choosing a site builder.

Firstly, it does not provide you with a custom domain name and that is the worst thing because a custom domain makes a website brand popular. Your custom domain will represent the quality of your site. This platform will provide you with a domain like – site name.

This makes your website a cheap platform that barely any users wish to visit.

Secondly, it will put up the advertisement banner of Wix in the top header and footer section of your site that makes your site quite unusual.

The basic plan also does not provide basic and necessary add-ons like Google Analytics and eCommerce. If you want to get all the additional features and remove ad banners from your site you need to purchase a premium plan that will ultimately require a cost.

Each pricing plan of Wix offers different bandwidth and storage plan. You can go with a monthly or annual basis pricing plan.


In the above comparison, WordPress has clearly beaten Wix in pricing plans. WordPress has flexible pricing in domain providers and web hosting providers companies and this feature is absent in Wix.

2. Features

WordPress vs Wix features

Features are an essential part considered while choosing a website builder. You must choose the right and the perfect platform to install your website.

This comparison is based on features of both WordPress and Wix so that you can get all the necessary features that you need for your website.

Let’s compare WordPress vs Wix Features.

WordPress is one of the most popular choices for website designing. It has several features that make this site builder prominent. It powers almost 40% of the total websites. Even big brand like Microsoft also uses WordPress for their blog website.

WordPress comes with the best customization option with additional core supports of Themes and Plugins. You create your website the way you like it to create. It is a simple and flexible platform to make a site with WordPress.

Additionally WordPress themes and Plugins boost its functionality by providing a different function. You can build a remarkable website by using themes and plugins. So, it’s a good choice to go with WordPress.


Wix also provides decent features with a drag and drop building facility. You can start your website designing from scratch or you can choose among 500+ readymade templates.

You will have complete freedom of creating a site exactly the way you want and this is the best thing about the drag and drop feature of Wix.

It has other features like fonts and animation which makes this software a bit more demanding. Similar to WordPress, it also has Apps that increase its functionality. With the help of Apps, you will have the entire liberty to create a site according to your need.


In the above comparison of WordPress vs Wix features both the software have decent features but choosing one will entirely depend on you. But WordPress is far more popular than Wix. So, again it’s up to you to decide the right platform for your website.

3. Customizable Design & Layout

Attractive design and layout is an important factor to make your business stand out in the crowd. Every Website owner wants to give their site a different look to make it more engageable. Keep in mind, the best design and layout which is not mobile-friendly but also SEO optimized is highly recommended.

This comparison is based on Designing and layout functionality for both the CMS software.

Let’s compare Designing and layout function for both the site builder.

WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes that provide a lot of customization and layout options. The free themes come to the limited function but premium themes deliver additional and extra features for your websites. You can check our guide of Best Themes for WordPress which will help you to start blogging with a fastest and mobile-friendly interface.

WordPress has over 5000+ free themes that provide a wide range of choices. All the themes are dedicated to providing different features for all types of websites like eCommerce, Blogs, Portfolios, etc.

For example, if you want to set up an eCommerce store there are many themes for that similarly if you set up your site for the blog there are also various themes that you can choose.

For purchasing premium you can visit athemes, StudioPress, Envato, etc shops where you can get all the premium theme that will provide all extra features where is not available on free themes.

But WordPress customization is a little bit techy that means if you are new to blogging and WordPress, you will find it a little bit difficult for setting up your site with WordPress as it does have an easy drag and drop facility in inbuild. However, with the help of plugins like Elementor and Beaver you can build and customize your site pages according to your desire. But this feature is not available in the inbuild mode of WordPress.


Wix has a drag and drops customization functionality which makes this software better than WordPress. It also has over 500+ readymade site template for different types of websites.

All the template sites are written in HTML5. So, you can further customize your template the way to want to make your site look after selecting it for your site.

There are several types of design pre available in Wix for different categories like eCommerce, Blogs, Portfolios, etc.

But one of the main disadvantages of Wix in customization is that you cannot change your template after selecting it. You can further customize your site with the selected template only.

But in the case of WordPress, you can any select any theme as many times as you want. But this feature is not available in Wix, you can select one template for one time only.

Another thing is that you have a variety of choice in WordPress but that feature is also not available in Wix because it has a limited number of the template.


In the above comparison of Wix vs WordPress design and layout, WordPress has some weight over Wix in a variety of themes and templates but in customization and designing Wix is the clear winner as it provides one of the easiest methods of drag and drop interface.

4. Plugins and Apps

WordPress vs Wix in plugins and apps

Apps and Plugins, both acts as an extension for their respective platforms. Plugins are made for WordPress and Apps are made for Wix to provide the additional feature. WordPress calls it a plugin where Wix calls them as Apps.

This comparison is based on the extension feature of plugins and Apps for both WordPress and Wix.

Let’s compare the features of Plugins and Apps for both Wix and WordPress. has the largest platform of plugins with over 55000+ plugins excluding the paid ones. That is why it was considered the best among all CMS software. This provides you with a wide variety of choices among plugins. But it will be a little bit confusing to choose best and essential plugins among them that’s why we have already make a list Top 15 Essential Plugins that will help you to choose the important plugins.

You can additionally add any type of features that you want. Whether you want a Subscription Form, SEO Tool, or Page Builder, all these features can be added to your WordPress site with Plugins.

You can also use premium plugins that are available in different marketplaces that even deliver the best features than the free ones. You can get any features with the help of plugins and make your site look the way you want it to be.

Again WordPress has won by providing a vast range of choices with extension support. WordPress is far more powerful in extension like plugins compare to Wix. 


Wix has around 200+ different Apps that help to increase its functionality by providing features like Contact Forms, Buttons, Wix Store, Site Booster, etc.

There are different Apps for a different purpose. For example, if you want to improve your email marketing business, you can use any of the Contact Form. Similarly, you can boost your site performance by using Site Booster App.

Some apps are free with the lite version in Wix and some are paid ones. You will need to spend some cash to use paid Apps in Wix. However, it also has a limited number of Apps to increase the feature of your Wix site.


5. Performance and Ease of Use

The performance of a site builder must be considered while choosing the best CMS software for your site. But will the ongoing competition of CMS software, many of the new bloggers got confused and choose any random software for building their site instead of the best one.

So, this comparison is based on the performance of both WordPress and Wix in overall matters. I hope this will give a better idea for choosing between WordPress and Wix

Let’s compare the performance in WordPress vs Wix.

WordPress has a lot more options for customization but that will be not easy for beginners as it requires some knowledge to set up your website with WordPress. However, to make it easy you can use plugins like Elementor to make your page the way you want to make but that will also be a little tricky and confusing.

To use page builder plugins like Beaver and Elementor, you need to purchase its premium plan to access all its features and that requires little expense.

On the other side, this feature is completely free in Wix and that is also a lot easier and user friendly. Overall performance of WordPress is still good for new bloggers as it provides an opportunity to learn and earn.


Wix has a friendly and easy customizable option as it comes with a drag and drop interface which helps new bloggers to save their time. You can easily edit, arrange or delete any column and blocks of your site after choosing it.

The performance of the Wix software is pretty much good than WordPress as it offers an easily customizable interface. Overall performance is good and it should be a better choice for those who do not want to customize their site in a techy manner.


Wix has accomplished the first position in terms of ease of use but performance-based it lacks some major important features that WordPress provides. However, WordPress comes with many essential features that a blogger needs.

WordPress vs Wix – Which one is better for starting a blog

WordPress and Wix both are an easier platform to get started with blogging but most of you might want to know which one will be the best. The answer lies within your requirements and budget. Both the platform is free but there is some additional cost which you have to bear to make your online business successful.

WordPress has flexible plans, thousands of free and paid themes, the largest choice among plugins to extend your site functionality. Right to choose among various web hosting providers. Overall performance and customization are also good. You can also start an eCommerce business with the help of a plugin in WordPress.

Wix also has some flexible plans but will cost more than WordPress for proper and professional websites, 500+ template choice to make your site look exactly the way you want, also have 200+ Apps but most of them require money, have very much freedom in customization with drag and drop functionality, you cannot start an eCommerce business with its free plan so, you need to go with its paid plan to make to website an eCommerce site. it does not any choice among hosting providers so you will have to stick with its default plan which you purchased.


WordPress is far more superior than Wix in most of the features. With WordPress, you will have to learn some basic customization and that will be worth it for your long-run business. But Wix does not require any technical language to customize your site. But it lacks several features that are necessary for most of the sites to make money online and those features are already present in WordPress so you can find it easier to establish your site with WordPress without any hassle.

Still, confused about choosing the best platform? Here is a detailed guide of What is WordPress to make you understand with all the features of WordPress that will help you to decide while choosing WordPress.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is Wix cheaper than WordPress

Ans: No, Wix will cost you more money than WordPress if you want to make your business a profitable career. It will be better if you choose WordPress because it is cheaper than Wix in the long run business.

  1. Is WordPress better than Wix

Ans: WordPress is far more better than Wix because Wix lacks several important features that a blogger need but WordPress provides most of the necessary features without any cost.

  1. Wix vs WordPress – which one is better for SEO

Ans: Both the platform comes with a basic in-built SEO tool. So in terms of SEO comparison both the platform is good.

  1. Which is one better between WordPress and Wix to make money online

Ans: WordPress is the best choice to make money online through blogging, Affiliate Marketing and selling products.

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