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There are several multi-purpose discord bots that have been used by thousands of discord server owners. But the most important question that arises while choosing the Best Moderation Bot for a Discord server is which bot should you choose for your server. Various moderation bots are primarily used for moderation but also have some other features.

For Choosing the Best Moderation Bot we have compiled the list of 15 Best Discord Bots that will help you to choose the best bot for your server.

Now, come to this bot that is the YAGPDB bot. Like other moderating discord bots, YAGPDB is also a multi-purpose bot that is mainly used for the moderation of discord servers.

The bot will help you to manage your discord server. It mainly helps to deal with spammers or from those who violate your discord server rules.

Discord is one of the most popular and powerful VoIP platforms that allows users to connect with each other through text and voice chat. But if you own a server then you must have some trouble while managing it because there are a lot of things to take care of while supervising a discord server.

You have to make your discord server popular among users so that they can take active participation. You also have to deal with troublemakers and take proper action against them. But all these actions require a lot of time and hard work. So, to ease your workload you need a bot that helps you in moderating your server.

Let’s know about YAGPDB Bot

What is YAGPDB Bot

YAGODB Bot is another bot that is useful for moderating a discord server. This bot has several features that make it popular among several other moderation bots. There are numerous moderation bots that can be used as alternatives to YAGODB Bot. Some alternatives are Mee6 Bot, Carl Bot, Dyno Bot.

We have made an extensively detailed guide on alternatives of YAGPDB Bot that will help you to choose the best discord bot with the best features.

YAGPDB Bot also has Automoderation features that allow you to make this bot run automatically. You just have to set the predefined commands for different actions. For example, you can set this bot in automod to ban and kick out those members from your discord server who violate some rules or make spam on your server.

Now, as this is a multi-purpose bot, it also has several features that are worth giving a try to this bot.

Let’s discuss some features of the YAGPDB Bot.

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YAGPDB Bot Features

YAGPDB Bot Features

YAGPDB Bot has some unique features that make this bot multi-purpose. You can use this bot to moderate your server, entertain your members to get engaged in your server. So let’s have a look at some of the cool features of the YAGPDB Bot.

1. Auto-moderation

The auto-moderation feature will allow you to make everything manageable and easy. With the auto-moderation feature in YAGPDB Bot, you can set custom commands to execute your orders. For example, the bot will automatically ban, welcome new members, kick out, mute any member, etc even when you remain offline.

2. Feeds Feature

This bot has several features and among them, the feeds feature is a bit interesting. With the help of feed, you can create feeds. For example:

  • Reddit feed
  • Youtube feed
  • Direct message on join
  • Join/leave messages in a specific channel

3. Self Assigning roles

This is another great feature that will help you to assign roles with just a simple command. You can also assign roles with reaction messages. It also has different modes like single or multiple roles at once. This feature makes YAGPDB Bot an interesting discord bot.

4. Custom Commands

With the help of custom commands, you can make your discord server engaged and spam-free. YAGPDB Bot allows you to create custom commands to make servers engaged with fun. The best part of custom commands is that you can create custom and automatic responses to certain questions and commands.

This feature will even work when you are not online in your server as this is an automatic process, you just have to create custom responses to questions and commands.

5. General Moderation

This feature is common among all the moderation bot. With this feature, you can ban, mute, kick, send warnings, etc. For example, if someone is continuously violating some rules, you can send a warning to that user and if he continues to do the same, you can easily ban or kick out the member from your discord server.

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YAGPDB Bot Commands

There are hundreds of commands to use in the YAGPDB Bot. So, we have compiled a list of the most important and widely used commands. The commands of the YAGPDB Bot are:

  • Poll: With this command, you can create a simple reaction poll.
  • Giverole: This command will help you to give roles to specific members for a specific period of time.
  • Takerole: This command will take the given role from the specified member.
  • Warn: With this command, you can warn those members who violate any rules.
  • Warnings: Show the list of warned members
  • Mute: Mute any member of your discord server
  • Unmute: This command will help you to unmute the mute members.
  • Ban: Ban any member for a specified time.
  • Unban: With this command, you can unban the previously banned members.
  • Dogfact: This command will help you to get some cool dog facts.
  • Whois: This command will show the details of any particular member.
  • Customcommands: This shows the list of available custom commands.
  • Invite: This command will respond with a bot invite link.
  • Info: This command will help you to get bot information.
  • Automod toggle: With this command, you can toggle the automod feature.

Now, you have the list of some basic commands of this Bot that will help you to do certain things. For a detailed list of YAGPDB Bot Commands, you can visit the All Command Page.

Now, we are moving further to know how to set up YAGPDB Bot and Install it in a Discord Server.

How to set up and Install YAGPDB Bot in Discord Server

The installation process is pretty simple and easy. You just have to follow some basic guide that does not even require any technical knowledge. The installation process is quite easy for anyone. Just follow the below-given steps:

1. Open your browser and go to from your laptop or computer.

Login using discord

2. Then click on the button “login using discord.”

3. Simply, log in with your ID and password.


4. Now click on the “Select Server” button located at the top right corner.

Click select server

5. Then select your server the list and authorize it with all the permission and click on continue.

6. That’s it, you have successfully installed the YAGPDB bot in your discord server.

As you have seen that the installation part is so easy. you can install any bot using this guide.

Now, simply log in to your discord and go to the YAGPDB bot dashboard to make use of this bot.


We have tried our best to make this guide as simple as possible. But if you want to use some other cool features, then you should give it a try to a better discord application that is the best alternative to Discord.

With Better Discord, you can set custom themes, plugins, skins, add-on, etc. For your convenience, we have prepared the list of Best 45 Discord Themes and Best 15 Better Discord plugins.

Additionally, you can also try some best music bot like Groovy Bot and Rhythm Bot that will help to keep your server engaged. Now, you are ready to use this bot to make your server manageable.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do you use YAGPDB xyz Bot?

Ans: To use YAGPDB Bot you have to go to its official website and then login with your ID and password, then choose your server from the list. Now, you are ready to use this bot.

2. What does the YAGPDB bot do?

Ans: This bot has several features but mainly used for moderating a discord server.

3. How do I change my YAGPDB prefix?

Ans: You can change your YAGODB prefix from the control panel of this bot.

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